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Peek Into The Egirl Aesthetic: The Vibe You Will See Online

“E-girls are a subculture formed in social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch. What sets them apart is their colorful style, aesthetic and unique online personality and persona. They are also often associated with cosplay and anime.”

“Other than certain online subcultures such as Cottagecore, VSCO girls, and Goblincore, the egirl aesthetic or subculture is more or less contained in the bedroom. But not in a sexual way, as a matter of fact.”

“Rather, it points to the fact that a lot of them are solitary people who use their vibrant online persona to connect with others.” To know more about the egirl aesthetic, all you need to do is scroll down below.

What Is An Egirl?   

“The eboy or egirl aesthetic and meaning can be a little hard to describe in words. The style isn’t singular, but is a mix of many different influences. Everything form anime, skate culture, hip-hop, cosplay, goth, Kpop and the BDSM (Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadiam and Masochism) fashion can be seen in the egirl aesthetic.”

Egirl or e-girl is basically a shortened form of Electronic Girl. They are a community of internet girls who are commonly seen on different social media platforms. They might also be referred to as a TikTok girl since many of them are users of the popular app.

The egirl subculture is further divided into multiple subcategories, such as,

  • The TikTok egirl or aesthetic egirl
  • The emo egirl
  • The gamer girl
  • The artsy egirl

What Is The Egirl Aesthetic?   

If you wanna know the egirl aesthetic, then all you need to do is scroll down below and go through all the points written below.

1. Egirl Outfits

Egirl Outfits

The egirl aesthetic clothes are based on a lot of stereotypes, but the popular clothing items among them are such as.

  • When it comes to their color palette, they use blacks and pastels with iridescent accents.
  • If we talk about the type of outfits, then they usually wear skater skirts, knee-high socks, mesh skirts, babydoll dresses, and vintage band shirts.
  • The clothing aesthetic that they go for is the 90s grunge vibe with a lot of cuteness.

2. Egirl Makeup  

Egirl Makeup  

When it comes to aesthetic egirl makeup, the staple look for the egirl aesthetic is. For that perfect egirl makeup aesthetic, try these out.

  • Go for an “igari blush” or a “drunk blush.”
  • Do an eyeshadow as bold as you possibly can.
  • Draw a winged and thick eyeliner.
  • Give your lips a blurry effect.
  • Don’t forget the stick-on rhinestones, heart stamps, or even skin-safe glitter.
  • Eyeshadow  

“The normal rule for everyday makeup is to tone everything else down if you’ve used quite a bit of color on one part of your face. For the egirl aesthetic, however, this doesn’t really apply. You can go just as bold with your eyeshadow.”

  • Blush  

Try doing an “igari blush” or a “drunk blush.” The igari blush is a type of Japanese makeup that is quite popular. The makeup style mimics the look of being drunk or having a hangover.

“It usually have a peachy or rosy hue, in one area of your cheeks. Most girls concentrate the color just below their eye or right on the widest area of their cheeks. Make sure it really pops because you’re not going for a natural look with this one.”

  • Eyeliner   

“Winged and thick. You can go short or long with the tip, but a cat-eye or a winged-eye are both egirl makeup.”

  • Lips  

“Blurred lips are key to the aesthetic egirl makeup. You don’t have to use a neutral color, but make sure you blur out the edges to create a softer and fuller appearance.”

  • Accents  

“The thicker the accents, the better. It is the cherry on top of the cake. You can do the classic heart stamps or choose something more fun like stick-on rhinestones or skin-safe glitter.”

“Although there might be a formula in doing the makeup, you can totally make a look on your own. If you wanna have fun and be creative with your makeup, then the egirl makeup is the makeup you can be creative with.”

3. Egirl Hair  

Egirl Hair 

The aesthetic egirl hairstyle is all about coloring your hair in a bright and vibrant color. You can try out these hairstyles.

  • Try split-dyed hair or do a brightly colored hairstreak.
  • Add colorful and cute hair accessories to your hair.
  • Egirl Hair Streaks  

“We most recently saw this trend on Blackpink member Jennie. In a promotional photo for their song “How You Like That,” she was rocking an e-girl inspired look.”

  • Egirl Hair Accessories

“Much like makeup, e-girls can get really creative with their hairstyles. They can turn a simple wavy look into something more charming simply by using the right type of accessories.”

“Whether you like wearing your hair up or down, the idea is to create a cute and colorful look. It does borrow quite a bit from Harajuku street style and many e-girls do admit to being inspired by the culture.”

“To get a feel for what particular egirl outfit or egirl hairstyles you might like, there are plenty of egirl games online that will let you mix and match. You’ll even find an automated generator for egirl names, if you really want to complete your new internet persona!”

  • Egirl Split-Dyed Hair  

“Some might argue that it was one of the Disney villains, Cruella De Vil, who popularized this style, but there’s no denying that e-girls have adapted it for their own. If you can’t part with your natural color, but want to try something new, this is a fun compromise to try out. “

How To Dress Like An Egirl In 2023?   

It is quite easy to dress up like an egirl, but it is true that you have to follow a few specific rules when it comes to dressing.

The rules are regarding the trending and relevant clothes of the egirl aesthetic. So if you wanna know more about the egirl aesthetic, then scroll down this section here below.  

1. Plaid Skirts  

Plaid Skirts 

“Put the ‘girl’ in E-girl by choosing perhaps the girliest piece of clothing – a plaid skirt.

A quick look on Pinterest shows that a plaid skirt is the cornerstone of every E-girl outfit.”

“Whether you go for a toned-down color or something wild like neon pink, a sharp mini or midi piece will let you build enviable outfits around it.”

“Just think about all the pairs of tights and trending sneakers you can juxtapose with or throw in a heavy chain belt to add some attitude to the mix.”

2. Oversized T-Shirt Or Sweatshirts  

Oversized T-Shirt Or Sweatshirts 

“Beloved for being extra comfy and always cool, oversized pieces are essential for a perfect E-girl outfit. What you choose to show on your top is up to you, but pop culture references – think bands, movies, and TV shows – are welcome.

Bear in mind that for E-girls, layering is the name of the game, so why not throw on a striped long-sleeve under a cool T-shirt? The more they contrast with each other, the better!

3. Pop-Colored Pants  

Pop-Colored Pants  

“Let’s get one thing clear: the E-girl look is not about blending in. Your trousers must follow a similar aesthetic to the nerdy look.”

“Taking insporation from Y2K fashion, popular E-girl outfits include denim and cargo pants. However, to make the trousers pop, pick up a pair that catches the eye with striking color or pattern – neons, deep blues, and stripes are just some fail-safe options to check out.”

4. Crop Tops  

Crop Tops

“If you’re not feeling like sporting oversized garments, or when the temperatures begin to rise, a cute crop top is guaranteed to lend your outfit that necessary E-girl edge.”

“The natural complement to high-rise trousers and skirts, the crop top makes a statement whether your style is a slinky cami or a cool long-sleeve with a loud pattern on the chest.”

5. Platform Sneakers   

Platform Sneakers

Taking inspiration from the 90s fashion game, the chunky platform sneakers are huge for the whole egirl aesthetic to look edgy with a rebellious attitude.

The best colors that you can wear in the sneakers are either full black or full white. These colors of platform sneakers are great since they are safe options and will never fail your aesthetic.

But suppose you are feeling adventurous, then the egirl in you might go for colored sneakers like neon green or hot pink. The whole egirl aesthetic is all about “Go Big or Go Home.”                                                                                                                                                                       

6. Butterfly Hairclips  

Butterfly Hairclips 

Along with wearing all edgy and cool pieces, it’s time to add some uber-girly accessories to the whole dark egirl aesthetic and transform it to a more softly egirl aesthetic.

For this, you can add chain necklaces, chains, and chain drop earrings, but the perfect accessory for this would be girly butterfly hair accessories.  

The butterfly clips add the perfect amount of feminine energy to an otherwise dark egirl aesthetic. You can wear these hair clips any way you want to make them look cute and flirty.

7. Beanies  


When you are living the egirl aesthetic, then there is no such thing as a – bad hair day. You can always wear a regular beanie hat on your head; it is a quintessential part of the egirl aesthetic accessories.

Adding a beanie to your whole look just adds a layer of coolness and edginess to your whole egirl aesthetic as well as hides your frizzy hair. But you need to make sure that the beanie that you select is the perfect one with a big fold at the center.

The beanie you choose doesn’t have to be black in color, but any color you want, matching your complexion or hair color. But if black is your color, then run wild with it.

8. Choker Necklaces & Fishnet Tights  

Choker Necklaces & Fishnet Tights

The number one thing that you should know before becoming an egirl is that – accessories are key! You should know how to complete your egirl look, whether you wanna add accessories like jewelry, fishnet tights, or maybe both.

When it comes to jewelry, pieces like choker necklaces and even statement and edgy earrings are perfect for any occasion to complete your look.

Another important aspect of the egirl aesthetic is to wear fun and gorgeous fishnet socks or even tights. The tights add a certain amount of layering to the whole look. If you add both pieces of accessorizing the outfit, then your egirl aesthetic is complete.  

9. Belt Chains  

Belt Chains 

To have that perfect egirl aesthetic, it is important that you add a shiny and properly polished chain on your belt. The chain will transform an ordinary skirt or a pair of trousers into a head turner.  

The chain belt doesn’t have a practical use to it, but it’s just an accessory to give extra attitude to your whole outfit and something a little extra. It enhances the grunge look that you are going for.

10. Egirl Makeup  

Egirl Makeup 

Although this is technically not a fashion attire, no egirl transformation is complete without its signature makeup look. The aesthetic egirl makeup is of a particular type.

First, you have to start off with a medium coverage foundation but keep your contouring bold. The contouring actually frames your face and gives it a proper shape.

The perfect egirl is a balance of sharp yet subtle looks mixed with softer pastel shades of makeup. To finish off the look, draw bold eyeliner, and don’t forget to add tongue in cheek face stamps.

Wrapping Up!  

Well, there you go, the egirl aesthetic is something that has been going on for a couple of years now, and if you are an influencer, then you would definitely know all about it. So, if you think this article was helpful and informative for you, then all you need to do is leave us a like and share your views in the comment section down below.

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