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The Difference Between Joggers And Sweatpants

Jennifer Lopez, Tracee Ellis Ross, Kim Kardashian, Katie Holmes, and numerous other influencers have made joggers one of the most stylish clothing items.

Originally, joggers were exclusively worn around the house for resting or running errands. Joggers are now seen on the covers of celebrity and fashion publications.

Although the style looks straightforward, you must consider several factors to achieve the desired result. The joggers, accessories, shoes, and tops that go with this style significantly impact it. Before trying on this style, it’s crucial to understand the distinction between joggers and sweatpants.

It’s reasonable if you assume the two are synonymous. To add to the confusion, several merchants have started labeling any pants with elastic waists a jogger. Joggers and sweatpants aren’t the same things, as these sweatpants & joggers from Fabletics demonstrate.

The Difference

standard joggers and sweatpants

The material is the most fundamental distinction between standard joggers and sweatpants. After all, joggers were created for running and other sports activities, as the name implies.

As a result, the material used for joggers is often lightweight, elastic, air-permeable, and allows your skin to breathe while preserving complete movement during sports. They’re frequently fashioned from synthetic textiles.

Sweatpants are made from thicker, heavier, and often non-synthetic materials that keep your legs warm and comfy with a more casual look.

Higher-quality sweatpants are usually made from 100% cotton and are perfect for cooler weather. Sweatpants with elasticated hems and waistbands are often plain grey, navy, or black.

In contrast, Joggers are available in more colors and often have various ornamental features, such as side stripes and logos. Simply said, sweatpants are generally more refined and sophisticated than joggers. Joggers tend to be more functional and practical.

So, if you have to choose between sweatpants and joggers, the general rule is you should leave the joggers in the workout bag and wear sweatpants to make your fashion statement.

Making Sweatpants Fashionable

Fashionable Sweatpants

The challenge now is how to wear your sweatpants fashionably without giving off a baggy appearance. We’re all acquainted with this challenge, so it may be a tricky balancing act.

»For Women

We advocate experimenting with volume: a casual look may be achieved with baggy sweatpants, a pair of boots, a simple sweater, and an oversized coat—all complimented with eye-catching accessories.

Mix sweatpants with fashionable sneakers, a crop top, and a flared jacket for a more daring look—maybe in a bright and vibrant color scheme.

To elevate the style, pair black sweatpants with heels and accessorize with a shirt or a tight turtleneck sweater and modest jewelry.

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»For Men

We propose keeping things simple and tidy by wearing casual dark grey sweatpants and a tighter-fitting, maybe-tucked-in basic t-shirt and white shoes.

That’s arguably the simplest and most stylish way to wear sweatpants. Monochrome designs, like black sweatpants and a dark turtleneck possibly covered with a trench or chore coat—or even a blouson—can be used for more refined twists.


Joggers have never had a good reputation in the fashion world. However, the athletic appearance has definitely established itself in recent years. Joggers may now be worn not just for running but also as part of a comfortable and fashionable ensemble.

Whether casual or elegant, sweatpants are a common sight during fashion weeks, on blogs, and on the street. Let’s face it, with the recent lockdowns, comfy bottoms have made a tremendous comeback—perhaps in a less trendy way, but as a style that works both at home and on the move.

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