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Elegant Outfits – What Really Makes Your Outfit Elegant?

“Fashion says “me too,” but style says only me, if there is one style that truly emulates timelessness, it must be the classic aesthetic of elegant outfits.  

Truely being elegant doesn’t go out of style!  

But what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the term elegant?  

I am guessing it is something to do with vintage dresses from the days gone by. All the frills from the Victorian age to the puffed sleeved blouse from the 80s. Although there are vintage styles borrowed when creating elegant outfits, you can create the same with your modern pair.  

So, no need to cash out your credit card in your next shopping spree! Because you can find the art of elegance even in the white crop t-shirt.  

In this excerpt below, we will not only give you some budget friendly options to create your very first elegant dress, but also help you understand what exactly elegant means.   

So, get ready to take some notes for your next elegant wardrobe capsules.  

What Does Elegant Mean?  

When someone dresses elegantly, it is all about being tasteful in their style and approach. Tasteful can have different explanations depending on the culture you belong to, too.   

For a highly westernized USA, elegant could mean neutral colored, tailored items which gives a luxurious feel. However, when we move a little towards the eastern part of the globe, we consider traditional items marked by a rich history to be elegant.  

However, in this blog, we will discuss how to make your everyday clothing into an elegant outfit.  

Colors Which Make Any Outfit Elegant  

Before we get into the clothing patterns, first, let’s understand how to make any outfit elegant.  

The first thing is the addition of a few colors, these include:  

  • Grey  
  • Camel  
  • Taupe  
  • Black (Ofc)  
  • Brown  
  • Navy Blue  
  • White  

On the other hand, if you are someone in love with vibrant colors, you can pick satin as a material. No matter the color, satin material can uplift the elegance of the look.  

The colors are my personal favorite when it comes to elevating the vibrancy.  


  • Blush pink  
  • Hot pink  
  • Terracotta red  
  • Sage green  
  • Emerald green  
  • Teal blue  
  • Turquoise  

You do not need every color on the list; just three will do. One of the art of creating a wardrobe capsule is knowing how to make every item in your closet versatile.  

Let’s go ahead and create the best wardrobe!   

Elegant Outfits – For Your Everyday Look  

Here are some of the elegant outfits that I have created for the next two weeks. They were a mixture of corporate chic and evening outings.  

Outfit 1: Monochrome Style  

In my opinion, there is nothing more elegant than a rightly done monochrome outfit. However, when you are doing monochrome, there must be something that makes it stand out.  

First, you can have the same color family but not the same shade. For example, if I was wearing a periwinkle satin shirt, I would go for navy blue pants underneath. They are both a shade of blue bit different in contrast. When choosing monochrome, “contrast” is a room that you should always remember.  

The only time you can pick the same shade for a monochromatic color is a denim-on-denim look. Contrary to other monochrome rules, choosing different colors for your denim outfit can cheapen it. Therefore, it is better to go with true monochrome with denim.  

Outfit 2: The Three-Color Dilemma  

There is one fashion rule which I always follow when I want to add a little color to my outfits. There is nothing wrong with trying out a vibrant pair.  

…. However, they should complement each other, and there shouldn’t be more than three shades on your outfit, because then it would clash.  

It should be a blend of two neutrals and one vibrant solid color. For example, pair camel & brown with a pink accessory. Or a pink outer layer (if it gets a little chilly outside).  

If you are choosing a pattern to add character to your elegant outfits, then choose one type of pattern. Do not overdo the textures since it can attract the wrong attention. For example, if you are choosing a ribbed shirt, the trousers should be plain, and vice versa.  

Remember, if you want a pop of color, it doesn’t always have to be in the form of an outfit. You can add to that vibrancy through accessories like bags, scarves, ties, or even shoes. It is the subtlety that makes you more noticeable!  

Outfit 3 – Denim with Other Fabrics  

We have all heard about the denim-on-denim ensemble, and it is garnering quite the attention on the streets of New York. In fact, we are seeing runway models from the Hadid sisters to our beloved Emrata rocking this street-style look.  

However, when we think about elegance, denim is certainly not the first thing that comes to our mind. But did you know you can, in fact, make denim elegant too?  

There are a few rules to follow:  

Keep the denim for your bottom half.  

Then, mix another fabric for your upper half with your denim bottoms. Since the texture of denim is quite plain, you can always play with other accents and patterns when it comes to your upper half.  

For example, you can pair your denim pants with a hot pink shirt. Add some gold hoops, and a pair of black shades, and you have a simple minimalist fashion.  

You can also add some contrast to your outfit. For example, pair dark jeans with a lighter white satin shirt, or vice versa.  

Outfit 4 – The 90s Model (esc) Look  

When it comes to elegant outfits, the chic model looks of the 90s are not the first thing that comes to our mind.  

However, the slip dress, the short sling bags, and the minimal sandal heels. In today’s era of distressed jeans look, that is the epitome of elegance.  

Especially for a woman, because when we think elegance, the first term that comes to our mind is the divine femineity.  

How about for an evening look, you mix dark feminine energy with the classic elegant charm?  

For a simple 90s look, pair a solid color slip dress and simple heels that accentuate your delicate feet. For accessories, do not forget the classic 90s black sling bag (preferably black). Depending on your personal color theory, you can choose jewelry with silver or gold accents.  

For your hair, you can make a tight low bun, with a few lose strands out to give that methodically messy look. A pair of shades are enough to complete the look!  

Outfit 5 – Pencil Skirts Enough Said  

Speaking of your divine femininity, there is one item that has no competition!  

Midi pencil skirts!  

If there is one item which I will stack up in the closet without any shame, it would be pencil skirts. The amount of versatile looks I can create with just three pairs is phenomenal.  

Plus, the elegance they bring, even when paired with basic pumps, is unmatched!  

Do not believe me? Try out these few looks from my elegant outfit collection, and then give me the verdict.  

Brown pencil skirt – white satin blouse/shirt – black pumps.  

Navy pencil skirt – black crop top t-shirt with white lining –white vans  

Grey pencil skirt – black bralette top – black oversized blazer  

Brown pencil skirt – white satin blouse – camel overcoat  

This is just five; with just a few versatile blouse designs and a few skirts, you can create ten such designs.  

You can change your shoes depending on whether you’re dressing up for your corporate job or your Sunday brunch. This is a perfect way to add some street-style minimalist fashion along with elegance.  

Outfit 6 – All White Ensemble  

Through the popularity of all-black, we are kind of ethereal forgetting the beauty of an all-white ensemble.  

Just imagine yourself in an all-white monochromatic style. In fact, it is that color where all the same shade of white can also bring about a good style statement.  

Provided you pair it with accented jewelry, which adds some color to it. However, another means to add some character to your all-white ensemble is through texture.  

I personally like white tailored trousers, with a white corset top and an oversized leather jacket to complete my elegant look.  

Yes, leather pairs can also be elegant, depending on how you wear them. Whenever you pick your outfit, elegance comes from the air and how you carry it.  

The difference between normal outfits and elegant outfits is their presentability and outlook. 

Outfit 7 – Turtleneck With Everything  

Sometimes, we feel lazy and do not pay much attention to our fashion choices. But if you are high maintenance, and always want to look put together, then you should be able to relate –  

No matter how lazy we are, we want to look like we have put some effort. So, this is my cheat code for creating elegant outfits. Adding a turtleneck to any chosen piece of bottom clothing material.  

For your next shopping try to look for turtlenecks which are of neutral shades. Now, you can start pairing anything with it.  

Black turtleneck – Camel-tailored pants.  

Cream turtleneck – black jeans.  

White turtleneck – blue denim pants  

Beige turtleneck – brown midi pencil skirt  

These are some of the common pairs you can try whenever you don’t feel like dressing yourself quite so much.  

The Art of Dressing Elegant!  

The principle of creating elegant outfits is always about pulling your dress together.  

Pick the right size for your dress. Remember you are wearing the dress and not the dress you are wearing.  

Pick the right color which suits your skin color, hair color, and eye color. Take some time to understand your own color theory.  

Always wear what makes you comfortable, not trendy!  

So, what is your opinion about our elegant outfits? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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