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Egirl Fashion 101 – How to Get the Perfect Electric Girl Look in Budget

The Egirl fashion trend is getting quite popular in the fashion aesthetic world! From cosmopolitan to vogue, almost every big name covers this TikTok Trend. So, what is the e-girl fashion all about?  

Most importantly, how can you achieve the look?  

So, are you willing to break the fashion convention and try out your e-girl style? Look no further!   

This excerpt will give out all the information about edgy, cool styles and how to get the look. Whether you are a newbie or need cool fashion inspo, you will kill it with our ultimate e-girl styling.  

Let’s dive in!  

Who Is An E-Girl  

When you think about e-girl fashion, you should learn more about its personality.  

It is a little boring to understand the history, but let’s learn about it a little.  

Afterall, fashion is about expression! So, why shouldn’t you learn where the expression is coming from?  

E-girl garments, electronic girl fashion, or just e-girl style are sweeping the fashion world. Drawing from internet culture and alternative fashion, it represents a fearless, rebellious, and anti-mainstream aesthetics that defies the existing notions of beauty.  

The term “e-girl” has its roots in the word “electronic,” which means the use of technology prevalent in the present age.

This type of fashion is rooted in social media culture, which allows young women to display their styles through their wardrobe. It spread rapidly and developed a following within the larger alternative fashion group.  

The unique aspect of e-girl fashion is vivid color and pattern usage. From neon pink to checkerboard prints, this style is about fashion statements you will notice at first glance.

Besides t-shirts and accessories with anime graphics and characters, some girls also adopt symbols, styles, and accessories inspired by Japanese animation in their outfits.  

History Of an Egirl 

The Egirl style has been trendy recently, and most young women find it captivating. It might be something that you have heard on social media platforms like TikTok or Instagram, but you may wonder what an Egirl is.

This subsection will dive into the fundamentals of this standout fashion and show you what makes it unique compared to other styles.  

Doll Like Effect!  

One of the distinctive features of the Egirl fashion look is the use of makeup to make the girl look like a doll. It’s often about heavy-winged eyeliner, false lashes, and colorful eye shadow palettes.

Some even draw freckles or put fake ones on and heart motifs on their cheeks to make their cute and rebellious image more appealing.  


In the area of hair, short and bob or long and luxurious are both the common choices of an Egirl. Still, the most important thing differentiating them from other hair colors is incorporating dyed strips in neon colors (pink, blue, or purple).  

Pay Attention to Accessories  

And accessories are among the most important things to finish your Egirl fashion. This group likes chokers featured with charms or spikes and big boots carrying punk rock vibes.  

Emojis are a Must   

Undoubtedly, the language of emojis regarding her fashion choices is one of the most recognizable features of an Egirl fashion look.

Earrings or necklaces shaped as smiley faces or hearts, or even those of sushi rolls, are worn everywhere. This makes their identity unique.  

Finding Your Egirl Fashion: From Girly to Grunge  

Concerning individual styles, we are bombarded by an infinite number of choices. From the classics and timeless to the edgy and trends-inspired, your fashion choices can express your personality.

Yet, discovering a style that works for the self can be challenging, particularly when you’re just beginning. This is where knowing some genres helps.  

This part will discuss the ways of converting your girly wardrobe to a grunge look with tips and tricks.  

Embrace Dark Colors 

The girls prefer pastel or pink colors for their girly styles, whereas darker shades of black, grey, and deep red are popular among grunge lovers.

Proceed to create a look that is more in tune with the egirl fashion vibe by adding these darker shades into your ensembles.  

You don’t have to be over the top or change all of you at a time. Begin with statement pieces like black combat boots or a choker necklace.  

Mix Textures 

To add depth to your outfits and make a more edgy style, try blending different fabrics. Likewise, consider combining a chunky knit sweater with leather pants or place lace beneath a denim jacket for contrast.  

Add Some Plaid 

Plaid patterns are subsumed to grunge fashion. One easy way of gradually assimilating them into your wardrobe is by purchasing accessories such as scarves or bags.

You can also start wearing plaid tops and skirts with more confidence as you get used to the pattern.  

Interestingly, Layered Pieces  

Layering is also one of the key factors in creating the e-girl’s look – t-shirts over long-sleeved tops or a hoodie under a denim jacket are perfect examples.

It also provides you with the opportunity to express your personal style alongside accentuating your outfit.

This allows one to come up with a variety of looks by mixing and matching the different garments in their wardrobe.  

For Some Stylish Jewelry Statement 

Accessories that can turn a plain outfit into a fashionista are jewelry, so they shouldn’t be afraid to add some statement jewelry to their e-girl exhausts. Chunky chains, studs for the ears, and chokers are among the most common choices for this look.  

Keep in mind your personal style reflects yourself, so have fun and experiment until you figure out what makes you look the most like you.

The idea is to create an outfit that blends esthetic and edgy pieces without losing your own style.  

Dress Essentials for Every Egirl Fashion Wardrobe  

The Egirl fashion aesthetic reflects the union of cute and edgy components in order to create a sophisticated and daring appearance.

However, there are no solid guidelines about the fashion of an E-girl, and every E-girl needs to have some essentials in their wardrobe.  

These essential pieces represent the fun and whimsical attitude of the #Egirl aesthetic and enable us to wear our own combinations every day.  

Crop Tops  

The Egirl should not miss crop tops. They can be found in lots of styles, from graphic tees and striped tanks to tops.  

They can be easily paired with high-waisted bottoms for a flattering fit. Crop tops add up to get a signature Egirl fshion look that is playful and yet sexy.  

Chunky Boots  

Indeed, a pair of  chunky boots is important in every Egirl’s wardrobe. These shoes can be any style, from platform combat boots to chunky sneakers, and make any outfit more edgy.  

The skirts are not only there to contrast with more feminine pieces but also to add height and lengthen the legs. Very handy for those short girlies

Mini Skirts  

To be brief about the legs, miniskirts are also key pieces of an Egirl fashion wardrobe. From plaid miniskirts to skater skirts with graphic prints, these funky skirts bring a touch of humor to your outfit. 

In addition to the few choices offered for the cold months, you can also go for tights or thigh-high socks for extra heat without compromising on the style.  

Layering and Mixing Patterns  

The first step in using patterns and layering is balancing them in your outfit. In order not to work the eye out, it is paramount to limit the number of patterns to two or three in one outfit. This way, each pattern will be unique, with the others not competing for attention.  

The basics of Layering  

A great hack to get multiple patterns in an outfit is to layer. Begin by layering a basic tee or a sweater as a base and then add pieces on top of it.

Another example is that you can put a plaid button-down shirt over a solid-colored tank top or pair a striped long-sleeve shirt with a floral dress.  

Shapes & Hemlines  

When layering, think about how you can mix contrasting shapes and hemlines. It’s still going to be a mix of shorter and longer ones that will add some depth and dimension to your clothing while still creating a cool vibe for you.  

Your aim can be reached with a combination of high-waist skirts or jeans with cropped tops or longer dresses vertically under shorter jackets.  

Patterns on Patterns  

Another way of introducing patterns is by pairing them with other patterns. For starters, you can make your life easier by keeping to a few color patterns.  

For example, mixing black and white dots with black and white stripes will collect the whole look while also adding an embellishment.  

Prints are In  

Be bold enough to mix throws from different prints

This adds more adventure to your style. Go ahead and experiment by mixing leopard print with plaid, florals with stripes, or graphic tees under printed cardigans.  

Texture over Texture  

To level up the egirl styling even more, you can consider texture whilst mixing patterns. Combine velvet pants with a silk blouse or add faux fur features like scarves and jackets to create an outfit.  

This is what gives your aesthetic a touch of grunge and rebellion, which is a very important thing if you want to be an egirl.  

DIY Egirl Fashion Customization Ideas  

What else can you do instead of having fun and coming up with some cool DIY projects to achieve the look? 

You not only have unique items, but you are also going to save money and get good feelings from making something with your own hands.  

Distressed Denim 

Denim that is ripped or has other signs of wear is a prominent staple piece of an Egirl wardrobe. However, instead of creating a distressed look on your jeans, you can do that yourself. You only get a pair of sharp scissors, sandpaper, and a micro-tweezer.  

First, make small slits or holes where you need pulling, and afterward, use sandpaper to make the edges rougher for a more natural appearance. Use the tweezers to tug out threads around the holes to give more detail to the item.  

Customized T-shirts 

Uniquely designed graphic tees also form a part of essentials for Egirls, but they get quite expensive.  

Rather than going to stores to purchase shirts, consider making your own using fabric paint or iron-on patches. You may create band logos, cute anime characters, and anything else your imagination desires!  

Hair Accessories 

Hair accessories are one of the staples of Egirl style, just like the clothes itself.  

A cool do-it-yourself project would be to craft hair clips/headbands using materials like faux pearls/rhinestones/velvet ribbon. Also, you can spruce it up with decals or charms and whatnot.  

Painted Denim Jackets 

Create contemporary art by drawing on your old denim jacket!  

You can have stencils and freehand designs in any color combination, from stars to moons or cartoon characters, to get that genuine e-girl aesthetic.  

Ruffle Socks 

Another significant trend in the Egirl community is wearing ruffle socks. You, of course, can create your own by using fabric scissors to cut the sock top off and then attaching ruffled lace from the craft supply place with fabric glue or needle and thread.  

Budget-Friendly Shopping Recommendations  

Designer clothes are not a must-have if you are trying to achieve the Egirl aesthetic. However, it is true that it is part of its attractiveness that this fashion is edgy and rebellious, which makes it also affordable and accessible in terms of fashion 

Thrifting Always Works 

Discovering quirky and budget-friendly pieces for a perfect Egirl wardrobe is very easy by visiting thrift stores and vintage shops.  

These shops are the treasure chest from which you can get amazing pieces like graphic tees, oversized jackets, plaid skirts, and chunky boots – the items that a typical Egirl keeps in her wardrobe. 

Chunky kind of seems like the theme now! 

Despite whether you will find precisely what you are searching for, these stores offer your ideas on DIY fashion projects to customize your outfits.  

Online retailers 

The increasing popularity of online shopping has cut the prices of fashionable pieces to an all-time low.

Websites such as ASOS, Depop, Dolls Kill, or Missguided provide an abundance of trendy options for girls to adopt.

It is also possible to get great deals during sales or with discount codes that can be found on various influencers’ social media pages.  

Fast-fashion brands 

Regardless of the flack the fast-fashion brands have been receiving. Lately, they can provide excellent and affordable selections of apparel that emulate the Egirl fashion perfectly.  

Brands like H&M, Forever 21, Zara, and Urban Outfitters regularly stock assortments.  

Again, the great part is that you can create an Egirl look for very little money.  

Essential accessories  

The choice of accessories is also essential for the formation of the Egirl look. Thankfully, you can find most accessories at very cheap prices! Whether chokers or chunky chains, they add edge to any outfit.  

Plus, you can easily find them at a craft store or a thrift shop at a bargain. Beanies, fishnet stockings, and hair clips are also trendy Egirl accessories that you can buy without having to pay through the nose.  

Therefore, you do not have to worry about spending too much! 

How To Maintain Your Confidence When Doing Egirl Fashion  

When you try new styles of clothing and fashion, it can sometimes be exciting.  

However, at other times, you will end up not being sure of your choices, and you will feel insecure and uncomfortable.  

This is particularly relevant for the ones who haven’t had a chance to experience the Egirl style yet. Still, being sure of your appearance is one of the most important things when trying to embrace the E-girl fashion.  

Here are some tips to help you maintain confidence in your style choices as you venture into the world of Egirl fashion:  

Remember That It’s About Personal Expression 

E-girl fashion is all about expression through clothes and accessories because it’s your way of expression.  

No rules or anything can point you in the right or wrong way to go for it. 

 Therefore, don’t let the words of others discourage you from dressing how you want. Understand them as a mirror of who you are. This approach will help you see who you really are.  

Find Inspiration from Others 

Finding different sources to draw some motivation within the E-girl community is among the best tactics. 

No confidence booster is stronger than knowing this style gives others confidence as well. 

It is time to visit Pinterest now! 

Track influencers and bloggers on social media networks like Instagram and TikTok and save the pictures of outfits that you loved on them for later to get ideas when you put together your own looks.  

Start Small 

If you’re scared of wearing the full Egirl fashion that includes a lot of items, begin with trying out one article at a time. For instance, wear a plaid skirt with a band tee instead of wearing an over-padded graphic T-shirt.  

Embrace Your Own Unique Style 

Don’t let yourself be pushed into emulating somebody else’s exact appearance or just being a copycat by following the herd.  

Develop your own day-to-day dress that would best suit your personality and lifestyle. 

Only then can you decide whether you really are an E-girl fashion girly! 

Learn What Works for You 

Yes, you might have to try out some pieces until you identify a style best for you. When you rock the clothes that suit you and boost your confidence, do not change them!  

Hopefully, this excerpt was able to bring some light to the girl fashion matter. Are you a pro-girl fashionista yourself, or are you a beginner? If you have something new to add about the fashion, let us know in the comment section below. 

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