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Top 10 Expert Fashion Tips Every Girl Should Know

When it appears to fashion tips there’s constantly a lot of knowledge out there about what you should or shouldn’t be dressing. It’s simple to find the knowledge amazing, and it’s even different at times. One site can say metallic finishes are the hot trending sandals this year while another will tell you to find comfortable sandals and just wear those.

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If more focused information is what you’re looking for then you’re in the right place. Here’s a narrowed down list of tips every girl should know when it comes to fashion tips. But before we get into it, remember that owning a great floor mirror is the first step to efficiently match outfits and start the day stunning as ever. Check out this list for the best ones, at the moment. Take a few minutes to read this and make mental notes of what you like and what works for you. Then get ready to hit the mall and have some fun finding a new look.

Top 10 Expert Fashion Tips 

1. Test New Trends And Colors Out In Low-Risk Ways

If you’re really interested in the hottest new neon colors, or curious about a new design trend and aren’t sure if you’ll love it or hate it, test it out first. Try wearing a new color in lipstick first, or give a hot design trend like feather-adorned clothing by choosing an accessory in that style.

You can see how you feel adopting that trend before you invest in something more expensive like a dress or a new pair of jeans. Accessories and makeup are a great way to try new things and see what you’ll love.

2. Tie Any Outfit Together With Higher Quality Must-Haves

It’s fun to experiment with new outfits and trends, but there are some key pieces you should have that are high quality and timeless. If you’re going to splurge and spend more money trying to go for pieces that are going to last and will help you look great when paired with a myriad of looks.

Good reliable shoes like a nice pair of ballet flats, a handbag you can take with you no matter what look you choose, and a nice well-fitted blazer are key pieces you should have ready. Blazers can be used over dresses or with jeans. Ballet flats can look great with almost any outfit, and a good handbag will last you a long time. All of these things will help you pull together a great look.

3. Don’t Just Know Your Size, Know Your Actual Measurements

Online shopping is awesome and a great way to find some good deals. But sizes fluctuate by designer and brand so finding the right fit can be dicey sometimes. The best way to avoid buyer’s remorse while online shopping is to have a tape measure handy.

Measure yourself and look at the sizing chart before you order. Knowing your actual measurements instead of just your usual size is going to save you a lot of time and headaches. Returning online purchases is never as easy as returning something you bought in the actual store. If you can avoid having to mess with mailing things back, it will be worth the effort.

4. Pick Accessories That Can Do More Than One Thing

Belts can be used to help make loose tunics or dresses look more tailored in addition to functioning as an actual belt. If you’re trying to spruce up your handbag you can use a scarf tied around one of the handles or straps to give it an updated look. You can use the same scarf as an accessory around your wrist or tied it into your ponytail too.

When you’re shopping for accessories think about what possibilities each item holds. Sometimes the best fashion tips results come from thinking outside the box just a little. Give it a try the next time you’re shopping.

5. Find A Good Seamstress

No item is going to fit you like it was made just for your body every single time you go shopping. A seamstress can make that happen for you though. If you’re trying on a dress or blazer and wish it fit just a little bit differently on you, have it tailored.

Well-tailored clothing is a great way to look especially polished and put together to give this tip extra focus with the attire you want to wear to work or important gatherings.

6. Don’t Rely On Social Media As A Fashion Tips Bible


Instagram models always look great in their pictures and the temptation to trust them is strong. Even if you do take some advice from them and buy a few of the items or try some of the looks you see, keep in mind that they probably look different after the camera is off. Sometimes clothes or high-fashion look only look great in a photo.

If you see an outfit or accessory on social media that you think you might love, keep in mind it’s something you’re going to have to wear for longer than a few seconds to snap a pic. If it’s uncomfortable or not easy to wear that could be an issue. And honestly, if it really is uncomfortable, the model probably took it off right after the photo was taken.

It’s okay to like the looks online and still consider how they’re going to work for you in real life. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t make everything you see on influencer’s work for you and your lifestyle.

7. You Don’t Have To Adopt Every Trend

Building on the last tip, keep in mind that it’s okay if you don’t love and adopt every new trend to hit the stores. If you love ballet flats but hear that heels are the rage this season, that doesn’t mean you have to change up what works for you. Stick with what makes you feel confident about yourself. Don’t be a slave to fashion trends.

8. Jeans Are An Investment

Fashion Tips

Jeans are a staple fashion item and can be one of the hardest to find a great fit for. They are an investment of both your money and your time. If you’re not sure what type of jeans you want, what works best for you, or which fit is going to feel the greatest plan to spend some extra try-on time at the store.

Jeans can make you look great when they’re well suited to you, so the extra time trying things on or even asking sales staff for their help is going to be worth it. You’ll be much more confident and comfortable when you’re looking great and wearing something that fits you really well.

9. Love What You Wear

If you’re wearing something you love it’s going to show. You’ll carry yourself differently, look more confident, and feel great about yourself as well. Those things are going to make others take note and think you look fabulous too.

Wearing what you love means you can let go of some fashion “rules” that are outdated and no longer true. Fashion tips have become much more open about things, and wearing what you love is something that’s more and more popular. Let go of rules about being too young or too old to wear a certain look, or what colors you should wear. Choose the things you love and go for it.

10. Don’t Forget Your Hair


Nothing can ruin a great look faster than leaving the house without giving much thought to how your hair looks. A great high pony or really cute hat will be a finishing touch that others will notice and it’s a chance to make them love your overall look as much as you do.

Take a few extra minutes when you’re getting ready and think about what style will look great with the outfit or look you’re going for that day. Don’t let something as simple as skipping out on styling your hair ruin an outfit you worked hard to put together and look great in.

Fashion tips are always going to be changing. There will always be someone out there giving out new “rules” and telling you which trends are hot this season. The key is to make sure you’re staying true to what you love as well as looking at those new trends. Remember, you don’t have to try out every single new look every season.

When it comes to what you wear and how you wear it, keep the things you’ve learned here in mind. Make sure you love what you’re wearing and how you look in it. Your confidence is the best accessory out there so don’t underestimate its power. Happy shopping.

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