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Are Embroidered Patches Fashionable In 2022?

You may have come across embroidered patches on your favourite sports team’s shirt, or your work uniform, but did you know that you can create your own embroidered patches as a way of showing off what you love, in a stylish way?

These patches can be attached to many different pieces of clothing and accessories – and just because they were a staple in the 90s, that doesn’t mean they’re not fashionable in 2022! We’ll look at how embroidered patches are making a comeback this year and how you can use them to enhance your look

What Is An Embroidered Patch?

Embroidered patches are often used by sports clubs, schools, and clubs as a way of identifying their members and supporters. They are made up of woven material on a backing that can be attached to clothing. They often show a logo or design that is synonymous with the club or school, in bright, eye-catching colours.

Embroidered patches, including custom embroidery patches, are often used by sports clubs, schools, and clubs as a way of identifying their members and supporters. They are made up of woven material on a backing that can be attached to clothing. Custom embroidery patches allow for the inclusion of specific logos or designs that are synonymous with the club or school, creating a unique and personalized look in bright, eye-catching colours.

They can be added to equipment, clothing, or accessories so that you can identify them in a single glance. They can also be used for fashion, with many people using patches to display a bit of their personality and as a way of adding to the look of a garment. You can even design your own embroidered patch! But are they still fashionable?…

Are They Still Fashionable?

You may remember embroidered patches from the 90s – being attached to denim jackets and jeans was very fashionable back then! But they are making a comeback, and they’re even resurging in high fashion pieces too, with designers like Gucci adding patches to their products.

This year, you can add a dash of your own personality to your wardrobe by exploring all that embroidered patches have to offer. The key is to not go overboard and keep it simple to avoid clashes.

If you have old pieces in your wardrobe, this is a great way of giving them a new lease of life – patches can be added to clothes easily so if you don’t wear an item, or you’re looking to make a garment a little more exciting, patches could be the best way to get your desired effect.

How Can You Wear Them?

cloth patches

If you’re looking to give embroidered patches a go this year as a nod to the 90s, there are a few ways that you can do this depending on your style – you don’t have to be in a team or club to benefit from all they have to offer! Read on to find out how you can add embroidered patches to your wardrobe effortlessly.

1. Jackets

Jackets are a great way to show off your patches! And because there are many ways to attach them, you can add them to all materials. They look particularly fashionable on denim jackets and can add a bit of colour and personality. You can choose patches that represent you and the things you love. You can really make your jackets your own using embroidered patches.

2. Bags

It’s not just clothing that can benefit from an update with an embroidered patch, bags can too! If you use a backpack for school or work, putting your own stamp on it means you can make an otherwise plain bag more exciting. It is also a great way of ensuring it does not get mistaken for anyone else’s – stand out from the crowd by personalising your bag with an embroidered patch this year.

3. Caps

In the summer, a cap is essential to keep you safe from the sun, whether you’re on holiday or playing sports. You can give your cap a facelift by attaching an embroidered patch to the front – you could choose your favourite sports team, or band, or design your own.

You could buy an affordable cap and simply attach the patch to it with ease. This can save you money instead of buying an already branded cap, and it looks stylish.

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