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10 Best Eyeshadow Looks That Are Absolutely Stunning

Like every other year, it is that time of the year when you need to know all the hottest looks in the eyeshadow industry. Since it’s already summertime, let’s talk about all the trendy summer eyeshadow looks that you should try this summer.

From the runway to the club to the nightclubs, these eyeshadow looks are going to be a hit nonetheless. So if you are trendy and daring enough to try these looks out, then keep on scrolling through this article.

Stunning Eyeshadow Looks In 2023

Here are a few gorgeous eyeshadow looks that are going to be the trend this year, so if you wanna try them out, you should definitely go ahead with these.

1. Artsy Painterly

If you are a painter and love to create beautiful beautiful paintings and drawings, then you are going to love thes artsy eyeshadow looks. The ethereal look that creates with the colorful hues is really gorgeous.

Yes, it is possible that this eyeshadow style might be a little over the top. But that won’t be a problem if you are bold and gutsy enough to try this look out, even for an Instagram photo.

2. Glitter Chromes

A little bit of glitter in your life is not a big deal at all, it will just make your life shine brighter than ever. So you can pretty well understand why the chrome glitter eyeshadow looks are so popular and trending this year.

To make the eyeshadow look stand out, wear nude full-face makeup with a bright glittery chrome eyeshadow look to increase the level of drama on your face. You can experiment with any glitter combinations to enhance the look even further.

3. Pretty In Purple

To turn on your feminine side, the eyeshadow look that you should use softer purple hues mixed with a lighter pink to it.

This feminine glow will look absolutely gorgeous with a satin slip dress or even, to be a little dramatic, a tulle skirt. You can even wear this look with a rocker-chic outfit to make the look seem edgier.

To make the look edgier, add colors like lavender and violet together, and even a little bit of glitter at the same time. And add a little bit of mascara and eyeliner to make the look pop.

4. Sparkle Rhinestone

Adding sparkly rhinestones to your eyeshadow looks is not that unique now, but how you decorate your eyes is a different conversation.

With the rhinestones, it seems like the 70s are back again when makeup looks are over the top and dramatic.

But if you don’t want the rhinestones to overpower your look, then you can use smaller and a less number of rhinestones to complete the look.

5. Poppy Smudge

The eyeshadow look with smudgy poppy color is becoming very popular nowadays. Most fashion houses use them during their runway shows to make the eyes pop.

For this look, you need to use bright colors so that they are easily visible even from a distance. Colors such as bright yellow, pink, green, or even blue will look great as a smudgy and grungy motif.

6. Mystic Waters

Blue eyeshadow looks are huge nowadays, and they are only going to be the trend even more. To add a little whimsy to your life, add hints of blue eyeshadow to your whole look.

But to finish off the look, you need to apply mascara and black eyeliner to the whole look. If you want, you can even add a few rhinestones or pearls to the whole look as well.

7. Flower Power

Although the spring season is basically over, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the flower power anymore. The basic deal with making your flowery eyeshadow look is by mixing hues of purple and blue together.

Smudge hues of blue and purple on your eyelids and mix them well together. Then to define your eyes, add purple eyeliner and white eyeliner to the lower lash lines.

8. All Out Blue

As I said before, blue is the eyeshadow color of the season, so this is the time to experiment with all the different shades of blue. But the most popular one is the powder blue shade of blue.

And to add a little shimmer and shine to these eyeshadow looks, add a little bit of glitter on top of the powder blue eyeshadow. If you think the look is a bit subdued, then add a sharp winged eye.

9. Sunset Point

Cut crease eyeshadow looks are really beautiful but can be a little difficult for the inexperienced crowd. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try it out.

And if you do try, then go for the sunset point color combination. To make the perfect sunset, use colors like purple, blue, and red, but the dominant color should be yellow.

Since these eyeshadow looks are quite bold, so to balance the look, plump up your look and add gloss to it.

10. Dusk To Dawn

By the eyeshadow look from dusk to dawn, I meant the slow transition from light to dark eyeshadow looks.

You can start with lighter shades on the inner corner of your eye and then gradually mix similar colors to the whole remaining space. Then you finish off the look add black eyeliner and mascara to your eyes.

Wrapping Up!

Now there you go, these were a few eyeshadow looks that are trending in 2023. So if you want, you can easily try them out to o yourself.

A few of these looks might be a little bold for regular use or for some events, but for Instagram pictures, these eyeshadow looks are just perfect. So if you liked this article, then give it a well-deserved like and comment down below.

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