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The Best Eco Friendly Clothes Shopping Tips

What are some tips for eco-friendly clothing shopping? Shopping for organic and sustainable clothes can be a tricky endeavor. With the varying levels of carbon footprint, it’s hard to know what to buy. Here are a few quick tips to help you shop for more eco-friendly clothes.

Shop at Thrift Stores for eco-friendly clothing 

Shop at Thrift Stores for eco-friendly clothing 

Thrift stores offer a great way to find used clothes that are eco-friendly. At thrift stores, you will likely find items that are well-used yet still usable. These clothes can be passed on to your friends and family. The clothes can then be sent to people who need them. By re-using the clothes, they help decrease the amount of carbon dioxide produced by new clothing manufacturing, which is a significant form of greenhouse gas.

Buy Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides, heavy metals, or other harmful chemicals. It can be recycled repeatedly, avoiding the need for additional farming land. Growing organic cotton uses approximately one-third less water than regular cotton farming. Since cotton is a very thirsty plant, it will help set the standard for other crops of greenhouse gases and water usage.

Avoid Fast Fashion 

The world can’t be fully sustainable unless we stop competing over fashions and instead look at the bigger picture. Fast Fashion, or throwaway fashion, is when a clothing item is created to be worn only a few times before being discarded and replaced with something new. This is detrimental to the environment because every item of clothing will end with an increase in carbon dioxide. Instead, you should buy organic fabric clothing from The Kindred Studio that is highly sustainable and eco-friendly.

Make your own clothes from scratch

Make your own clothes from scratch

While this may be a bit more challenging, it’s worth doing for the benefit of saving the planet. Making all your own clothes from scratch will allow you to avoid the use of harmful chemicals, saving you money on products that will end up in the landfill. It will also help you avoid over-spending on clothes, which is another problem in our consumer-heavy society.

Shop at Online Retailers That Practice a Clean Green Vegan Philosophy

Retailers such as KIRR Concept offer all clothing that is created with vegan and organic practices. The fabric and clothing are not only organic, but the store also follows an overall green philosophy. By making your purchases here, you can help set a standard for other retailers to follow.

Only Buy Quality Clothing Items That You Know Will Last for Years

If you can wear something for years, it’s better for the environment than buying something that will only last a season. For example, if you have a coat you love, keep it for as long as possible. Also, consider repairs instead of replacing clothing items when they are damaged. Not only will you save money by buying clothes that last, but you’ll also keep the planet green.

Every Little Thing You Do Has a Big Impact on the Planet We All Call Home

Every Little Thing You Do Has a Big Impact on the Planet We All Call Home

The Earth is the only home we have, and we need to do our part to keep it green. Consider these tips when you’re shopping for new clothes. It’s simple changes that can make a big difference in the future of our planet.

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