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16 Fashion Tips that Will Change Your Life

When it comes to fashion, everyone has ideas about what works and what doesn’t. Even though fashion is more robust and creative than ever, there are still plenty of ideas and clichés. So how do you know what advice to follow? Who is really right or wrong with their fashion sense?

Really, there is no tried-and-true single answer for everyone. That’s because we are all different and we all have different personalities and styles. And that’s what makes fashion so great. There are some fashion tips that seem to withstand the tests of time and change, and those are worth nothing, however. 

Fashion Tips that Will Change Your Life

Fashion Tips that Will Change Your Life

Not all fashion advice has to do with hem length, pattern matching, germane accessories, or seasonal shoe-wearing. Some of the best advice has more to do with maintaining your wardrobe, personal style, and an overall idea of fashion. Take a look at these tips:

  1. Always wash new jeans at least twice before having them altered. Jeans always shrink a bit the first few times they are washed.
  2. You can remove white deodorant marks from inside clothing by rubbing the stains with the foam part of fashion hangers.
  3. The best fabrics for everyday wear are those with 5% lycra. Lycra adds a bit of stretch that helps clothes stay fitted and fresh-looking.
  4. Downsize your closet by asking yourself: “If I saw this in the store right now, would I buy it?” If you wouldn’t, it’s time to let it go.
  5. For dressy occasions, know what style you look and feel best in, and stick with that style. If your silhouette looks best in an A-line skirt, go with that and jazz it up with some accessories.
  6. Avoid holes or runs in your stockings and tights by spraying them with a sticky hairspray. Generally, cheaper hairsprays are stickier.  
  7. If you don’t have time to have your favorite skirt hemmed before a big event, use double-sided tape to make a faux hem.
  8. Every woman, no matter her size or shape, should have at least one pair of seamless, nude underwear.
  9. If you love your old coat but it needs a little TLC, replace the buttons with new ones, or have a tailor replace the old lining with a new one. Have fun with your women’s coat makeover!
  10. Are those new shoes you bought too tight? Put on a pair of thick socks, slide into your shoes, and then blast your shoes and feet with a hairdryer. The heat will help break in the shoes and make them more comfortable quickly.
  11. If you have smaller fingers and want to make your hands look longer or more slender, opt for a marquise-shaped ring.
  12. When shopping for a pencil skirt, remember that the ideal length is at the top of your knee.
  13. Balance out which part of your body you want to show off. If you are wearing a mini skirt, dress a bit more modestly on top. If you are wearing a strapless tank top, wear full coverage bottoms.
  14. Don’t purchase items that you know you won’t, or won’t be able to, care for. For example, delicate fabrics that require hand-washing or dry cleaning. Or items like fur that require special storage.
  15. Use too much perfume? An unscented, oil-based makeup remover can remove the excess and leave you feeling much fresher.
  16. Every woman should have hoop earrings. But the type and size depending on your face shape. Thinner faces can get away with large or embellished hoops. Rounder faces should opt for drop-style or elongated hoops.

The Final Thoughts 

These fashion tips may not be what your mom or best friend would suggest, but these are tried-and-true ways to maintain your wardrobe and ensure that you get the most out of your fashion investments. According to many fashion experts, your own style will uplift your standard and so you need to pay attention to the same. 

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