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Fashion Retailer H&M To Launch In Brazil. Know All The Details Here

The fashion retail store H&M is going to launch its store and as well as their online trade in Brazil in 2025. The company put out an official statement on Monday, 17th July. 

The first H&M store that opened in Latin America was in Mexico, which was back in 2012. Now retail stores are available in Latin American countries like Uruguay, Peru, Chile, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, and Ecuador. 

The official statement said, “With a population of over 210 million in Brazil and a strong appreciation for fashion, there is considerable potential for expansion in the market.”

To support its expansion in Brazil, the company is partnering up with the Dorben Group. They run different retail operations stretching over 10 South and Central American countries.

On its way to expansion over South and North America, H&M is focusing mainly on launching in Latin America. 

Helena Helmersson, CEO of H&M, in a statement, said, “We are thrilled to announce that we are opening our first store and e-commerce platform in Brazil in 2025. We’ve had good development in Latin America and see great potential in Brazil.”

The President of Dorben Group, Mehdi Benedict, said, “It’s an honour and a privilege for us to enter into this partnership with H&M in Brazil, thereby strengthening our existing relationship with a leader in the fashion industry. This collaboration will enable both companies to leverage their unique strengths, resources, and expertise to unlock the incredible potential of the Brazilian market.”

Alice Price, Global Data’s apparel analyst, said, “H&M’s expansion into the region will enable it to capture demand and compete with players such as Inditex, which already has a presence in the region. Its decision to collaborate with the Dorben Group, which runs retail operations across Central and South America, make it well placed to deliver a product range that resonate with consumers in the region.”

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