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Add Style And Personality With A Custom Letterman Jacket

Letterman jackets, also known as varsity jackets, have become a stylish wardrobe staple that allows you to showcase your personality. Getting a custom letterman jacket tailored to your specific taste takes this fashionable garment to the next level.

So, if you are a style enthusiast who wants to ace up your sporty avatar, keep reading this article till the end. Discover a world of custom letterman jackets and how to style them perfectly. 

A Brief History of Letterman Jackets

Letterman jackets originated in 1865 when the Harvard baseball team introduced wool “letter sweaters” displaying a large block letter.

In the 1930s, American high schools adopted the letterman jacket as a way to reward student-athletes. These wool and leather jackets featured school colors and letters to denote sporting achievements.

Over time, letterman jackets evolved from sportswear into a fashion symbol of classic American style. The versatility and customization potential of letterman jackets make them a popular casual jacket option.

Why Choose a Custom Letterman Jacket?

Choose a Custom Letterman Jacket

Who doesn’t want to slay in the custom letterman jackets that have created style statements for so long? But choosing the right one might be a daunting task for many. Getting a letterman jacket customized to your preferences offers many advantages.

Perfect Fit

A custom jacket is tailored to your exact measurements for an ideal slim fit. No more boxy oversized look of off-the-rack jackets. The perfect fit also ensures maximum comfort. That’s the number one rule of finding the most ideally fitting jacket for yourself. 

Personalized Style

Make the jacket your own with customized colors, materials, letters, patches, and other details. Add a nickname, lucky number, or other personal flair. Unless you don’t customize it according to your personal style, the letterman jacket is going to look common. Make it unique with your human touch. 

Quality Materials

Select premium wool, leather, nylon, or other materials for a durable and stylish jacket. Customization allows choosing the best fabrics for your needs. Since they are mostly worn during winter, be sure to look for the fabric quality that keeps you warm. 

Unique Colors and Design

Stand out from the crowd with your own color scheme. Custom colors and original patches create an eye-catching jacket. Often found in contrasting colors, these jackets surely catch the attention of everyone around. Hence, do not forget to look for some distinctive, eye-catching designs and colors. 

Versatile for Any Occasion

A custom letterman jacket transitions seamlessly from casual everyday wear to dressier occasions. It’s the perfect finishing touch for your outfit. From donning it on sports day to visiting a friend, this particular jacket is ideal for almost all kinds of seasons and events. 

How to Design Your Custom Letterman Jacket

It all begins with designing your letterman jacket and making it perfect for yourself. But have you ever thought about how to do it? When creating a custom clothoo letterman jacket, consider the following design elements:


The body is traditionally wool while the sleeves are leather. But nylon, polyester, and cotton blends are also options. Choose based on preferences for appearance, climate suitability, and budget.

Color Scheme

Select jacket and sleeve colors that reflect your personal taste. Contrasting colors help the sleeves pop. Accent colors can be added to the collar, cuffs, or side panels.


Add initials, your name, nickname, team name, or numbers on the back. Choose font style and size. Chenille felt provides a classic varsity look.


Patches, pins, embroidery, and screen printing allow ample opportunity to decorate your jacket. Show school spirit or interests with illustrations and text.


A tailored fit creates a sharp look. Determine ideal measurements for chest, waist, arm length, and jacket length. Oversized boxy fits are out.

How to Style Your Letterman Jacket?

Style Your Letterman Jacket

The way you style your outfits says a lot about you. Custom letterman jackets are true to style statements. So, if you want to enhance your style, be sure to implement the following tips.

The versatile letterman jacket adapts to any personal style:

  • Casual Wear: For a casual look, pair it with jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, sneakers or boots. Great for everyday activities. 
  • Business Casual: Combine your jacket with khakis, polos, turtlenecks, or shirts for a smart casual office ensemble.
  • Dressy Occasions: Make your letterman jacket dressier with layered necklaces or scarves. Pair with dresses, skirts, or trousers.
  • Streetwear: For an edgy street look, flaunt your custom jacket with joggers, statement tees, beanies, and high-top sneakers.
  • Your custom letterman jacket can quickly become your new favorite wardrobe item. Use it to express yourself for any occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Letterman Jackets

Next, I have pointed down some frequently asked questions about these jackets. People who are donning it for the very first time might be hesitant. But let me tell you, they are one of the smartest fashion trends. So, there’s nothing to be shy about. Here are a few other questions related to it: 

How much does a custom letterman jacket cost?

Prices range from $100 for basic designs up to $500 for high-end materials and extensive customization. Quality leather and intricate embroidery increase costs.

How long does it take to make a custom jacket?

Expect 3-4 weeks turnaround time. More complex customizations may require 5-6 weeks. Rush orders can sometimes ship within 1-2 weeks.

What size letterman jacket should I get?

Sizes correspond to chest measurements. Size up if you prefer looser fits or need to layer thick sweaters underneath. Arm, waist, and length can also be customized.

Are custom jackets for men and women available?

Yes, custom jackets come in both men’s and women’s sizes and styles. Women-specific designs feature tailored waist shaping and other feminine accents.

Can I customize a pre-designed jacket?

Many retailers offer semi-custom “stock” jackets where you can select colors and add name/number personalization. Full customization allows choosing unique patches, fabrics, and design elements.


Make the iconic letterman jacket your own with customization options for materials, colors, fit, and styling. A tailored letterman jacket reflects your personality for school spirit, casual wear, or dressy looks. Choose custom for a quality jacket Made Just For You.

With this, we put an end to this comprehensive guide. Share your styling tips below and let others get an idea about how to make your overall look with letterman jackets better.

Thank you for reading till the end!

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