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9 Different Types Of Crop Trousers For Women

You can argue all you want about the crop being an outdated 2015 teen fashion, but my fashionistas will come to their rescue!

Crop is not just your blouse having a space of inches between your waistband and belly button. Instead, it has ventured its hands into all sorts of garments, whether it is cropped sleeves,  the retro crop, the graphic crop tee, and the list goes on. One of the classic and popular inventions of the crop is crop trousers.

Today we bring you 9 different types of crop trousers for women.

Crop Trousers Choices For Your Next Shopping Spree

When talking about cropped trousers the first word that comes to our mind is ‘casual’ only. Although, that is far from true. The reason why this style has even found its place in the top fashion magazines of the world is because of its versatility.

Here are the best handpicked among the bunch that can complement every look you desire. 

1. Straight leg Cropped Trousers

Straight leg Cropped Trousers 

These are a perfect fit if you want to look professional for that business meeting or interview but also don’t want to look too overdressed.

The straight-leg cropped trousers come in all colors and patterns to go with any top whether it is your formal button-down shirt or just a simple cropped t-shirt.

They are best for hourglass, or curvy body types as the tied waist will help you to accentuate your curves.

It can be paired off with boots or any pair of high heels to give you that elevated look.


  • They can make you look tall.
  • Can be worn for any occasion [Both formal and informal].
  • You can match them with endless options of shoes as everything will look good. 


  • Not suited for all body types.

2. Audrey Ankle Jeans Pants

Audrey Ankle Jeans Pants

These pants are a love child between straight high-waisted and boot-bottom jeans. They stop inches above the ankle, giving you that sleek casual look fit for every occasion.

The best part about these pairs of cropped trousers is that they can be topped with almost everything because of their versatile nature.

They look good with cropped tops or tucked-in shirts. You can even pair them with a bralette and throw a blazer over it to get that Parisian chic look.

Ce est fabuleuse!


  • Versatility to the peak; can be worn with anything.
  • Great for a casual chic wear.


  • Too casual to be worn any professional setup. 

3. Lumen Lightweight Capri

Lumen Lightweight Capri

Yes, I know Capri pants sound so Y2K, but they are making a major comeback in the best way possible.

Capri pants still make us a little nostalgic, remembering all the old childhood we used to wear them as more of a convenience.

But, with evolution, it has categorized itself as lounge fashion wear which falls more into the casual style when you don’t feel like all decked up but still want to look put together.

Hence, the reason why they have acquired a mention in our different types of cropped trousers.

These are loose-fitting pants with a waistband knot and ruffled elastic at the bridge of your knees. 

Top them with your favorite tank tops to get the casual sports look.


  • An epitome of comfort.
  • Suited for all body type.


  • Too casual.
  • Not ideal for winter.

4. Skinny Cropped Trouser Jeans

Skinny Cropped Trouser Jeans

They are probably the simplest one in our best but nevertheless the ultimate stylish pair of cropped trousers.

These can end either inch above your ankle or go higher up to the knees, but they are versatile and fit for everyday wear or occasional summer look if you pair them with the sleeved cropped top and shoes.

For anybody, these skinny jeans trousers look best high-waisted and not the other way around. 


  • Will accentuate your curves.
  • Can make you look tall.
  • Suited for all occasion.


  • Not very comfortable for long wear.

5. Pull-On Capri L Pockets

Pull-on Capri L pockets

I know of another Capri crop trouser mention!  I told you they are coming back in vogue. 

Unlike the other one that had tight-fitted ruffled hem around your legs, these are loose and give an illusion of straight pants that stop right below your knees.

And, ladies, the best part is they have pockets. These are less fitted for casual loungewear and should be worn when you have a formal lunch. 

Because of its tight low waisted waistband, it will give you a body-hugging hourglass look.

They also come in a variety of colors to mix, match and explore into different looks. 


  • They are a very convenient wear.
  • Casual yet fashionable if styled correctly.
  • Variety of colours.


  • Not a great casual look.

6. High Rise Flare Crop

High Rise Flare Crop

These have got a fair amount of critical acclamation in Vogue Magazine as an influencer favorite. Hence, they needed a mention among our different types of crop trousers for women.

These high-rise flares give you the chic cottage core look if you match it with a little pastel vibe with your top.

The best part is that these are idle for any body type.

Best complemented with boots, and you are ready to walk the runway with this subtle supermodel attire.


  • It is great to give you an uplifted posture. 
  • Makes you look fashionably put together.
  • Appropriate for all occasions.


  • This great as a formal wear.

7. High Rise Dip Dyed Cropped

High Rise Dip Dyed Cropped 

This is another high-waisted pick directly from the pages of Vogue! 

However, these have a very different style from any of our cropped trousers mentioned. Among the monotony of blue, they have a white dyed cropped bottom and surely would need the boldest fashion hearts to pull it off with the perfect pair of tops

Although don’t worry; these are not limited to the well-versed fashionistas as a round buckled belt around the waistband complimented with a tight tube crop can make you look put together with the littlest effort. 

Throw a baggy denim or leather jacket on top, and you will be the one directly coming out of the pages of Vogue.


  • They are very comfortable.
  • With this bold fashion choice you can experiment a lot.


  • Not suited for a subtle look.

8. Straight Leg Cropped Jeans

Straight Leg cropped Jeans

These are supermodel favorites, as I am sure you have seen several paparazzi capturing them with these straight-leg jeans on.

So, for you to brag about that trendy supermodel look, we had to include them in our different types of crop trousers for women.

These low-waisted cropped trousers are known to give you that perfectly effortless look when you just have a lazy day out.

They come in different denim shades like faded, acid washed, dark, and styles like distressed or light tore at the end. 

The choices to accessorize are ample, but if you really want to get the simple chic attire, just pair it with a pair of sunglasses and your own open hair.


  • Best for a business look.
  • Can be matched with any pair of shoes.


  • The choices of top are limited. Can’t be worn with anything. 

9. Cropped Leggings

Cropped Leggings  

Yes, we ended with a mention that doesn’t need an introduction for our last pick because of its versatility.

These can be your easiest pick when you are in a fashion slump and again thinking that you have nothing to wear.

They come comparatively cheap, and there is no end to the colors and patterns you can choose from and can be worn by any body type.

If the idea still sounds a little too simple for you, then wear your favorite sneakers and see the difference!


  • It is comfortable for a day wear.
  • Suitable for all body types.


  • Not great for formal wear.

How To Rock Your Crop Trousers!

In this article, we have given you different crop trousers for women but how you can carry them.

Firstly, these trousers don’t have a set occasion or time of the day for when you can wear them so always keep them handy.

Secondly, cropped trousers always give you that tall elevated look.

Thirdly, they leave enough space for people to complement your pants but at the same time notice your beautiful heels or fashionable anklets as they are not covered with fabric.

And lastly, the sexy ankle peeks game is on point!

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