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Have Fashion Don’ts Become Fashion Do’s?

Ah, fashion. Rife with trends, do’s, don’ts and the occasional faux pas. With so many things to consider it can be easy to get things wrong. This is why sometimes something can come back into fashion without you know, the horror! Some of these are styles we all used to love and you need to know when they’re back.

So, in that aim, what went off-trend for a while, but is now coming back with a vengeance?

Has Fashion Don’ts become Fashion Dos?

Choker Necklaces

Do you remember when having a choker with something sparkly dangling from it was the height of fashion? Well, it was a 90s staple and seems to be making its way back in at the end of 2017. For a while, wearing a choker pinned you as a goth or living in a world of nostalgia.

So, if you’re sick of the tangled web that regular chain necklaces create then you are in desperate need of this fashion rejuvenation. And if you never let it go? Congrats you’re back in the stylish category.



Once the uniform of the legion of slobs in the world. Now, a good pair of track pants seems to be the uniform of the ultra-fit gym heroes that are taking over social media. But these are not the fashion don’ts of the past lazy Sunday’s. No, these are tight-fitting and worked to perfection to make an athlete perform they’re very best.

Nerd Fashion

Bow ties, long skirts, thick jumpers and t-shirts depicting your favorite geeky shows/past times. Once the biggest don’ts in the industry. Now they can reveal you to be the hippest geekster on the block. Extra points if you can work


Okay, this absolutely ties into nerd fashion. But, the fact is that once a thick pair of glasses was nothing more but a social death sentence. Now they can help others to determine just how hipster and stylish you are. In fact, they are so in that some people are wearing prescriptionless pairs. That’s right – they don’t even need glasses!

Note: wireframe glasses are still a don’t. We haven’t evolved that far yet.

Leather Biker Jackets

Leather Biker Jackets

Pushed aside for the more floral and pastel looks, the rebellious biker jacket has come back with a storm this fashion season. For a while, they were a style of choice if you wanted to look rough. But now they’re acceptable and flooding the high street once more.

The biker jacket is a particularly good look for 2017 as it is a jacket for all seasons. So, even with the colder weather descending you can still enjoy the warmth of your friendly leather.

Butterfly Clips

No, really. There was no child in the 90s that didn’t have a head full of plastic butterflies. The proper etiquette was to create tiny, delicate, braids and have this tail both the top and end.

So, for anyone that grew up loving these and were devastated by their fall from grace – you know who you are – you can now enjoy putting them in your own child’s hair! Or yours, no judgment.

Bucket Hats

Denims bucket hats were the pop star accessory of the 90s. There was nothing quite like opening your favorite teen mag and catching Britney Spears with her latest bucket hat emblazoned with some glitter writing. Unfortunately, these interestingly shaped hats went out of style with the dawn of the millennium.

But, for those missing this unique hat style – and who doesn’t – then the likes of Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and Pharrell Williams are doing you a favor by bringing them back. No longer restricted to simply denim, these beauties now come in a variety of awesome styles and materials. So, buy until your heart’s content!

There you go! They don’t that became do’s, the proverbial phoenixes of fashion. How many of these fashion trends have you picked up? Or do you think some sleeping dogs deserve to be left alone?

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