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5 Reasons To Customise Your Engagement Ring

Getting engaged is one of those special moments, a milestone as you have finally found the right person to share your life with, and the diamond engagement ring is very much a symbol of your unique love for each other. Rather than visiting a local jewelry store and choosing something from the shelves, consider commissioning a custom jeweller to handcraft a stunning diamond ring that ticks all the boxes.

Reasons To Customize Your Engagement Ring 

Customizing the engagement ring has many strong sides, which is why you must go for the customization. It is the roadway to attain success. Everyone wants to keep their special occasion most memorable.  You want most of the elements to be customized according to your needs. Customization of the wedding ring is unquestionably one of the most important elements in this segment. Here are 5 compelling reasons to have the ring designed and made by a custom jeweler.

1. One Of A Kind –

When you approach a custom jeweler who takes your concept and creates a masterpiece, there is only one such ring in the known universe! As beautiful as existing diamond engagement rings might be, they were worn by others, whereas customized rings are born of the wearer’s imagination. If ever there was an occasion that demanded a unique creation, this would be it!

2. Competitive Pricing – 

It might shock you to learn that the cost of a custom diamond engagement ring is similar to choosing an existing ring. There may have been a time in the past when custom jewelers were overpriced. However, this is a very competitive sector today; decide on a budget, approach a leading custom jewelry maker, and see what they can do in your price range.

3. Perfect Fit – 

Of course, the ring will fit like a glove, as it was hand-crafted by an expert; you choose every aspect, from the metal for the band to the gemstones, the cut, and the setting. The process of designing the ring is straightforward; the jeweler takes your concept and, using 3D computer tech, creates the design. Once you have approved this and a price has been agreed upon, the master jeweler gets to work, and it won’t be long until you are invited to an exclusive viewing.

4. Everything Is On The Table – 

When you approach a custom jeweler, you start with a blank canvas, so to speak, and then you choose the metal (white, yellow, rose gold, or platinum). You might, for example, like a stunning champagne diamond cluster set in white gold, or perhaps a black diamond in yellow gold is your ideal design. The custom jeweler helps you create the perfect design that will be within your budget. Click here for tips on wearing leather.

5. Create A Family Heirloom – 

The stunning diamond engagement ring can be given to your eldest daughter when her engagement arrives, then handed down through the generations, and an heirloom is created. If your son has finally found the right woman, why not present the ring to him? Keeping it in the family is nothing new when it comes to jewelry, and you can introduce a special piece of jewelry that will be part of your family history.

Most Australian couples turn to customized solutions for a diamond engagement ring, and you get to choose your favorite gemstones.

Different Ways To Customize Your Engagement Ring

There is a hell-and-heaven difference between the customized ring and the generic ones. It is one way through which you can bring the change in your requirements. The customized rings have their own look and feel, making the ring special and momentous. Here, we discuss some of the ways through which you can carry on with the customization. 

Change The Six Prongs To Four

The prongs in the claw-shaped metals firmly grip the stone, preventing it from falling and breaking. Other than this, the prongs also add to the aesthetics of the rings. When you change the prong arrangement from six to four, the diamond will automatically turn square. It is indeed one of the important aspects of the particular development.

Adding Or Removing The Side Stone 

Another beautiful and creative way of customizing your engagement ring is adding and removing the side stones. Using stones by the side of the engagement ring enhances the entire arrangement of the center-placed diamond. On the other hand, it also helps as a protection for your ring. You can go both ways, either removing or adding these side stones. 

Have Your Ring Engraved

Among the most important was customizing your engagement ring; engraving can be a very good option. Wedding or engagement rings are extremely small. The place of engraving is small, but you can manage it with the help of experts. If you engrave stones on the side of the metal, it will surely add a completely new dimension to your ring. 

You can simply engrave designs on the ring to make it special. Engravings on stone or metals elevate the rings’ beauty, appeal, and aura. 

Replacing The Side Stones With Sapphire Or Rubies

Adding or subtracting a side stone on your ring adds to the aesthetics of the ring. What’s new that you can add to your ring is replacing the diamonds with rubies and sapphires. They can work to bring enhancement to your ring. 

The rubies and sapphires have their own look and flair. They unquestionably have a different effect, at least in terms of the looks. 

You Can Choose From The Different Cuts

You can choose from the different cuts when shaping the diamonds of your engagement rings. You can make a round cut, a cushion cut, an oval cut, or a pear-shaped cut to your ring. It unquestionably increases the look and feel of your ring. 

Customized Rings Are Great!

There is a great difference between the general ring and the customized ring. The general rings have high aesthetic value. But somewhere, it fails to extract your appeal with the customized ones. All the five reasons we put forth to make your engagement ring customized are equally important. Therefore, you need to be mindful of them and then make your decision.