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A Hat Lover’s Guide to Embracing the Western Cowboy Hat Fashion

Many individuals prefer a cowboy hat for its functional purpose, such as warmth and protection from harsh weather conditions. Some men opt for the Cowboy headgear while traveling on horseback. Cowboy hats add a touch of style and a cool edge to every attire. It is easy to incorporate cowboy headgear as an essential part of every wardrobe.

Here are a few styling tips to complement your favorite outfit with a cowboy hat:

Choose from the endless variety

To amp up your aesthetic effortlessly, you must purchase the hat with modern interpretations. Several designs and styles are available in the market, leaving hat wearers at an advantage to cherry-pick their favorite kind. Several hat styles, such as Derby, cattleman, and gambler, are among the cowboy variety.

You are free to choose the perfect fit that complements your face and personality. Cowboy felt that works well when you want an over-the-top appearance. On the other hand, straw ones are suitable for everyday wear. If you prefer cowboy headgear for occasional wear, you can choose the one with crystal embellishments, buckles, and weaves.

Be aware of the basics

Be aware of the basics

Opting for a cowboy hat requires adequate knowledge about the basics of the headgear. Some hats encompass a small bow on the inside, kept at the back of the head. Suppose the bow around the headband is narrow. You must know the right points of the headgear and be able to differentiate the same. Make sure your hat fits you perfectly and is not oversized. To add a sense of mystery, you must tip the hat over your eyes.

Be strategic in your attire

Individuals prefer a cowboy hat and want to look stylish. However, some of them like to overdo their western attire. Adorning your cowboy headcover can make it appear like a part of a costume with a forest theme. Complement your favorite hat with the remaining outfit.

Try to keep it simple by choosing a solid color t-shirt, preferably with boots. Make sure you do not wear everything cowboy as it may lead to being overtly overdressed. Flannels and sweaters are other outfits that go well with hats.

For occasional wear, you can also pair your cowboy hat with a blazer to acquire the look of an athlete if you wish to use your outfit for garnering compliments. The ideal way is to opt for a simple one, avoiding any distraction from the hat being a focal point.

Adopt the less is more attitude

Adopt the less is more attitude

Many a time, hat wearers miss out on the less is more attitude. It is essential to identify what is too much while wearing a hat. It is better to show some restraint by pulling back on your ensemble.

You must go one at a time while adopting western fashion leaving admirers to concentrate on your style. If you are assuming a cowboy hat for the first time, you must avoid accessories such as studs, statements, belts, and embellished buckles.

While such accessories add a touch of glamour to your outfit, it looks cheap when paired with a cowboy hat. Also, take respite from clingy belts and buckles that have a touch of jazzy fashion. It is not sensible to wear all the best-inspired outfits simultaneously.

Take inspiration from style icons

Western hat trends alter every few months, but many gentlemen use a cowboy hat as a staple accessory, irrespective of the occasion or time. Some celebrities carry the cowboy headgear with ease, while others bring out a different effect. Therefore, you can use various fashion icons as a means of inspiration amidst the ever-changing trend of fashionable headgears.

Follow the etiquette while showing off your favorite hat

Follow the etiquette while showing off your favorite hat

Cowboy headgears appeal to the lasting tradition, one of which is following etiquette. While it is essential to use your common sense at the time of styling headgear, there is also a specific code of conduct that you must follow as a part of a customary rule. Hat wearers must be aware of the strategies of tipping the hat at the right places.

The double denim look with a cowboy hat

Have you seen Britney Spears at the American Music Awards? She flaunted the double denim look brilliantly.

So, why not take the inspiration from her? It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman. A double denim look can always be a winner for every season.

So, if you are a man, you can wear a pair of denim jeans with a shirt and layer it with an open-front jacket. Now, accessorize the look with a cowboy hat and boots to follow the Western fashion trend.

If you are a woman, you can experiment a lot with your double-denim look. You can team a pair of denim shorts with a denim bustier or top.

Otherwise, you can go for simple denim jeans and a crop top combination. A cowboy hat can elevate your entire ensemble to a new height.

Reliving the countrycore vibe

Let’s go back to Taylor Swift’s 2008 era for this season. The Countrycore aesthetic made popular by this chartbuster singer is soothing and comforting.

The style is also very easy to create. You can wear a simple prairie dress with a pair of cowboy boots and, of course, a cowboy hat.

If you want to add some extra feminine touch to your cowboy hat, you can always to use laces, ribbons, or other essential elements.

Taking the opulent way

Who said that cowboy hats cannot be opulent? Take cues from the fashion festivals and runway appearances. 

Even if you don’t want to take the haughty fashion way, you can use your creativity to give your regular cowboy hat a new twist.

You can add fringes to your hat or let some pearl strings adorn the hat. 

However, make sure that the adornments do not interfere with your vision.

Add a little grunge to your cowboy look

Do you want to fuse grungy fashion with the Western trend? Nailing it is not a tough task for you.

You can wear a white tee with a leather vest and a pair of denim jeans. You can also go for a pair of leather pants to make the look more interesting. 

Now, along with the signature cowboy hat, you will also need a waist chain, a pair of cowboy boots with fringes, and a scarf.

This is a unisex look to flaunt. So, don’t shy away from trying this look for the upcoming season.

Here are a few places that you must consider taking off your headgear:

  • In religious sites such as churches.
  • Indoor areas such as a restaurant or a private house.
  • While introducing yourself or greeting a woman.
  • When you are dining at a table or a food counter.
  • Be courteous and respectful with your hat.

Carrying western attire requires a personality to walk the walk. Individuals who prefer cowboy headgear must have a demeanor of a cowboy coming home after a long dusty day of herding cattle.

You can be yourself and keep it unique at the same time to style western cowboy headgear. Individuals are free to choose from a variety of western hat styles, leaving hat lovers to put their heads and shoulders above the rest.

To purchase a cowboy hat, you can visit various boutiques that offer men’s clothing and have a lasting reputation in the apparel market.

Purchase the style that suits you best to elevate your look and add flavor to your casual attire.

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