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Top 12+ Fun Dress Code For Holi In Office – Holi Festival Cat

In just two days more, you will go to your office, there will be a Holi celebration. Holi is a festival of colors and celebration and happiness, and believe me, without color, we all will be left with only black and white. There will be theme parties, different activities, and, most importantly, you will need a dress code. In this article, you will be able to learn fun dress code for Holi in office.

What To Wear For Holi Colour Festival?  

See, the maximum that people wear on Holi is white because there is this ritual where we resemble that people come and spread happiness and color through this festival. But, do you need tower white? That depends. I can still remember my first office Holi party, and that was terrible. The organization asked everyone to wear white, and everyone came in wearing different shades of white.

Actually, the concept came from Bollywood movies where we see people wearing white dresses in Holi and how beautifully other people give the colors, and then they click nice pictures. Now, coming to reality, this has never happened to me. In fact, the people who have been giving the colors in Holi are not good people. And with full of colors, I don’t look like me anymore.

So, if there is already a decided dress code, then fine. But if not, then you must go through this article to know the different dress for Holi festival.

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Fun Dress Code For Holi In Office 

So, what is the difference between dress code and a fun dress code. If you want to, then you can add more fun to this Holi. Let’s say you are in charge of the Holi celebration in your office. Then you can arrange a beautiful theme party, there will be food, there will be music, and most importantly, you can set the dress code for your organization.

So, let’s start.

1. White Saree and Kurta

White Saree and Kurta

This is the most common thing that you can ask. For men, the dress would be jeans and Kurta, and for women, a white saree. Believe me, old is gold.

2. Lohri Dress  

Lohri Dress

Lohri dresses would be something different that most people do not a think about. You can implement that in this Holi.

3. Western Outfit  

Western Outfit

A mix of traditional festivals and western outfits would be awesome. So, you can ask employees to wear western outfits where they can explore anything they want.

4. Formal Attire For Holi  

Formal Attire For Holi

There would be offices where employees have to wear traditional clothing. What about people wearing formal attire?

5. Indo-Western Fusion  

Indo-Western Fusion

What about a fusion? While people go with the flow as they have been doing since their childhood, you can do something different by giving the option to do a fusion of India-western.

6. Ethnic Attire  

Ethnic Attire

As with other dress codes, ethnic attire will be something great to wear to enrich the culture. And this will definitely boost the culture and the festival.

7. Indian Chunari  

Indian Chunari

Indian Chunari is one of the dresses that people wear on occasions where they can show their ethnicity and tradition.

8. Any Dresses With Accessories  

Any Dresses With Accessories

Who says that people can’t wear accessories on Holi? This will be a fun dress code for Holi in office.

9. Traditional Clothing

Traditional Clothing

This Holi, you can celebrate with some traditional clothes. And people from different backgrounds can add their culture to their clothes.

10. Holi With Style  

Holi With Style

You can ask people to be stylish. They can wear anything, and it’s crucial to add some style. Wearing office clothes every day is not fun, but this will be a relief from that.

11. Shalwar Kurta

Shalwar Kurta

It’s Holi, one of the core traditions of the Indian people. And a salwar kurta can be a very good option for people.

12. Go As You Like

Go As You Like

This is going to be something different where you can call the theme as go as you like. And the best dress will get the prize. That will be fun.

Holi Celebration Ideas In Office  

So, the dress code is ready. It is time to throw the best party. Here, you will get some ideas you can implement of those, or you can mix them. If you are organizing the party, then it would be best to be creative. Otherwise, what is the point of throwing a party? Here are some ideas that you can execute at your office party.

Let’s go.

1. Canvas Party  

It’s Holi, its color, there should be a canvas party to celebrate. So, if you guys can celebrate this Holi without messing up your office, that would be one the best things that you can do this Holi.

2. Photo Shoot

Photo Shoot

Filling colors on each other’s shirts, hands, and faces without clicking pictures is not a good idea. There has to be something where everyone will get the opportunity for a photoshoot. And then you can collage and make a good frame that will be placed in your office.

3. Award Ceremony

Award Ceremony

On this festive day, you can celebrate by throwing an award ceremony. Everyone will be happy to celebrate that day if you add some more happiness to it.

4. Holi Lunch  

Holi Lunch

Celebrating a festival without food is not a festival. It’s Holi, and there have to be malpua, thandai, pakora, dahi bhallay, and sweets.

5. Song Competition  

Song Competition

There can be a song competition. People love to sing either alone or in front of many people. So, let’s host a competition. You can give everyone the opportunity to make teams.

6. Office Decoration  

Office decoration is a must thing to do. Without a rangoli, Holi is not Holi.

7. Dance Party  

Dance Party

You can arrange a dance party, where there will be no restrictions at all. Everyone is going to have fun for sure.

8. Wall of Colors  

Wall of Colors

You can wrap your office walls with white sheets and then cover them with designs and colors. You can think of this like graffiti.

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Final Words  

So, you can do a lot of things with the fun dress code for Holi in office. Also, you can host a party where you can add some extra fun to concerts and competitions. I hope this Holi will bring you happiness and make your life full of colors. Here are some extra ideas.

  • Concert
  • Writing on Shirts
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Face Painting
  • Trivia Event
  • Color Throwing
  • Musical Chairs

Thank You.

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