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9 Different Types Of Shoes In 2021

Whether you are heading out for your workplace or a disco club, a pair of stylish footwear will refine your look. With a touch of distinctiveness, you can flaunt your outfit with the right type of shoes.

No one on this earth can have shoes for each of their clothes in their wardrobe unless they are billionaires. So instead of waiting further, dig into our trending types of shoes for women and men in 2021.

Types Of Shoes That Are Trending For Girls In 2021 

Types Of Shoes That Are Trending

According to Marilyn Monroe, a girl can conquer the world if given the right shoes. Unfortunately, footwear shopping is not as easy as it looks. You may come across several questions. It includes- What style should I choose? Which type will go with my outfits? What color is the best for my occasion?

In this article, we have tried to address some of these questions through our extensive research.

1. Black And White Cowboy Boots

Black And White Cowboy Boots

Cherish your western look with a pair of B&W Cowboy boots. A shin-length or ankle length would be acceptable as long as your outfit is matching with it. These ageless classic keeps coming back despite being termed as ‘outdated’ several times.

A piece of blue denim or a jumpsuit would look fabulous with these types of shoes.

2. Straight Leg Boots

Straight Leg Boots

It’s time to warmly welcome the straight leg boots to your cupboard by omitting the tight footwear. In addition to the flowering dresses, they look dashing with short-mid length skirts and dark-hued cardigans. You can capture attention easily as you walk past with combat boots.  

Just an added tip- During chilly cold winter, these types of shoes will keep you warm and make you feel cozy.

3. Kitten Hills

Kitten Hills

Cute white kitten heels add a touch of trend to your costumes. Did you know that white is one of the most exotic show footwear colors, no matter what the season is?

So smartly show off your kitten-heeled boots by pairing them with pastel or nude shade clothes. It will look fabulous with a coat, mid-high rise jeans, or even a mini skirt.

4. Combat Boots

Combat Boots

Express your attitude to colleagues and buddies with a pair of combat boots. Even if you are strolling out across the city lanes or attending a ceremony, these stylish shoes will tether any dress together.

Coats, middies, and high-rise jeans look rocking with these types of shoes. Moreover, you can give a throwback to the 90’s style by mingling this up with a delicate sundress.

5. Chunky White Sneakers

Chunky White Sneakers

Be a sporty chic and showcase your activeness with chunky white sneakers. This is a new level of fashion that is emerging in the modern world. If you are wearing them only for comfort or just for trend, there is no harm.

This footwear style is an amalgamation of both leisure as well as luxury. Combine it with jeans, a long skirt, and sweatpants, and you will be ready to rock the world.

Types Of Shoes That Are Trending for Boys In 2021 

Types Of Shoes That Are Trending for Boys

It’s high time that you keep aside your flip-flops, boys! Being the most civilized living organism, you should go for anything except the best. From a couple of killer boots to high-quality, comfortable sneakers, you can show off your attitude in multiple ways.

We have assimilated a collection of men’s shoes that are just tossing the market in 2021. So come and see how many of these are a part of your ‘favorites’ list.

6. Chukka Boots

Chukka Boots

These types of shoes are designed with utmost simplicity, and their dominance can be anywhere from formal and dressy to super casual. Thus, while choosing the perfect chukka, all you need to do is conduct a short assessment o your wardrobe collection.

For instance, if you are moving out to attend a casual business meeting, a sleek formal chukka will be an unmatched choice. Additionally, if you prioritize comfort over anything else, formality and firmness are not necessary.

7. The Trainer

The Trainer

Often, you need a shoe that is easy to put on and just fly out the door. These types of shoes are power-driven that are useful during tough scheduled days. With a pair of dark-toned joggers, it gives you a more relaxed style.

By the term, you might think that ‘trainers’ only refer to exercise or sports shoes. However, in reality, it is not only limited to that. You can also nail your weekend party with vigor by wearing these types of shoes.

8. Chelsea Boots

Chelsea Boots

It is the perfect example of a casual corporate style for men. As they are a remarkable combination of dress shoes and boots, they modernize your style to a great extent.

Leather Chelsea Boots are just icing on the cake for smart occasions, including Saturday night parties or informal team celebrations. Basically, these befit the causality and versatility at the same time.

9. The Loafer

The Loafer

In order to start with the basics, loafers are lace-free, slip-on style footwear. As they are devoid of fastenings, you might find it risky to put on when you are in a rush. Nevertheless, it is not like that.

Loafers are thick fancy slippers with a solid blend of high-end style statements and a restrained desire to have a fun time. It is one of the latest add-ons to your closet and a distinctive ‘come-back style of the 1950s.  

The Bottom Line 

You are now aware of a set of fashionable, trending, and comfortable shoes for boys and girls. So you should not hesitate to purchase yours anymore. Whatever your age is, you can have the above-described shoes anytime you want.

Nonetheless, the only thing that you have to keep in mind is the ‘occasion’ for which you are slipping into these types of shoes. This is because; every footwear has a specific style and individuality that suits only special events or occasions.

Hence, to give it a touch of perfection, choose your style wisely.

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