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Getting Creative at Home: DIY Jewelry Ideas

Did you know that studies have shown that crafting and DIY projects can ease anxiety and stress as well as increase happiness by releasing Dopamine? We did! That is why we have created this simple guide of DIY jewelry ideas to help get you creating DIY gifts and jewelry in no time!

Let’s get started!

Grown-Up Friendship Bracelet

Friendship Bracelet

Jewelry making can be as individualized as you would like it to be, and making a DIY gift for your closest friends is the best way to show you care this holiday season. Rather than making the bracelets too matchy, you should craft the bracelets to reflect your and your friend’s personalities. The gift will be a great reminder of your friendship and something to show off your DIY craft skills!

Braided Hardware Necklace

For this homemade jewelry project, you will need to take a trip to the hardware store or raid the toolbox for hexagonal nuts. You will need around 20 small nuts and materials of your choice to make the bracelet such as leather strips or hemp. To make The Bracelet you will need to braid the material into the hexagonal nuts to create a woven pattern that tightly holds the nuts in place.

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Bobby-Pin Earrings

Bobby-Pin Earrings

This DIY fashion accessory is a great way to make use of all those extra bobby pins you have around the house. For this unique project, you will need to gather around 10 bobby pins for each earring, some acrylic paint (nail polish works great too), two pieces of thin wire, and earring hooks and backs.

Paint the bobby pins with whatever designs or patterns that you wish and then seal them to prevent chipping. When the bobby pins are dry you will thread the wire between them and then attach the earring hooks. The finished product will be a pair of fish DIY earrings that will surely be a statement piece.

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Fork Bracelet

Fork Bracelet

Silverware jewelry is easy to make and sure to catch the attention of your friends. To make a fork bracelet you will need a fork (thrift stores always have unique silverware), a wrench, and small pliers. First, start by bending the fork towards you by grabbing both ends and gently turning it inward.

Then, secure one end with a wrench and continue shopping the other end of the fork into a curved shape. Once you have the shape that you are looking for you can take the small pliers and curve and twist the fork tines to create a unique shape for your bracelet.

DIY Jewelry Ideas

These DIY jewelry ideas are inexpensive, easy to craft, and super cute! You can make any of these projects in no time and they all make the perfect DIY gifts for the holiday season. Get crafting today!

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