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Dating Tips For A Post Pandemic World

For many of us, the pandemic put a pause on our love lives for the past two years. Though there were plenty of ways to connect through video chats and dating apps, these tools could not replicate the magic of in-person connections.

Luckily, the pandemic seems to be waning down, and it is much safer to go out in public. Now, normal dating can commence after a two-year hiatus. 

But there are some cautions and tips to take before you get back into the dating scene. So here are some dating tips for a post-pandemic world.

1. Stay Safe

Just because mask mandates are ending and more people are vaccinated doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use any precautions. After all, the virus has not been completely eradicated.

Therefore, take whatever caution you need to feel safe. Keep on top of CDC guidelines and pay attention to the news for new boosters and vaccines for any possible new variants. This will reduce any future risk of contracting the virus while enjoying your dating life.

Also, if you choose to, don’t hesitate to keep wearing a mask. Even though the mask mandates are over, you can still wear one if it makes you feel safer. Many people still wear masks without the mandate, so you won’t be alone.

However, it is best to let your date know ahead of time so you don’t take them off guard. Also, communicate any boundaries you have with vaccines and masks.

Make it clear right away if you are not willing to date someone who is unvaccinated or who isn’t willing to wear a mask to the first date. This alone may be a good indicator of whether or not you and another person are a good match.

2. Take It Slow

Take It Slow

You may be eager to jump right in with your first date and find some great connections. Although the past two years might have been lonely, this is not a good reason to throw all caution to the wind.

Don’t just jump into dating the first person you match with. Just because you both swipe right on each other doesn’t mean that you are compatible. Take some time to chat with the other person to see if you two might hit it off in real life.

Furthermore, don’t let any potential loneliness blind you to red flags. Dating, especially online dating, always has its cautions. If you don’t feel comfortable when messaging the person or when out on a first date, don’t hesitate to end the connection.

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3. Make Your Values A Priority

The pandemic gave us all plenty of time to figure out our priorities. Many people made major career changes or altered their work/life balance so they could spend more time with their loved ones. Very few people are ending this pandemic without at least some shift in their values or priorities.

This means that your eating habits may not be the same as before the pandemic. Maybe beforehand, you focused on casual dating but now are interested in a relationship.

Or maybe you were primarily monogamous for most of your life but now think polyamory would be better for you. No matter what, make those new values your priority and make sure to communicate them with all of your dates.

4. Don’t Dismiss Virtual Dates

Don't Dismiss Virtual Dates

Just because you can go out again doesn’t mean you need to. If you are too busy to commute somewhere, or you just feel more comfortable doing a virtual date at first, then keep doing them.

The explosion of video chatting has made it more normal to just interact through our computers rather than in person. Though dating is more fun when you are out and about with someone, don’t dismiss the option of virtual dates just because the world is back to normal.

5. Things Might Be Weird For Awhile

We’re all leaving a weird phase of our lives where we were cooped up in our homes with little interaction. The past two years have been plagued by health fears, loneliness, and other concerns. Just because the world is physically getting back to normal doesn’t mean we are mentally back to normal just yet.

So getting back into the swing of things is going to feel odd. You’re probably not going to be able to have your first date without some mention of what you have been through the past few years. The conversation will be weird and maybe uncomfortable. But that’s okay.

We’re all still trying to make sense of what happened since 2020, so it’s going to be weird navigating this new world. Luckily, most people understand this as they are mentally in the same place.

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