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The Year 2023 Has Been About Quiet Elegance In Fashion: Know The Brands That Celebrated The Trend

The year 2023 celebrated quiet elegance in fashion, with minimalism being the ultimate trend in high-end fashion scenarios.

Some brands embodied this trend last year with classy aesthetics. These brands further managed to use celebrity endorsements to establish minimalism as the newest trend in fashion.

In addition, while presenting their exquisite designs, these brands have not highlighted their logos, as bold branding was never suitable for the idea of quiet luxury in fashion.

It’s true that fashion trends keep changing every other day. However, quiet luxury in fashion is more about classy or evergreen fashion that will always find takers among fashion lovers who look for elegance.

Nevertheless, here are some fashion brands that excelled in the game of quiet luxury in fashion. Toteme is one of the most popular names to make its presence felt in this field.

From Sweden, Toteme has grown in leaps and bounds in digital media. Its collections comprise clothes in neutral shades, and they are classy with a touch of contemporary designs.

Do you know the celebrity names who are fans of this brand? Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez love Toteme.

Another brand gaining prominence in promoting quiet luxury in fashion is The Row. It’s a joint venture of Ashley Olsen and Mary Kate.

This brand does not use visible labels, and every creation from the brand exudes an understated elegant vibe. Zoe Kravitz and Kendall Jenner are prominent names patronizing this brand.

The third brand to join the bandwagon is Max Mara. The outerwear collection of this brand is luxurious. Its teddy coats and wraps are especially popular among celebrities.

This brand also has some royal patrons, as Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have flaunted creations of this Italian brand on several occasions. The collections of this brand are a wonderful fusion of classic and contemporary fashion.

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