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Best Dresses For Skinny Girls In 2021

Nowadays, the fashion industry provides enough space for skinny girls. There are a wide range of outfit options from where you can pick yours if you are a skinny girl. In spite of these, skinny girls feel conscious about their bodies owing to body shaming. 

It’s high time to speak for your own. Embrace what almighty has given you and be proud of yourself. The most effective way to love your own body is by putting on beautiful dresses. 

If you are skinny, then your body shape must be rectangular. It means that your upper body measures are similar to the lower body and have a minor waistline curve. The most crucial thing that you have to consider is to wear dresses that would define your waist area. 

Let us have a detailed look at the best dresses for skinny girls trending in 2021.

Types Of Best Dresses For Skinny Girls In 2021

Types Of Best Dresses For Skinny Girls

While there are many clothing options these days for thin women, but it’s more complicated than you think. While plenty of dresses look fantastic on slim figures, certain items are always a big YES. Have a look at each of these in detail:

1. Crop Tops

Crop Tops

If you are slender, go for a crop top that hardly skims the waistband of your trouser. Slim-fit crop tops are one of the best dresses for skinny girls. In addition, it is the keystone to the challenging fashion that you would lie to pursue. 

To be more precise, crop tops are adorable ways of spotlighting your tiny waistline. So close your eyes and give it a try. 

2. Round Collar Tops

Round Collar Tops

Round Collar Top is unbelievably fashionable as well as trendy for petite women.  A round neck top is the best choice if you do not have many shapes in your body. 

If you are concerned about your protruding collar bones, a round-neck collar top is the best choice. It is because it covers the majority of the neck and shoulder line. 

3. Sweatshirt


A sweatshirt is another one out of the few best dresses for skinny girls. If you want to look a little fuller, a sweatshirt will serve that purpose. Moreover, they are super cozy to wear even in the summer season. 

A slim-fit sweatshirt must be on your wishlist if you are slim and want to look stylish in the same way. 

4. Loose T-Shirts

Loose T-Shirts

A loose tee shirt is also known as a pirate shirt or poet shirt. It is generally made up of full or half bishop sleeves and a loose-fitting blouse. Such shirts usually have large pleats on the cuffs and also on the front. 

The next level loose-fitting t-shirts with boyfriend jeans are the ideal choice for skinny girls to flattering your slender body.  However, stay aloof from a shirt with a high amount of fabric layering on it. 

5. Empire Waist Dress

Empire Waist Dress

Empire Waist Dress originated in the 18th century. It develops a charming, flattering effect by accumulating under the bust at the thinnest area of the torso. This dress will flash at the bottom and tweak at the top if you are not wide enough. Therefore, it is one of the best dresses for skinny girls.

In addition, an empire waist dress stretches out the bottom part by presenting an appearance of long legs. Here is a secret tip- did you know that this kind of dress makes you look taller? 

6. A-Line Dress

A-Line Dress

A-line dresses fit better near the hip and eventually spread out towards the hem. It makes the dress appear as an A shape. It is one of some available best dresses for skinny girls. It is an outstanding choice for thin girls that can be worn easily in any casual setting. 

7. Maxi Dress

Maxi Dress

If you want to look good at the pool or beach and at the same time want to feel relaxed, then Maxi Dress is for you. The style is well suited for any casual or informal event, especially if you are heading out for a vacation. 

Apart from weight, it adds an excellent shape to your body, making you look healthy

8. 3-Quarter Sleeves

3-Quarter Sleeves

You do not require being so much picky in terms of sleeves, but 3-Quarter sleeves work best as they highlight the waistline. As these categories of sleeve end near the waist-line, its prominence gets defined.  

Is the dress that you recently purchased has more ruffles in its sleeves than you expected? Not to worry because actually, this is a blessing if you are skinny. Ruffles broaden the arms and shoulder area. It pulls away attention from your lean arms as they will start looking fuller.  

9. Bootleg Trousers

Bootleg Trousers

For trousers also, you can try maximum items, Yet, try to stay inclined towards high rise jeans, skirts, shorts and pants. Bootleg trouser is one such bottom wear. It not only defines the waistline but also gives a length to the overall structure.

Bootleg trousers and jeans look fantastic on slim women as they give an extra level of dimension and shape to the body. Furthermore, if you prefer seamlessly tailored pants, we will advise you not to go for them. Instead, try the medium-loose fit to look embracing.

10. Wide Leg Denim Jeans 

Wide Leg Denim Jeans

If you are skinny and a denim lover, then forget about skinny jeans or pencil jeans. Rather wear cropped or full-length wide-leg denim jeans. It is the best dress for skinny girls that you cannot overlook. Stick to the straight-fit jeans so that your flat waist gets visual structure and weight. 

The Bottom Line

A good dress creates a unique style statement for every girl. In turn, this enhances the confidence level no matter what the body shape is. With this list of best dresses for skinny girls in 2021, you can rock any event without worrying about your figure type. 

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