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Top 20 Different Types Of Teen Panties in 2021

Wearing a good-quality panty is as important as wearing good-quality outfits. It is very crucial for your body as well. Do you know? That panty holds the maximum comfort of your body. Underwear is a part of us and it’s just like the air we breathe. Don’t you feel that your wardrobe is demanding new types of teen panties?

I can imagine that millions of hands are rising right now. There are plenty of variations of panty available offline as well as online stores.  And you must consider the best teen panty for yourself in which you can feel relax. 

Panty has its own beauty and appearance. You need to understand that choosing a good quality panty is very essential to keep yourself healthy and comfortable. 

There are many girls who are unaware of the different types of teen panties available. This article is especially for those who are unaware of variations in teen panties.

Top 20 Different Types Of Teen Panties In 2021

You must know the types of teen panties and the guidelines on how to wear them. This article is going to help you to a great extent. Here are the different types of teen panties available in 2021.

1. Boy Shorts:

Boy Shorts

This panty is like men’s underwear and this is the reason why it is named ‘boys shorts’. Boy shorts panties consist of rectangular shapes of the thighs. 

They are a bit similar as compared to hipsters. The main benefit of using this panty is that you can wear them with tight fitted clothes.

It has an appearance of lower-cut legs. Even you can use this panty as a swimming costume. There are visible lines on this panty.

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2. Butt Lifter:

butt lifter

These teen panties are a prime choice for those ladies who want to lift up their spirits. With continuous usage, you can round your shape and size.

This is the reason why this panty is popularly known as the butt lifter panties. The material that this panty is made up of is very elastic to make you more comfortable. 

You can also do contouring and slimming with these types of teen panties. It is a designer panty that you must have at present. This panty is mainly used to maintain your posterior of the butt.

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3. Bikini:


This panty is like an everyday attire for you. Many girls still know about this panty and use it as well. Bikini panties cover huge areas and make you feel comfortable even on your period days.

You can even use this panty during the physical workout. If you are searching for an ideal panty then this can be your prime choice.

There are several variations and colors of this panty is available. Therefore, you can choose this panty according to your bra color.

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4. Seamless Panties:

Seamless Panties

Seamless panties are the most comfortable panties that you can find in 2021. You can wear this panty with any type of tight outfit.

The name of this panty is itself implies that it is seamless. The design that it has can hold your attention for a while.

You can use this panty on a daily basis. Even during your heavy days, you can wear them. What can be amazing than wearing your favorite panty with a designer bra! Even you can wear this type of teen panty on your beach parties.

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5. Tap Pants:

Tap Pants

Those girls who are uncomfortable wearing seamless panties on a beach then you can choose ‘Tap Pants’ because it is a combination of two stuff i.e., a panty and a short.

It is just like a short skirt but actually, it is a panty. It covers your back as well as the pelvic areas. 

You can wear this panty anytime you want such as during dance practice, recreational time, nightwear, and many more. You can use this panty as regular wear.

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6. Two Side Knot Brazilian Brief:

Two Side Knot Brazilian Brief

Two Side Knot Brazilian Brief has knots on both sides. The main advantage of wearing this panty is that you can adjust its size.

This panty is one of the most comfortable panties as compared to others. It will make your bikini areas relaxed with these types of teen panties.

But the only thing is that it does not provide enough coverage. Otherwise, it is amazing. Hence, those who love sexy and bold types of teen panties then you can choose this one.

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7. Tanga:


Tanga is another most comfortable type of panties in 2021. It provides only moderate coverage of your private areas.

This panty is a type of European Panty and you must have it in 2021. Tanga can also be your swim partner. You can even wear this on your honeymoon days to make your partner adore you more.

This panty is like a designer panty to wear on special occasions. But remember that this panty is not recommended on your heavy days.

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8. Brazilian Briefs:

Brazilian Briefs

Brazilian Briefs are perfect if you want to show off. These types of underwear are elegant in design and comfortable to wear. This teen panty is primarily made up of cotton with excellent soft and glossy features. 

This is actually a weightless panty and it is surely going to match with all your bras. Brazilian Briefs are imported and some have a pull-on closure. 

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9. Adhesive Panty:

Adhesive Panty

Adhesive Panty runs from the tip of the tailbone to the top of your lady region. Besides, this has a weird shape but looks amazing while wearing.

This underwear can be reusable for more than fifteen wearings. You can also try the best adhesive underwear that is made up of soft cotton material.

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10. Cheekster:


Another different type of teen panty in 2021 is Cheekster. If you are searching for a panty that is comfortable to wear with jeans and doesn’t have any strong panty line, then you can prefer Cheekster.

Cheekster is one of the most comfortable teen panties in 2021 and also the most demanded one.

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11. Caged Bikini:

Caged Bikini

Caged Bikini is my favorite underwear. You can wear this underwear at a beach party, pool party, vacation, honeymoon, and so on. This panty has straps on both sides.

If you have a strapless bra and willing to pair it with a cool panty then a caged bikini can be your suitable choice.

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12. V Kini:

V Kini

Another kind of teen underwear that most girls truly love is V Kini. This panty is actually a bikini-like style but provides complete coverage.

This is the best panty for teenagers and can be worn comfortably with all types of short skirts. Besides, the best part about this panty is that it has stretchable lace. 

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13. Maternity Panty:

Maternity Panty

Are you searching for a unique panty? Then, why not try maternity panty that is made up of stretch fabric. This panty doesn’t become very hard on the skin and mainly designed to maintain your body shape.

Maternity panty keeps you fresh all throughout the day as it acts as an anti-odor for your body and also makes you comfortable with all types of dresses. 

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14. Garter Panty:

Garter Panty

Garter panty is a lightweight and stylish panty that will hold your attention at the first sight. Want to surprise your partner with a unique costume? Try garter panty!

This pant has adjustable garter belts that are to hold up your stockings. The best part about this panty is that it is available in various sizes and colors and is going to meet your demands for sure!

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15. High Waist Briefs:

High Waist Briefs

High waist briefs are also regarded as the best teen panty in 2021. The seamless hipsters of this panty provide you absolute rear coverage. 

Besides, the elastic waistband of high waist briefs helps in compressing and smoothening. You can wear this panty on a special event or occasion.  

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16. Open Crotch Panty:

open crotch panty

One of the sexiest panties for girls is Open Crotch Panty. This panty is very popular in the United States and can give your men a sense of naughtiness and thus, go wild.

Besides, open crotch panties are best for first nights after marriage and it is mostly preferred for that particular event. 

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17. String Bikinis:

String Bikinis

String Bikinis are also the most popular underwear with a criss-cross side look perking up its trendy quotient. This is the most comfortable panty during summertime.

However, this underwear provides minimal coverage and has a triangular shape design. You can wear this panty for the next beach party! 

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18. Thongs:


Thongs are much like a string panty. The sides of this teen underwear rest almost on the hip bone and give a sexy look while wearing.

Dressing smartly is important and here I am talking about underwear too. Thongs will uplift your dressing style and make you comfortable from inside. Nevertheless, this panty provides minimal butt coverage but it is elegant in design.

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19. Hipster:


Hipster panties must be a part of every girl’s wardrobe. This panty is available in various colors and designs. At the same time, it provides good coverage to your body.

This is unique from all types of panties and can interest you for a while. You can also wear this panty with a high-low skirt of different types in 2021.

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20. Classic Brief:

classic brief

Now, let’s discuss the last type of teen panties and this is Classic Brief! These are actually regular underwear with a high waistband and provides good coverage at the same time.

On the other hand, classic briefs are best known as granny panties and suitable for teen girls. The design of this panty is truly amazing and this is loved by almost every girl. 

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The Final Thoughts

Here you go! I have tried my best to keep all the dishes on a single plate. Now you have come across different types of teen panties in 2021. 

Therefore, to keep yourself comfortable throughout the day, you need to choose good quality panties. It keeps your private parts breathing well. Nothing can be amazing than wearing your favorite panty before your partner! Isn’t it amazing? Now, it’s your turn to choose your right ones.

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