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5 Major Factors to Consider Before Getting a Palm Tattoo

When considering a tattoo, it’s not uncommon to want something unique. No one wants to walk around with the same tattoo as someone else. It’s important to get creative with your tattoo design and placement, but is a palm tattoo right for you?

In the guide below, you’ll discover some major factors to consider when getting a palm tattoo. Continue reading below to find out more!

5 Major Factors to Consider Before Getting a Palm Tattoo:

1. Its Permanence

As with any other tattoo, you must consider the permanence of it. Once you get a tattoo on your palm, it’s there forever, even if it fades in some areas. If you end up not liking the tattoo, then you’ll have to consider the price of having it professionally removed.

Make sure you’re fully committed to it before having it done.

2. The Healing Process

Even if you have plenty of other tattoos, hand tattoos are much different when it comes to the healing process. The hand takes a bit longer to heal because you’re constantly using it. You’re also washing your hands throughout the day, which can cause the healing process to become delayed.

Speak with your artist about the healing process specifically for hand tattoos. If you can’t use your hand for several weeks, then how will this affect your daily life?

3. The Required Maintenance

Upkeep with your hand tattoo is more difficult as well. Consider all of the factors mentioned above. This means your hand tattoo will fade quickly as well.

Your skin on your hand might not take the ink throughout the entire tattoo either the first time either. Plan to have to go back at least once to have it touched up, even right after it heals. You’ll most likely need to go back throughout the years as well for touchups.

4. Its Visibility

Unlike other tattoos, you won’t be able to hide your palm tattoo easily. Shirts, jackets, pants, and socks won’t cover your hand. Unless you wear a glove of some sort every day, your palm tattoo will be visible.

This is something to take into consideration if you work for a company or business that doesn’t allow visible tattoos.

5. The Artist

The last thing to keep in mind is the artist. Not all tattoo artists will tattoo the palm of your hand. Many will actually advise against it due to the high possibility of it fading and other factors.

When searching for a tattoo artist, make sure you find a reputable one who’ll take on the task. Don’t settle for just anyone. Palm tattoos are complicated, and should only have the best.

Should You Get a Palm Tattoo?

Palm Tattoo

With all of these factors to take into consideration, will you be getting a palm tattoo? Make sure you fully understand each factor listed above before making your final decision.

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