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Fashion Pulis Blog – Some Secret Facts About Michael Sy Lim

Fashion Pulis is the No.1 entertainment blog in the Philippines. This blog was discovered by Michael Sy Lim, who is popularly known as Blogger, Educator, and Director. 

This blog shares updates on glamor and entertainment in the Philippines as well as in Hollywood. Michael Sy Lim highlights popular personalities and their looks and appearance in his blog. Actually, he believes that the liking and disliking of celebrities are the two results from several factors. 

This means some celebrities are loved because of their looks, talent, physical beauty, or unexplained X factor. At the same time, some celebrities are disliked due to their negative appeal even after having good looks. 

Some Facts About Fashion Pulis (Michael Sy Lim)

Some Facts About Fashion Pulis

If you have heard the name of fashionpulis for the first time, then I guess you are not aware of Michael Sy Lim and his updates about popular figures. However, if you were a citizen of the Philipines, then you could know how popular Fashion Pulis is!

Now, let’s not make you wait any further; here are the top interesting facts about Fashion Pulis.

1. Michael Sy Lim Discovered Fashion Pulis

Michael Sy Lim Discovered Fashion Pulis

Fashion Pulis was discovered by Michael Sy Lim, and he himself became the same. He has a personal interest in fashion, food, celebrities, politics, showbiz, travel, and events. Moreover, he has been a Blogger since February 2011 and has millions of views on his posts.

The style of Michael Sy Lim is different from other males. He has his own personality and spends huge dollars on his appearance. On Instagram, you will notice that he has a signature post for his OOTDs. 

Besides, he uplifts his style from head to toe. For example, he wears a designer button-down or sweater, Hermes collier de Chien cuff, and jeans from a high street label with a signature pose. 

2. ‘Fashion Pulis’ Arrested On Libel Charge

According to the reports, in the year 2015, Michael Sy Lim was arrested in connection with a libel charge filed by model Deniece Cornejo. 

According to a statement from the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group, Lim was arrested at 11:30 a.m. at his home in Makati City based on security earlier declared by an Antipolo City Regional Trial Court.

At the same time, a bail of P16,000 was set for him. After this incident, his anger burst on social media, and he said, “Held in the CIDG office. Sad how people abuse libel to curtail press freedom. #FPisFearless.” 

3. Liz Uy Files A Lawsuit Against Blogger Fashion Pulis

According to our research, Liz Uy, a stylish celebrity, officially filed a legal complaint against Michael Sy Lim at the City Prosecutor’s Office, Makati City Hall. 

According to her lawyer, the complaint was with the losses amounting to eleven million pesos. Moreover, Mr. Lim was charged with six counts of ONLINE LIBEL, and damages amounting to Php 11,000,000.00 were claimed from Mr. Lim. 

The charges were actually about the false and malicious postings of Mr. Lim that were meant to damage the honor of Ms. Uy and prompt her fans to dislike her.

4. An Appeal Made To Suspend Michael Sy Lim From The Marketing Department Faculty Of DLSU 

An appeal was made to De La Salle University Administration to suspend Michael Sy Lim from the marketing department faculty of DLSU. 

Carissa Dela Paz believed that Mr. Lim should be instantly expelled from his post as a Lecturer at DLSU. She stated that Fashion Pulis uses his students to gain followers and spread false information (on his website FashionPulis.com) about the celebrities’ personal life to make more money.

Carissa Dela Paz further elaborated that Mr. Lim’s unethical marketing practices are damaging one’s credibility and thus, damaging the marketing students of DLSU. 

The Final Thoughts

Michael Sy Lim, also known as Fashion Pulis, is popular for writing entertainment blogs on his website. He also tweets about celebrities’ personal life affairs and many secret gossips. However, many people love reading his blogs, while others hate him for spreading hatred about popular figures. Hence, this is all about the Fashion Pulis blog and if you have any queries, feel free to mention them in the comment section below!

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