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Top 10 Eye Makeup Tips for Beginners

Beginners should not fret because there are many eye makeup tips, hacks, and tricks that will make the procedure easy and hand you beautiful and achievable results. Like other parts of the process of makeup, robust application of eye makeup is crucial, because when it is done correctly, it seems reasonable, but when done poorly, it can show.

Many cringe-worthy photos on the internet show that eye makeup possesses the power to overwhelm your face if not careful. It is easy to mix and match the tips and tricks until when you go overboard with everything, especially while a beginner.

This article is like a makeup tutorial for beginners of eye makeup.

If you are a newbie in matters makeup or keep it light or you want to branch out to a creative territory, many tricks will help you master this frontier. There are ten hacks in this article that will help you make a difference while a beginner in makeup application.

Top 10 Eye Makeup Tips:

1. Use a primer

eye primer

The eye primer is a crucial first step in the process of eye makeup according to all makeup professionals in the market. You can double or even triple the longevity of the eye makeup, plus prevent drying or creasing.

2. Be keen with dark shades

dark shades


According to different compilation pieces on eye makeup tips and hacks for your eyes, you need to be extremely careful while using dark tones for the eye shadow, since dark colors will make the eyes to seem small especially when applied on the lid. Instead, they recommend using light colors on the brow bone and lid, and a medium shade on the crease when starting. This prevents overdone traps some novices of makeup fall into.

3. Do not use applicators that come with eye shadows

eye shadow applicators

Experts stress the fact that black eyeshadow applicators that come with the majority of eye shadows should get tosses because they are poorly designed for the real application. The material that is spongy will attract a lot of pigment and offer you minimal control.

4. You must have white eyeliner

white eyeliner


Makeup artists state that white eyeliner is among the most versatile products to have in the makeup bag. You can use it to brighten and enlarge your eyes, to highlight particular areas of the face, and act as the base that makes your eye shadow to pop.

The eyeliner might or might not be a staple, but it is not among the most basic steps of eye makeup. It offers you the freedom of working on the eye shape, emphasize them, and fill in sparse looking lashes. It all depends on the eyeliner and preference as the way you want to apply it, clearly smudged or defined, it seems excellent either way.

5. Eye Shape

Eye Shape


Eye makeup tips state that when applying makeup, the shape of the eye matters; like the shape of the body while buying fashionable clothes; one technique or color does not fit all faces. Due to this, it is crucial to know the shape of your eye and looks that are functional with it. It is good to know the shape of your eye before starting with makeup.

6. Do eye makeup before applying the foundation

eye makeup

Eye makeup tips recommend starting by doing makeup before doing the concealer and foundation because the application of the eye makeup can be quite messy and need the remover to be perfect. In this way, you will not disrupt face parts that have been completed already. If you desire to be very careful, consider buying eye shields for the application of the makeup.

7. Champagne shade works at all times

Champagne shade

In case you are not sure about the best colors for the shade of your eye, it is advisable to stick with champagne to keep it simple. The underlying reason is that it suits many skin colors and it is a shade that will make sure that your lids are bright.

8. Blending is crucial


Makeup artists stress that mixture, especially quality eye blending brushes, are the essential steps on the front of eye makeup application processes.

The reason is that it creates a look that is more natural and open, as opposed to contrasts and stark lines that will make the eye areas to look smaller.

9. Connect Dots

winged eye-liner


You may have heard about different methods for creating perfect winged eye-liner looks from an edge of business cards to tapping the face. Nonetheless, the most straightforward technique is to use the method of connecting dots. You will make the winged liner as extreme or subtle as you wish.

10. Use the eye shadow in the place of the eyeliner and line the lid for natural looks

eye shadow

Eye make tips from professionals note that if you are not good with eyeliner gels or pens, you can apply a dark shade of the eye shadow with an angled, super thin brush. This creates a look that is less harsh and is remarkable for beginners that want to make their eyes pop.

Eye makeup tips also recommend lining under the lid of the eye as opposed to traditional above the area of the lid, for an incredible and natural no-makeup look. This technique is excellent when you are after achieving nice looks, but you do not want a high-maintenance outlook.


The truth of the matter is that eye makeup is challenging, but there are super helpful workarounds for beginners and non-professionals. You need to remember this, just like with other things, practice will make you perfect.

Those practices above were among simple eye makeup tips in the market for beginners who are overwhelmed by the makeup universe. The suggestions above cover all included basics, and with hope, you will keep the pointers above in mind when you are beginning in your makeups exploration process.

Now that you have the techniques and tricks of ways of putting on these products, it is time you learned something about removing the makeup also. It is vital to take off all bits of makeup when the day ends to make sure that the skin and eyes remain healthy. There are very many ways of removing stubborn, waterproof makeup.

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