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Top 8 Different Types of Socks With Names in 2021

Are you searching for different types of socks and guidelines on how to wear them? Do you feel that your feet are demanding perfect socks?

Choosing a good quality of socks is imperative because no matter what kind of sports you are playing, keeping your feet protective is crucial. Socks absorb moisture from your feet when they’re enclosed in shoes. And if you avoid wearing socks with footwear, you can have a feeling of smell and this can be your feet. This is the reason why choosing the best Q for Quinn Inc. sock type is necessary.

Well, this article is all about different kinds of socks and guidelines on how to wear them.

Let’s begin,

Here are the Top 8 Different Types of Socks in 2021:

Socks are an important accessory that must be a part of your wardrobe. It is the first line of protection for your feet. At the same time, different types of socks prevent fungus that can grow on your feet and this you can prevent by wearing the right type of socks on the right occasion.

1. Ankle Length Socks:

Ankle Length SocksAnkle Length Socks

Socks Type: Short socks or low-cut socks that give flexibility.

Worn With: Casual outfits and formal wear.

Suitable For: Both men and women.

Ankle-length socks are very comfortable to wear with casual shoes and loafers. As the name itself suggests that these socks will reach up to ankles.

These socks are commonly known as low-rise or low-cut socks. Besides, it also prevents blisters and gives an elegant and modern look.

Ankle socks are mostly preferred by sportspersons. Even many girls prefer ankle-length socks as compare to crew length socks because it is more comfortable for them to wear them with any outfit.

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2. Crew Length Socks:

Crew Length SocksCrew Length Socks

Socks Type: Mid-calf socks.

Worn With: Sneakers and jeans.

Suitable For: Men and Women.

Crew length socks are usually of 6 to 10 inches of length and reach below the calf. These socks give extra coverage and protection to your legs.

These socks are most suitable to wear in winter and to do outside physical activities such as running, hiking, etc. It has classic patterns and solid colors.

These socks are most loved and preferred by those girls who have hairy legs and do not want to expose them.

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3. Quarter Length Socks:

Quarter LengthQuarter Length Socks

Socks Type: Mini Crew Socks, just below the calf and above the ankle.

Worn With: Suitable to wear with running shoes or with mid or high top shoes.

Suitable For: Men and Women.

Quarter length socks reach just below the calf and above your ankle. These socks protect from blisters to the feet.

These socks possess a posh look that means it can be worn with professional outfits. It can also be worn during the night before going to bed.

Quarter length socks are also called ‘mini crew socks’ and protect your ankles. These socks are very comfortable to wear with running shoes.

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4. No Show Socks:

No ShowNo Show Socks

Socks Type: low profile socks or loafer socks.

Worn With: ballerinas or sneakers.

Suitable For: Men and Women.

No show socks are those types of socks that provide the least visibility or no visibility at all. These socks are meant to be invisible and you can try them with different types of heels.

These socks are worn with loafers, ballerinas, sneakers, etc. You can also wear this with boat shoes. No show socks are perfect for the summer season, mainly when you are wearing shorts.

These socks protect your feet from shoe bite. You can also wear these socks with chinos or any other types of cropped trousers.

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5. Thigh High Socks:

Thigh High Socks Thigh High

Socks Type: knee-high socks

Worn With: Perfect with boots with skirts.

Suitable For: Mostly Women.

High thigh socks are most suitable to be worn with short skirts and boots. These socks are produced from a blend of poly-cotton.

These socks are above the knees that are extremely soft and flexible to the skin.

High thigh socks will perfectly look good when you wear shorts or even you can wear them with school uniforms.

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6. Transparent Socks:


transparent sockstransparent

Socks Type: Transparent socks.

Worn With: Ballerinas and strip sandals.

Suitable For: Mostly women.

These socks provide a cool breathable sexy look to the feet. These socks are trending summer socks that are made from cotton, spandex, and polyester.

They are transparent and thin that comes in a variety of colors so that they can match your dress and footwear.

Transparent socks keep us warm in summer and also prevent our feet from blisters. These socks are very comfortable for any season with any outfit.

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7. Football Socks:


Socks Type: Knee-high socks.

Worn With: Worn by football players.

Suitable For: Men.

Football socks are made up of Cotton, Nylon, and Elastic thread. These socks are designed especially for footballers and are very comfortable for them in playing football. Today the best soccer socks manufacturing companies are putting more emphasis on quality, comfort, style and cushioning, as sports like high adrenaline football and soccer require continuous running, which puts extra effort on the calf & thigh muscles.

The fabric which is used in socks allows ventilation and easy air flows. While running, it prevents from dropping down as the top part is made up of elastic. Football socks also have quick dry technology with quick evaporating flex grooves.

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8. Calf Length Socks:

calf-length socks calf socks

Socks Type: Calf muscle socks.

Worn With: Short skirts and casual dresses.

Suitable For: Both men and women.

Calf length socks are usually worn with casual dresses such as short skirts, jeans, t-shirts, etc.

Calf length socks cover up your calf muscles and reach just below the knee. Mostly they are available in net fabric to make you more comfortable to wear with casual dresses.

On the other hand, during winters, these socks provide cushioning effect and extra warmth. Women can wear these socks with boots.

These socks are mostly preferred by sportspersons or athletes because of the protection these socks provide to the feet. You can also choose them for outdoor physical activities.

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Socks play an important role in our feet. There are different sock types for various outfits and occasions with sock names. The above mentioned are different types of socks(or sock types) for men and women respectively. Therefore, wearing the same socks every day might be boring, so why not try some different types of socks mentioned above!

Do I miss out on your favorite types of socks? If so, feel free to mention them in the comment section below.

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