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How To Donned Your Baju Melayu!

Baju Melayu is not only worn for Hari Raya or religious activity, but it has become everyday clothing for Muslim men in Malaysia, especially on Friday. In addition to the official wear, many men have donned it even for daily activities and hangouts.

A lot of men’s brands are now releasing trendy and contemporary Baju Melayu designs. So it is not surprising that recently men who migrated choose plain Baju Melayu for daily wear. Why alltime plain Baju Melayu?Tryon some modern and trendy styling tips. Modern men can look smart with traditional outfits. So adopting this conventional outfit as regular formal wear has no harm.

3 Top styling Tips To Style Your Traditional Baju Melayu 

Baju Melayu is a traditional dress; now, many fashion designers are starting to experiment with the different styles of Baju Melayu. Hence for modern-day men’s formal wear, the comfort and the style both are getting the maximum priority. 

The traditional Baju Melayu is comfortable, but mixing and matching the Baju Melayu trend is a new concept from the latest fashion designers and modern people.

Most of the men wear the outfit for traditional occasions. Still, the new trendy, fashionable Baju Melayu serves the people to treat the conventional dress as their day-to-day outfit and the formal wear. Even now, modern men like to wear the Baju Melayu on every regular occasion.

Let’s see how you can style the modern designer Baju Melayu as your regular outfit.

1. Baju Melayu In Minimalist Black Formal Look 

1. Baju Melayu In Minimalist Black Formal Look 

A black pair of Baju Melayu with the basic design makes you look masculine and gives you a modern appearance. The black Baju Melayu is often paired with the matching songket sampin. Most guys prefer to wear the whole set, even if it’s not for Hari Raya. 

As it is a lot easier to don black Baju Melayu, it is also important to look at the material you choose for the attire. Black-colored clothes absorb the heat and can be uncomfortable. Therefore, as much as you wish to look good, you must go through the material thoroughly.

Source: genemartino.com.my

2. Combine The Baju Melayu With Your Casual Pants And Jeans

2. Combine The Baju Melayu With Your Casual Pants And Jeans

As the trend of wearing Baju Melayu as daily wear is growing, you can also consider wearing it with casual pants, not in a full set. As the design of Baju Melayu is adapting the look and feel of men Kurta from Arab, most of the guys feel comfortable wearing Baju Melayu casually with casual pants. 

Many men choose to wear Baju Melayu with jeans that give them a different look outside the formal Hari Raya or to religious events. Another option for a casual event, you can replace your normal shirt with Baju Melayu and match it with khakis, and it will still make you look good for your daily activities.

3. Why limit It To Only Hari Raya? Let’s Wear It For A Hangout Session With Your Friends!

3. Why limit It To Only Hari Raya? Let's Wear It For A Hangout Session With Your Friends!

Yes! You read it right. We are suggesting your Baju Melayu be worn during your weekend hangout session and café hopping. You can also choose Baju Melayu cekak musang that only has one button and is comfortable to wear in whatever colors. Baju Melayu has a flexible function. You can wear them for casual occasions.

If we look at the traditional attire of other communities in the country, they still retain the traditional elements and concepts that have been around for hundreds of years. The evolution of traditional clothes will only change a few parts of it, like in terms of textile color selection and not ruined directly by fashion designers who want attention in the industry. 


Baju Melayu needs to be appreciated as the perfect inheritance from our forefathers. We wish that Baju Melayu will become popular among the younger generation and could be styled differently for casual wear and not only for Hari Raya. It is time for us to show our love towards Baju Melayu differently. All-time traditional is good, but for Baju Melayu and the conventional gesture, the designers always look to give the maximum comfort.

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