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The Executive’s Business Trip Must-Haves

The business executive that is always on the go needs to travel prepared for any eventuality. It is no good planning for one scenario, only to be faced with something completely different and, as a result, looking completely out of place – that just simply isn’t going to fly, excuse the pun.

Businessmen and women, used to globetrotting from one end of the earth to the other, will have picked up various tips and tricks so as they are never caught out. They are pros at travelling, able to remain comfortable, yet productive, no matter the situation.

If you harbour hopes of one day achieving such levels of productivity, then you will need to include the belief must-haves for your next business trip.


If you are travelling for business, you will no doubt already have your own work laptop to take along with you. However, for the purposes of ease and practicality, a tablet that can be used similarly to a laptop computer allows for much greater flexibility.

If you are travelling on a cramped train or plain, that doesn’t allow for much legroom, a tablet demands much less space than a laptop. For those times when you are granted adequate space, owning a tablet with a connecting keyboard and case gives you the same usability as a laptop.

Sophisticated Fashion

If you want to be the part, then you have to look the part! When you think of executives, you immediately think of smart business wear and a certain aura that exudes confidence. That means shrewd combinations that bring together formal fashion conventions alongside statements of individuality such as a men’s gold bracelet design.

Enough to make you stand out from the crowd, giving your business partners something to remember you by, but subtle all the same.

Noise-Cancelling Ear/Headphone

No one wants to be disturbed by the loud guy a few rows back who believes that everyone in their vicinity wants to hear their phone conversation, especially when trying to catch up on work correspondences.

Even if you aren’t travelling for work and jetting off for any other reason, a pair of good noise-cancelling ear or headphones are a must.

They will allow you to get lost in your favourite playlist, podcast or, better yet, just to wear as a means of blocking out the world. Why do we recommend them? Because even if you aren’t listening to anything, the chances of someone trying to start a conversation with you are slim to none.

Travel Adaptor

Don’t be caught out without having a travel adaptor! This is a rookie mistake made by so many travellers who, in a rush, end up paying well over the odds for a single adaptor they have to share around all their devices. Buy several adaptors in advance and absolutely make sure they are packed before you go. Our tip would be to purchase a travel adaptor and pair it with a row of plugs so that you can plug in multiple devices through just one single adaptor.

Space Bags

This will be especially helpful if you are planning on being away for an extended period and, as such, will require a considerable amount of luggage room for clothes. Space bags help to free up room in your suitcase by using a vacuum to suck air from the bag, which has been filled with your items, therefore reducing the space needed to as little as possible. If you plan on using space bags for your clothes, make sure that you will have access to an iron and/or trouser press to tidy up your attire.

Hotel Room Workout Plan

For executives that spend a great deal of time in hotel rooms, it is important to look after yourself. When you are away for a large percentage of the year, getting in a good workout can be hard as you may not always have access to gym facilities. There are numerous apps that you can download that can be of great help, providing you with easy to do workouts that can be performed inside your hotel room. Such workouts require little room, so can be completed even in the tiniest of rooms.

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