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Make This Halloween Special With 10+ Emily In Paris Outfits

Who isn’t in love with Emily in Paris and its most “interesting” fashion moments? The pretty girls and sexy men all have kept us glued.

In the show’s first two seasons, we have seen a matchless collaboration of Marilyn Fitoussi and Patricia Field of Devil Wears Prada frame.

But in the third season, Fitoussi has done it alone, and despite Field’s elements of elegance, the collection is mostly playful.

And what can be a better inspiration for this Halloween than the freshly wrapped season of the chick-flick?

So, are you ready for some ideas and want to know “how to do Paris?” Let’s explore.

10+ Emily In Paris Season 3 Outfit Ideas For Halloween 2023

In season 3, we have seen how Emily in Paris outfits have become better and more boisterous. 

So, I have my share of favorite fashion moments in the show, and you can take cues from them for this Halloween.

1. Emily In Multicolor Fluorescent Sweater 

Emily In Multicolor Fluorescent Sweater

Emily never wants to give in to French stereotypes. So, you will always find her in something edgy. This fluorescent sweater with a pop of colors represents the bonhomie of Emily.

She balanced the colorful sweater with a metallic skirt. 

You can surely try this look with some creative add-ons on the makeup front. Keep your brows bushy and contoured. Also, paint your lips red for the perfect finish.

2. Cutout Mini Dress With Fringes 

Cutout Mini Dress With Fringes

Isn’t Emily always making a statement with her actions and outfits? I love how she has transformed a simple cutout dress into something opulent.

The statement piece was the overcoat with a zillion fringe. Fitoussi specially designed this outfit for the show.

You can also don a similar look for this Halloween with a pink cutout dress, a fringe coat, and a pair of platform wedge sandals in sea green.

3. Emily In Navy Blue Jumpsuit

Emily In Navy Blue Jumpsuit

There are reasons why everyone is after Emily in Paris season 3 fashion and outfits. The season presents the most varied range of outfits you can try for parties and everyday looks.

For Halloween, don this simple navy-blue jumpsuit and keep your hairstyle neat to stand out. Don’t forget the statement earrings, though.

See, Halloween is not always about something flashy or over-the-top. You can always do justice to the party theme in the most minimalistic way.

This is the beauty of Emily in Paris Halloween costumes. 

4. Emily In Ruffled Purple Dress

Emily In Ruffled Purple Dress

Caption: The Iconic Emily in Paris costume.

How can I forget the most iconic Emily in Paris season 3 outfit? It has to be the heavily ruffled purple dress.

This dress by Fitoussi also has a floral print, vibing with the happy persona of Emily. 

Wear this look for this festive season with statement earrings and a ponytail tied at the back.

It’s hard to find the exact version of this Emily in Paris outfit. However, you can always create the look with a purple off-shoulder dress featuring ruffles. 

5. Emily In Polka Dot Dress

Emily In Polka Dot Dress

You don’t need to go on a vacay to ace the look of Emily in this turquoise polka dot dress. Fusing a quaint charm and feminine grace, this outfit will surely make you look like a million bucks.

You can always add a pinch of creativity to your Emily in Paris Polka dress look with some scarves and smart accessories. Emily carries a woven bag, but you can always go for a metallic one to match the Halloween vibe.

Even if you don’t like the outfit for Halloween this year, you can always keep your summer 2024 ready with this polka dot dress. 

6. Emily In Velvet Blue Suit

Emily In Velvet Blue Suit

Caption: This is the simplest Emily in Paris Season 3 outfit you can try for this Halloween. 

Emily has worn a chic velvet suit in blue and clubbed with a golden bag.Her earrings also perfectly maintain the glamor quotient of the outfit.

So, try this look for Halloween if you want to keep it fuss-free. However, don’t forget to get your hair done with a vintage style. And paint your lips red. 

7. Emily In Silver Sequin Dress

Emily In Silver Sequin Dress

Why don’t you take a jazzy route for this Halloween? Take some ideas from this metallic dress of Emily. 

To balance the glam look of the dress, she has gone for a simple hair updo. Also, her makeup is minimalistic to keep the elements of elegance intact. 

8. Emily In Black And White Striped Outfit

Emily In Black And White Striped Outfit

This Halloween, you can try something futuristic inspired by Emily in Paris season 3. She wears a black and white striped outfit with a chic hairdo.

The texture of the outfit and puffiness on the sleeves render the outfit unique. 

Like her, you can team the outfit with a sling purse and hoop earrings. 

9. Emily In Polka Dot Cropped Jacket And Pants

Emily In Polka Dot Cropped Jacket And Pants

This is another cool and chic look you can sport this Halloween. Wear a white cropped top and a pair of loose-fit black trousers.

Layer the top with an orange polka dot jacket to complete your look for this Halloween. 

Before stepping out, wear the red-heeled pumps in your closet for a long.

Further, keep your hair loose with the fringes caressing your forehead.  

10. Emily In Multicolor Checkered Jacket 

Emily In Multicolor Checkered Jacket

This Halloween, embrace colors like Emily. Wear a striped T-shirt and layer with a checkered jacket fusing multiple colors.

Team your T-shirt and jacket with a mini skirt or a pair of shorts to ace your Halloween look.

Accessorize your outfit with a dainty necklace and keep the feminine grace intact. 

11. The Zippered Black Dress Of Emily

The Zippered Black Dress Of Emily

If it’s the season of Halloween, it’s also the season of romance, with the air turning chilly outside.

I absolutely love this black zippered outfit Emily wears. It is on the line of risqué fashion, and if you have loved Zendaya at Paris Fashion Week, you must also swoon over this outfit.

Exposing the collarbones and flaunting a plunging neckline, this outfit will surely boost your oomph factor.

Final Words 

Are you all set to try these Emily in Paris looks for Halloween this year? Don’t fret thinking about the availability of these designer pieces.

You can always emulate these looks by getting the closest alternatives available in online stores. 

Further, It’s never about the exact match. In fact, you have to create the vibe right to do justice to the theme. 

Do you have any other Emily in Paris look in mind for this Halloween? Don’t forget to share.

Wishing you a Happy Halloween! 

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