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6 Ways to Dress Like a Boss Lady in 2020

Girls don’t dream of being princesses anymore. Being a boss lady seems to be more like their cup of tea these days.

“Boss lady” signifies those ladies who are fearless and independent and can take charge of her life.

A keen sense of style that exudes poise and confidence plays a significant role for the women in power and authority. Women are a force to reckon with and hold high ranking positions in almost all spheres of the working arena these days.

They have even entered domains that were once restricted to only men. With that being the case, striking a balance between having a feminine charm and yet portraying an ‘I mean business attitude’ gets a little tricky.

It goes without saying that a keen sense of grooming goes a long way in how people perceive you and how seriously they take you. But, how much time and money can you invest in trying to pull off that perfect look?

Is there a recipe for this?

Yes, with very careful thought we have come up with 6 different ways to dress that will make you look a complete professional, projecting style and competence.

6 Ways to Dress Like a Boss Lady:

 1. Find A Go-To Outfit :

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Finding a formula that works for you can take away the stress from your morning routine of deciding what to wear or packing for a business trip. Having a uniform doesn’t mean wearing the very same thing every single day.

You just need to figure out what works for you, allows you to be comfortable and oozes confidence at the same time. It could be a printed skirt with a solid color knitwear top or a statement blouse with a plain skirt.

Dark-colored trousers or jeans can go well with a well-tailored top. So, stick to a style that suits you and you will have people wondering how you manage that chic look every single day. And, it is worth investing in a weight training corset for a perfect figure to make you more confident and have the attitude of a Boss Lady.

2. Color-Coordinate Your Outfit :

Color-Coordinate Your Outfit

Remain loyal to a color palette that works for you. Black, grey, and blue are excellent choices for the professional world. They work for all seasons and all occasions in the formal wear category. Mix and match these colors to come up with great outfits.

Like a dark blue pair of jeans with a blazer can be considered formal and yet make you feel relaxed. Black and white is an all-time winning combination.

Throw in occasional ivory or a red and team it up with darker tones and you will have a wide choice.

3. Being Quirky help :

semi-formal look

Custom made shirts from Dallas are a great choice when teamed up with blazers to create a semi-formal look and a signature style. You find a whole range of trendy pants.

Some feature a drawstring waistband which is even more comfortable. The silky joggers are great that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

4. Accessorize :


 Your shoes and handbags give away a lot about you, about how serious or detail-oriented you are. It might be worth investing a little more in smart, yet comfortable shoes that are well maintained. The height of your heels will depend on the crowd you move along with.

The secret to this is to aim for parity at eye level and also to be able to match strides with a sense of purpose. Your handbags should not be oversized or look too overstuffed.

Clean, simple styles and neutral colors that go with all your outfits will be smart investments.

5. Up-to-date :

boss lady

 There are just two simple rules to follow when it comes to your mane.  Whatever style you choose to have, keep it clean and healthy. Fix your hair for the day so that you are not tempted to twist. Also, fidget with the loose strands that can come across as a sign of nervousness or boredom.

As far as makeup is concerned, learn how to apply it the right way and then make sure it’s not too much and not too little.

Fix a makeup routine that helps you get ready each morning in a jiffy, which is part of being a smart boss.

6. Outerwear :

boss lady cloth

A lot of times it is your outerwear that creates the first impressions with clients, future employers and other professionals that you meet.

So, investing in a high-quality one that lasts long is totally worth it. If you are in a cold location, a durable black coat and if in a warm location a trench or a raincoat of impeccable style will be great choices.

Fitness apparel brands and others offer a wide range of relaxed. And yet stylish clothes these days, most importantly keep your comfort in mind. Teaming up your fitness apparel with formal clothing can keep you stylish and comfortable throughout the day.

Following some rules and yet adding an element of creative style can weave magic into your groomed look and give you the extra edge as the boss lady – the one in charge! I hope you find our tips useful.

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