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Fall 2020 Top 5 Jewelry Trends

We have always perceived runways as the pinnacle of fashion, and the fall 2020 runways highlight an attitude that infuses intensity and boldness into the fashion collection. All you need is the right accessory to achieve a simply glamorous look.

For this season, fashion means snagging a new pair of boots to go with that fab sweater you have been waiting to wear, short skirts, and trousers as the weather becomes cooler. It’s also time to put aside summer bangles and pieces you picked up as vacation souvenirs.

We’re talking trends that are particularly whimsical, like over-the-top earrings and costume jewelry that conveys a story. Which of the fall 2020-2021 jewelry trends are you most excited for?

Fall 2020 Top 5 Jewelry Trends:

1. Classic Unique Pearls


Pearls are timeless jewels. Like a diamond, a jewel embellishment can be a classic alone as well as combined with chains. The fall 2020 jewelry trends feature truly one of a kind pearl accessories that match your fall wardrobe.

Pearls have become one of the most popular items for the jewelry business in 2020.  We first witnessed this emergence last spring and it has taken shape and streamlined- creating a sleek and organic hewn and edgy modern classification of jewelry. Choose a more traditional piece or wear something that is more modern- however, you wear them, pearls are a super popular choice for fall!

2. Link Chains

Chains never go out of style and are always a major motif in the jewelry from spring, fall, and winter. Solid gold chunky Cuban link chains emerged in the late 70s to mid-80s and have been evolving and changing since. Now, the chains felt even more appropriate with brilliant industrial elements that are heavy-duty but not rugged or punk as seen in previous trends. Other types of chains are popular as well and these bold, bulky statements are hugely trendy this fall.

It takes a great deal of confidence to wear a chunky, solid gold chain. Imagine a chain weighing almost half a pound! If you have a thing for larger accessories, then a dramatic, chunky chain necklace may be the perfect touch for your outfit this season.

3. Jewel Cascades

Jewel Cascades

One of the most elegant jewelry trends is jewel cascades that include glamorous bits of pieces made of chunks of gem-covered chains.

Everyone loves a crystal-studded headpiece. A cascading earring matched with a headband covered in square crystals has a continuous flowing effect that looks more glamorous than ever. Pair these with several crystal-encrusted bracelets to complete the look.

4. Charm School

Pieces of jewelry that have symbols of luck, love, and spirituality are as popular and strong as ever. This jewelry trend has been popularized for many years and we don’t think this trend has peaked. Charmed jewelry is like chips, you keep wanting more. That is why designers keep creating elegant jewelry charms that fit your every outfit.

5. Layering

What is sizzling for 2020? Layering bracelets and necklaces that are specially crafted and delicate. The uniqueness in length creates a story when you pull it off together to create an amazing layered look along with your child’s birthstone. Layering a new piece with a diamond pendant from your great grandmother could create an exquisite combination.

To create a personalized look, try a chain-link layered bracelet, a tennis bracelet, or a bangle. With rings, try stacking. Stacking is a sophisticated contemporary trend that lets you display more than one ring. Be bold and mix stones or stack diamonds with an emerald band for a cool pop of hue.


Jewelry is timeless and some trends never go out of style. Today, we have explored some fun, stylish trends, stylish in necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings that are up-to-the-minute. Don’t be afraid to experiment when wearing any of this year’s trends. Wear the jewelry you have been dying to pair with your wardrobe and feel happy in. You don’t need to wait for a special occasion.  Now maybe a perfect time to bring in for a new, on-trend piece that you will love to wear more often.

The trends that we have been familiar with seeing for the past few years continue to evolve on the runway, red carpet, and design studios.  Few new themes emerge but for the most part, the popular trends are charm necklaces, link chains, pears, and hoop earrings which are in revival mode for the fall 2020-2021 and are designed ready-to-wear dominating the catwalks and jewelry design studios.

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