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Use These Steps to Find the Right Pair of Sunnies for You

Shopping for sunglasses is not for the faint of heart.

You might think it’s pretty easy given you’ve got so many options and so many places that you could buy sunglasses from. But that is part of the problem.

The plethora of brands, styles, colours, and shapes of sunglasses can make the task a lot more difficult.

In addition to the variety of sunglasses options out there, there are also some key factors to think about as well. If you’ve bought sunglasses before, you probably have a fair idea of some of the things you need to think about when choosing a pair of sunglasses.

However, if you’re new to wearing the right sunglasses or you’ve only ever just grabbed the first pair you can find, you might not realise that there are some key factors to take into consideration. And when you think about them, it can make the sunglasses shopping process a whole lot easier.

To help you out, our friends and the sunglasses experts at Great Southern Sunnies, have put together some handy information about the key things to think about that make finding the right pair of Sunnies for you super easy!

How to Pick the Best Pair of Sunnies for You

Pair of Sunnies

Follow these tried and tested steps and you’ll have a new pair of sunnies in no time!

1. Determine the shape of your face

If you’re looking for a pair of sunnies that suit you and fit so well it almost seems as if you were born with them, then knowing your face shape is half of the battle.

There are 5 dominant face shapes, and each of these tends to suit a few different styles and shapes of sunglasses more than other styles and shapes.

The 5 different face shapes are:

  • Heart
  • Oval
  • Round
  • Square
  • Triangular

Each of these shapes tends to suit the below styles:

Heart-shaped faces tend to look best with aviator, oval or rectangular shaped sunglasses as these help to balance your facial structure and make your jaw look wider (in a good way).

Oval shaped faces look great with square or rectangular shaped sunglasses, which is amazing as most brands will have several different options in these shapes.

Round shaped faces are similar to oval-shaped in that they look best with rectangular or square-shaped sunglasses. These shapes help to balance out the soft curves of a round face. A round face also looks great with the bold cat-eye shaped sunglasses too!

Square shaped faces are almost the opposite of round and look best with round or oval-shaped sunglasses, this is to offset their angular sharp features and give an overall softened appearance.

Triangular shaped faces look great in a rectangular shaped pair of sunnies – easily the most versatile shape and style!

Now that you have a bit of a guide on the shape that may work best for the shape of your face, let’s move on to the next step.

2. What you like matters

This is where the fun comes in, and you can personalise your sunglasses journey.

You might think that narrowing down your options based on your face shape will limit your options when it comes to sunglasses styles, but within each of the frame shapes of sunglasses, there are a plethora of styles just waiting for you.

Is there a particular look or vibe you’re going for – like rockabilly chic, which a pair of wayfarers or cat-eye shaped sunnies would be perfect for; perhaps you’re thinking effortlessly cool, where a pair of aviators will be the perfect option; or maybe you’re just looking for something that looks good with everything?

The fun thing about sunnies is that there are so many styles out there that they can be the perfect accessory to change your entire look. Don’t be afraid to try something new!

3. Protection is important

Pair of Sunnies

While sunglasses can certainly make you infinitely more stylish and elevate the look and feel of any outfit, their primary function should be to protect you.

The rumours are true, UV rays are always around, and they can cause major dramas for your eyes and the area around them. Sunglasses just so happen to be the best way to give your eyes the protection they need from these rays.

Do not compromise on protection, you don’t need to, because all major brands and reputable sunglasses manufacturers make sunglasses with 100% UVA & UVB protection – so if they aren’t 100% UV protection on the label, walk away!

4. Are you looking for sunglasses for a particular purpose?

This step is all about thinking about what you do in a day, and if there are any particular activities that you need sunglasses for.

While just everyday living is a valid enough reason, there are some sunglasses and specifically, sunglasses lens colours, that can enhance your abilities and vision in certain environments.

For example, when you’re skiing or snowboarding, sunglasses with yellow or blue lenses can help cut down on the glare and provide more contrast and clarity so you can see even better.

Here’s a simple guide for activities that are made even better by coloured lenses:

  • Brown lenses improve contrasts when driving
  • Yellow lenses are not only great in foggy conditions, but they can also filter out blue light from mobile devices, televisions, and computers.
  • Black lenses are the most traditional colour and tend to do well in basically any and every situation
  • Blue lenses are great for cutting out glare making them perfect for water-based activities and snow-based ones.
  • Green lenses help to reduce glare and brighten shadows and dark areas, making them great for water sports and field sports, particularly on dark or overcast days.

5. What they are made of matters

Pair of Sunnies

While you can get some pretty cheap sunglasses out there, unless it’s for a fancy dress costume, we suggest you stick clear.

That’s because they are likely to not have the same protection as some of the bigger sunglasses brands. They also have a good chance of not lasting the distance.

You want sunglasses that are not only going to keep your eyes safe from the sun but are also going to be able to handle whatever you throw at them – or even if you throw them.

You’ve got all sorts of sunglasses made from all sorts of materials available to you, so you can opt for plastic polycarbonate styles, glass or even the super unique mineral glass lenses of Otis sunglasses – you can buy Otis sunnies online from us – which are sustainable and recyclable lenses made from natural materials.

The message here is to do some research about the materials your sunglasses are made from. If you play a lot of sports, you want sunglasses that are flexible, well-fitted and can handle some drops, or if you’re a clumsy person, you want sunglasses that are scratch-resistant so that you can still see out of them after the one-hundredth time you’ve dropped them.

Now, there is only one thing left to do, and that is to get shopping for your new pair of sunnies – we hope you’ve taken some notes!

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