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Say Cheese, But Don’t Be Cheesy! 4 Tasteful Family Photo Outfit Ideas

We’ve all seen those cheesy family photos in full costumes or wearing identical outfits. While this might be your thing, we want to give you some other ideas.

Getting professional photos done is a fun event for the whole family. Once you’ve picked the best photographer, found your ideal location, and planned the date, you might think you’re ready to go.

But what about the outfits?

When you’re paying this much money for a photo session that might only happen once every couple of years, you want to make sure that your family photo outfits are on point.

Keep reading for our tips on picking family photo outfits that everyone will agree on:

1. Color Coordinate

Matching outfits might seem cute at the moment, but in hindsight, they aren’t always the best idea.

Not everyone looks good in the same outfits and if you have very young children the outfits might not even be available.

Instead, try picking a color scheme that everyone can adhere to. Whether it’s something colorful or a more neutral and monochrome scheme, this will let everyone have an outfit and color that suits them while you still get to match.

2. Maintain Personal Style

Sometimes you want to have everyone looking picture-perfect for your photos. This makes sense, but it can mean that you or your family members can be uncomfortable in their clothes.

An uncomfortable person is obvious in a photo.

Let each person use aspects of their personal style in the photo even if you’re still coordinated. For example, if you have 3 daughters and 1 hates dresses, don’t put her in a dress. Let her wear a similarly styled pair of shorts or pants or a romper.

3. Use Loose Themes

If you’re committed to the themed family photo, consider using loose themes. There’s a time and place for a full-on Victorian family photo with costumes and all of the accessories. There’s a time and place for old-fashioned cowboys, cowgirls, and saloon girls.

These are best left to the vintage photo studios, though, rather than your normal family session. You can use loose themes by including remnants of your original idea in more tasteful ways.

Do you need everyone to be stereotypical “shoot-em-up” cowboys, or do you really want modern and fashionable (and reusable) western-wear? Read on here for one example of a subtle yet themed style.

4. Don’t Get Too Stressed About It

At the end of the day, these family photos are for you and your family. Sure, you may send them in a family newsletter or as Christmas cards. You might put them on your social media sites for all to see. But they’re going to be hanging on your wall.

Your family is imperfect. They’re probably fun and silly and stressful and sometimes loud. It can be easy to want to hide all of that behind the facade of a perfect photo, but it’s less authentic.

When in doubt, give them more free reign and relax. Family photos are stressful enough.

Choosing Family Photo Outfits? No Problem

Your family photo outfits aren’t the most important part of the photos. Your family is. While it’s good to plan the outfits ahead, make sure that you don’t lose sight of what’s important and what you actually want to capture in these photos.

With that in mind, enjoy your photo session!

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