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Different Types Of Joggers For Men: Top 9 Joggers [Updated 2024]

The trend of joggers is flourishing in the market. You might have noticed that menswear has undergone a transformation on a pretty elementary level in the last couple of years. 

Now, if you are in search of a comfortable alternative, different types of joggers for men can be your remarkable option. Joggers are stylish and cooler cousins of the sweatpants. So, whether you want to hit the gym, have a casual hang with friends, or want to lounge around at home, a set of joggers is always upto the task. 

The combination of a jogger with the best shoes coordinates an amazing outfit. At the same time, a jogger is one of the most fashionable wearables for men that are leading the charge during this pivotal era.  

Style Your Joggers: Guide 101 To Style Your Joggers!

Joggers are the new fashion trends that you must keep an eye on in 2023. This can become your favorite outfit in your wardrobe

I am blessed with the superior fits and high-quality fabrics of men’s joggers. Nevertheless, thanks to the tapered nature and chic designs of various joggers as they will never be linked with a lack of style or laziness. 

The best joggers for men described below are produced using cotton and several other types of materials by not compromising your comfort zone. Moreover, different types of joggers for men will help you to stay stylish and comfortable in all seasons. 

Now, let’s know the various ways to style a jogger for men in 2023.

  • You can pull your jogger slightly upwards to make your socks visible. It looks more stylish and fashionable. 
  • While styling a jogger, you can keep things casual and relax with the rest of the items.
  • There are certain criteria while wearing accessories for men that you need to keep in mind.
  • Style your joggers with the best sports shoes for men, and this will enhance your style before others.

There’s More To It: What To Wear With Joggers?

You can travel in style by wearing different types of joggers that are designed especially for men. These are more versatile and stylish than your regular outfits.

There are various outfit ideas that you can combine with all the outfit ideas, and some of them are listed below. 

  • You can wear a jogger with a denim jacket, dope sneakers, and a pop of color hoodie. This is the best way to style your jogger.
  • Wear a cozy knit jogger with a Black Marl fabrication. You can also add a long sleeve tee to make yourself more comfortable.
  • You can also style or wear a jogger with an oversized trench coat. 
  • Wear your joggers with any printed top. 

Different Types Of Joggers: Men’s Edition!  

Different Types Of Joggers For Men

You will find various brands of joggers for men in both online and offline stores. Jogger pants will alter your entire look and add value to your personality to a great extent.

Now, let’s not make you wait any further; here are the top 9 different types of joggers for men that deserve to be a part of your wardrobe in 2023.

1. Twill Joggers

Twill joggers are one of the most popular joggers for men in 2023. These joggers are usually made up of cotton fabrics, and the side pockets behave like the charm of the twill joggers. 

At the same time, these joggers consist of an elasticized waistband. It is imported, and you can easily wash it in the machine. These are mainly designed to have a skinnier fit than loose-fitting joggers. Moreover, these joggers are perfect for every season.

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2. Fleece Joggers

Fleece jogger pants for men are the ones that fall parallel to the legs and are narrower at the bottom. These joggers for men are upgraded with some extra style points and are made up of ultra-comfortable fabric. 

One of the most comfortable fleece joggers for men is Nike Joggers, which gives you a slim fit for a tailored feel. Nike is one of the most popular brands in the market and also the most trusted one. It has ripped cuffs and a tapered leg design that will hold your attention. 

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3. Tapered Jogger

Tapered Jogger styles generally fit at the bottom and have a drawstring closure. These joggers add a modern element to your look and can be the best piece of outfit for daily workouts, yoga, running, training gym, etc. 

Most tapered joggers have an elastic waistband that is easy to adjust and secure. Moreover, these joggers are widely used on all occasions by almost every man.

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4. Non-Cuffed Jogger

Non-cuffed joggers are straight and don’t have any crunch. This jogger is very comfortable throughout the wear due to its drawstring closure. However, you can pair this outfit with any t-shirt you wish to. 

These joggers are slightly loose and have a fine polishing look. At the same time, it is slightly simple and suitable for all seasons and occasions. This is a must-have jogger for men in 2023.

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5. Distressed Jogger

Now, let’s discuss the popular joggers for men, i.e., Distressed Joggers. It is widely worn by men all over the world and is also known as ripped joggers due to its new style trend.

If you are searching for a classy jogger for men, then distressed joggers can be your best option. You can pair this jogger with any t-shirt, and this will sharpen your look to a great extent. It is mainly made up of polyester and high-quality imported cotton material. 

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6. Tie Dye Jogger

Tie Dye Joggers will help you to uplift your style and fashionable look before others. This jogger is mainly made up of polyester and cotton. It has an elastic waistband with a drawstring.

Tie die men’s joggers are very skin-friendly and soft. If you are finding an alternative for your jeans, then this jogger can be your best option for a smart look. You can also pair this jogger with a denim jacket.

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7. Chino Jogger

Another popular jogger for men in 2023 is Chino Jogger. These joggers are best for those men who are willing to get a bold style. At the same time, these joggers are very comfortable and soft to wear.

This is one of the best cheap joggers for men, and anyone can afford this. You can wear this jogger mainly at discos, night outs, parties, dates, outings, and much more. Also, it is made up of purely cotton.

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8. Hip Hop Jogger

Hip Hop Joggers are another different type of joggers for men that are baggy and tapered at the bottom. Buy this jogger for men, and it can be the perfect look for the entire week. 

This is one of the highly demanded jogger pants for men that must be a part of your wardrobe in 2023. These casual pants are designed with a street fashion style and have a drawstring closure. You can wash this jogger in your washing machine, and it is very easy to maintain.

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9. Moto Knit Jogger

One of the most favorite joggers for men is Moto Knit Joggers. These joggers have a drawstring closure with tapered legs at ankle cuffs. The best part about these joggers is that you can get them in various colors and designs of your choice.

Moreover, these joggers are made up of good quality and material that will last for a longer period of time. This will enhance your smart look to a great extent. Also, it has functional pockets to hold all your personal belongings. 

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Why Is There A Renewed Craze For Joggers For Men? 

The anatomy of joggers makes them special. Further, these trousers are more comfortable than regular denim jeans. 

If you try to decode the structure or anatomy of these pants, you will find the following elements.

  • Loose silhouette
  • Legs tapering down
  • Elasticized cuffs around the ankles

Further, joggers usually have a drawstring waistband, which again makes wearing the pants easier. Thanks to the drawstring fastening, you can adjust the fit of the trousers.

So you will be more confident about the fit and will not need to adjust your pants frequently while wearing joggers. 

Despite not being as structured as slim-fit jeans, joggers are not as flowy or shapeless as baggy jeans. So, even if you are conscious of your body type and shape, you will not end up portraying a shabby look in joggers. 

Further, joggers are versatile. So, you can wear them with formal shirts and T-shirts without compromising on the style quotient. 

Moreover, these pants personify or voice the modern-day requirements for fashion. Today, fashion is not devoid of functionality and comfort, and joggers have these elements that are meant for perfection. 

What Are The Major Cultural Influences Behind Joggers For Men? 

You need to understand why and how joggers have streamed through the course of mainstream fashion. Joggers have become huge with the resurgence of streetwear fashion in recent times.

Because of the comfort and edgy factor, joggers have become an important part of streetwear fashion these days. 

Thanks to the gender-fluid nature of these joggers, you will see men and women both wearing these pants with bomber jackets, hoodies, and T-shirts. Further, you can be as creative as you want with the choice of shoes for men, such as these joggers. 

You can wear these joggers with sneakers for a casual outing and to flaunt a sporty look. However, for a formal and semi-formal look, you can consider pairing them with classy loafers or moccasins.  

In addition, many celebrities today are endorsing the “stay in joggers” trend. As a result, these pants are omnipresent in the fashion scenario, playing the roles of perfect loungewear, casual wear, and business outfits at the same time. 

Sustainability And Denim Joggers For Men 

With everyone gravitating toward sustainability in fashion, joggers can be the ideal outfits to wear for different occasions.

To promote ethical production and distribution of clothes and minimize environmental impact, many manufacturers are producing joggers using recycled materials. 

Further, joggers are durable and easy to maintain. So, with a pair of joggers in your closet, you can optimize your fashion statement with limited resources.

To put it simply, when you can wear the same pair of joggers with different shirts, T-shirts, or blazers, there will be no need to buy more pants.

When you develop a habit of buying fewer items, you can definitely take a stand against the perils of fast fashion. Thus, you end up playing a vital role in preventing environmental damage and unethical practices in fashion. 

Closing Thoughts

Joggers are the exclusive wear for men that are much more comfortable than fray jeans. You can do almost every activity by wearing all types of joggers.

However, you must know all the jogger styles so that you can wear this perfectly at every event.

Thus, the above listed are some of the best collections of different types of joggers for men in 2023 that you must have in your wardrobe

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