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Need Custom-Made Clothing For A Special Event? How To Choose A Tailor in Toronto

Everyone has to look their best when they’re attending a special event.

It could be for a wedding, engagement party, corporate party, or fancy dinner. However, it’s almost impossible to find an article of clothing that’ll fit your body perfectly. Since everybody is different, store-bought clothing might not hug your body well, resulting in a weird fit. For this reason, having custom-made clothing might be a great idea.

Custom-made clothing allows you to have a perfectly tailored suit that complements your body. However, you’ll need to find the perfect tailor for this job, as it requires delicate skills and craftsmanship.

A tailor Toronto or one from whichever city you’re in should be able to make your dream clothing.

To help you choose the best tailor, below are some tips:

Top 7 Ways To Choose A Tailor in Toronto

Tailoring processs

1. Ask For Personal Recommendations

When looking for a tailor, you first need to ask for recommendations from your friends and family. Since you know them personally, they can give you their honest opinion about a tailor’s work. You can even ask for samples and see if you’re satisfied with their craftsmanship.  Moreover, you can also confirm what is the tailor’s specialty, turn-around time, and craftmanship quality. That’ll help you decide if they’d be a great option for your custom clothing.

2. Search For Reviews Online

If you don’t know anyone who has worked with a tailor or can recommend one, then you might want to resort to searching online. You can search for the top-rated tailors in your city and check their reviews to see how good they are. Apart from their work, you should also see how well they can communicate throughout the process.

Moreover, when searching for reviews online, ensure that they’re legitimate. You can do this by looking at various reputable websites and social media accounts. You also need to read the reviews thoroughly to check if there are any patterns relating to the client’s experiences.

3. Check Their Latest Work

Once you’ve narrowed down the tailors you want to work with, you need to see their latest work and whether their style is something that suits your taste. Different tailors have various preferences when it comes to clothing. Some like it traditional, some add a modern touch like avant-garde, while others can be crazy and creative at the same time.

You can check their work by looking at their online portfolio or going to their shop in person. You can take a closer look at their work and see how delicate they are with adding every small detail into their work.

You can even try searching for any guidelines and imperfections to see their work quality. You should also check their quality of stitching and cutting and the amount of attention they put into detailing and color coordination. Ideally, their work should be neat, polished, and sturdy, which lasts you more than one night of the event. It’ll be a shame to pay a hefty price for something you can only wear once.

Male tailor cutting fabric

4. Start With A Test Run

Even if a tailor’s work is amazing, they can still work differently when it comes to a new project. Every fabric and material is different, so you need to ensure that your tailor can work perfectly with yours. To see if they can deliver amazing results with any work you lay in front of them, you might want to start with a test run.

A test run is bringing an old article of clothing to your tailor and having it custom-fit to your body. You could try bringing a pair of baggy and loose pants and a suit to allow your tailor to custom-fit them for you. As soon as they finish with their project, you can see their craftsmanship and observe how they can adjust your existing clothes. Once you’re satisfied with their output, you can now feel confident about their services.

5. See Personality And Communication

How your tailor communicates with you is important. However, some tailors aren’t much open to changes, as they’re set in their ways. With that, it’ll be nice to talk to someone who is open to challenges and would like to get creative to achieve their client’s goal.

Moreover, you should observe what kind of questions your tailor will ask you. This will determine how they aim to get to the specifics and ensure that they deliver the best clothing for your event. This can include what’s your role at the event, whether are there any themes, what kind of mood you’re going for, and more. They might also offer creative suggestions which might be of help.

Woman tailor working at the sewing factory

6. Confirm Availability

Tailors can get very busy if they’re already dealing with a large number of orders, such as for a wedding or a special event. Before you book with a tailor, you first need to ask about their availability and confirm if they can deliver your clothing just in time for the event.

However, busy tailors might have more difficulty communicating with you, since they’re too occupied handling their orders. Ideally, they should give you enough time and attention whenever you need to ask questions via a phone call or email.

7. Inquire About Their Price

Of course, price plays an important role when choosing a tailor. Not everyone asks for the same fee, as some are better experts in their field or already have established a good name for their brand. When consulting with a tailor, you need to ask how much everything will cost you. This includes labor and material costs and everything in between.

As they give you their numbers, you can then decide if it’s something within your budget. However, you need to remind yourself that just because something comes with a high price, it doesn’t automatically translate to high-quality work. You should look for the perfect balance of quality work with a price tag you can afford.

Drawing on fabric


Custom-made clothing for a special event requires delicate work. Since you need to look your best, you need to find the perfect tailor to get the job done. Apart from checking in with them, checking customer reviews, and their work, and doing a test run. With the tips mentioned above, you should be able to find a tailor who can deliver outstanding results.