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15 Different Types Of Perms: Pros, Cons & Cost [Updated 2023]

  • What are the different types of perms?
  • What are the types of perm styles?
  • How much does a perm cost?
  • Are you interested to know the best perms for short hair & long hair?

If you are searching for the above queries, you are reading the correct blog! But before starting of, let me clarify what a perm is.

A perm is a hairstyle trend that is produced by setting the hair in waves or curls and then treating the same with chemicals for long-lasting. These perms can create styles that will appeal to women of all age groups. 

However, you need to take care of your perm because it can damage your hairstyle when not taken care of properly. According to fashion experts, perms last for generally three to six months, and this period entirely depends upon your hair type or perm type and how well you have taken care of it. 

Pros Of Perming Hair

Pros Of Perming Hair

The best benefit of perming your hair is that it brings your volume back and gives a unique shine to your hair. Now, there is no need to waste much time blow-drying and styling your hair. It is because there is one permanent solution to all your problems. And that is? You guessed it right; perms!

Now that you know what a perm is let’s know some of its advantages of the same. Keep scrolling to learn more…

  • It will make your hair look better: The most important reason behind perming hair is that it gives a natural look to your hair and makes it much better. This is the best part of perming your hair, and you can take this step at present.
  • It will reduce the need to style your hair: Another benefit of choosing the different types of perm is that it will reduce the need to style your hair. This will reduce the time that you usually spend styling your hair. 
  • It will give your hair a good volume: There is no doubt that when you straighten your hair, it looks thin, and when curled the same, it looks bulky and voluminous. This is the advantage of curling your hair permanently.

Cons Of Perming Hair (Side Effects Of Perms)

Cons Of Perming Hair

Now, the other side is the cons of perming hair. There are certain factors that you need to consider before perming your hair, and these are listed below. Have a look!

  • It can weaken your hair: If perming is not done by a professional, then it can damage your hair as the S-S protein bonds of your hair reform when exposed to perm chemicals. This can lead to weakening your hair roots and is thus regarded as the side effect of perms. 
  • Your hair can become dry and frizzy: Another disadvantage of perming hair is that it can leave your hair dry and frizzy. The chemical that different types of perms contain can damage the outer layer of your hair, and this can leave your hair dry and frizzy.
  • You can’t wash your hair properly: After perming, you cannot wash your hair for 2 to 3 days. This can sometimes cause inconvenience because the smell is very weird. Also, you will not be able to change your hairstyle easily. So, you need to consider this at the earliest.

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Top 15 Different Types Of Perms: 2023 Edition!

What type of perm do you want now? A root perm, a spot perm, a voluminous perm, or a digital perm? The choice is completely yours, and you can choose any according to your hair type. So, to reduce your efforts, we have listed the top 10 different types of perms in 2021 that will hold your attention.

1. Reverse Perm

Reverse Perm

A reverse perm is generally known as a Japanese hair straightening or simply straight perm. This style is for someone who already has naturally curled hair and wants to reverse the process. In this method, heat and chemicals are applied to the straight hair. 

The results of this hair straightening are long-lasting and require low maintenance. The treatment of reverse perm takes around 6 to 8 hours and lasts around 6 to 7 months, depending upon your hair type.

2. Volume Perm

Volume Perm

Volume perm is another type of term that is popular among women. This perm style adds weight to your hair and makes it look voluminous. The main purpose of this kind of perm is to make your thin hair look voluminous.

On the other hand, these types of perms are used to make loose curls or waves. The only cons of this perm are that it only lasts for a month. Besides, this can be your best easter trend this springtime.

3. Partial Perm

Partial Perm

Partial perm itself signifies that it is partial. This refers to perming only the bottom half of your hair and leaving the upper part of the hair as straight. This is a trend that is becoming popular nowadays, and women are also adopting the same.

This is a favorite perm style of many celebrities and others who are regular candidates in the fashion industry. This hairstyle is going to highlight the beauty of your hair when you tie them.

4. Multi-textured Perm

Multi-textured Perm

A multi-textured perm can be perfect for you if you feel that your perm is looking very uniform and unnatural. This perm helps you to achieve a particular, unique hairstyle by mixing two different curl types. 

Besides, this perm looks more natural, and it can be your best choice in 2021. This perm is ideal for medium to long hair because it looks more pretty in long hair.

5. Stack Perm

Stack Perm

Stack perm is another variation of the partial perm. This leaves the roots alone and focuses on the middle and lower sections of your hair. The hairstyle can make your hair look voluminous and bulky.

This perm can be your best pick if you don’t have any layers. So, stack perm is one of the best different types of perms that combines several types of curls to give you a layered hairstyle.

6. Spiral Perm

Spiral Perm

If you have long hair and want to add weight to the same, then you can pick a spiral perm hairstyle. If you take care of this perm properly, it can last for about five months and so. 

Moreover, this perm utilizes the cold technique to form curls, and it can make your hair bouncy like a spring. This is the best perm style that you can adapt in 2021.

7. Spot Perm

Spot Perm

A spot perm involves perming only one section of hair. In this method, perm rods are placed on a specific area to form curls in that region, and these are usually hairstyle-specific. This perm will look perfect with the best fantasy crowns for every occasion. 

The main purpose of this type of perm is to add balance and direction to the specific areas of your uneven curls. It is also used to cover thinning and hair loss issues.

8. Body Wave Perm

Body Wave Perm

For those who are willing to add natural waves in their hair and also volume, this perm type can be a perfect choice for them. This perm can be a suitable choice for women with straight hair.

Moreover, this type of perm can last for around three to five months. At the same time, make sure to avoid heat styling tools to maintain the shape of your hair with your proper care.

9. Root Perm

Root Perm

Root perm gives your hair a voluminous and thick appearance. These are a type of spot perm that is particularly done at the roots. This lifts your hair and makes it bouncy and voluminous. 

You can style your hair with this perm and wear black lipstick with a high-low skirt outfit to capture the center of attraction in all events.

10. Pin Curl Perm

Pin Curl Perm

Pin Curl Perm is another type of perm for medium to short hair lengths. It uses a combination of pins and curls to create tight and bouncy curls. You can try this on wavy, curly, and short hair

Besides, the looseness or tightness of the curls will vary based on the curler’s size you use. The best part about this perm is that it does not utilize too many chemicals and thus, reduces the lasting of the curls.

11. Gentle Wavy Perm

Gentle Wavy Perm

Gentle-way perm is also popular to a great extent. It creates soft and natural-looking wavy curls. This type of perm you must try in 2021 because it will change your look completely.

This perm does not look too artificial and highlights your looks on the other way. Moreover, this perm reduces the emphasis on the curls and puts focus on the hair.

12. Short And Bouncy Perm

Short And Bouncy Perm

Short and Bouncy perm also comes in our list of “top 15 different types of perms,” and this perm looks great with short hairstyles. You must try something new and unique, and this perm is giving you an opportunity to do so.

On the other hand, this bouncy perm does not last for a long time, and you will notice its effects when your new hair growth starts. However, this is still a popular choice for short hair women.

13. Loose Wave Perm

Loose Wave Perm

A loose wave perm is also a great choice for women if only you are not entirely committed to having wavy curls or super curly. Besides, the name of this type of perm itself suggests that it is a loose perm.

The best part of this type of perm is that it can be done in any length of hair, thus, giving you various options to choose from. But, the longer your hair is, the better it is.

14. Digital Perm

Digital Perm

This is a Japanese hair trend, and it is popular all over the world at present. Women of all age groups try this type of perm whole heartily. In this method, both technology and hair chemicals are used to deliver better results.

Digital Perm comes from the use of infrared heat via temperature-controlled rods to create the natural volume, and this gives good shape to the hair.

15. Beach Wave Perm

Beach Wave Perm

Beach Wave Perm is last on our list of different types of perms in 2021. The shape of this perm creates waves, and this curl looks truly amazing that will hold your attention. 

Many women go for this look because it gives a slightly messy look and lasts for around three to months. This can be your popular choice in 2021 and it is surely going to make you more fashionable!

My Money Don’t Jiggle Jiggle, It Curls: How Much Does It Take To Get Perms?

How Much Does A Perm Cost

The cost of a perm completely depends upon your hair type and the method of perm. The price varies to a wide extent because there are many options and factors available. 

At the same time, the cost of perm can differ according to your country and place where you live. According to our experts, on average, perm costs around $30 to $250, excluding taxes and additional charges.

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Closing Thoughts: To Perm Or Not To Perm?

Want to try something unique in 2023? Then, why not change your hair look completely with the above-listed different types of perms. However, just keep in mind that you need to maintain your hair properly to last the curls for a longer time.

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I have tried my best to keep everything on a single plate and ease your efforts. So, I will request you to submit your feedback in the comment section below. 

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