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Top 15 Crochet Dresses Styles For Women To Know In 2022

Can you feel the sun breathing down on your neck? Is it already time to take out those crochet dresses from the wardrobe? Winter disappeared suddenly, and we woke up to a clear sky and humid weather a few weeks ago. Global warming has ensured for the past many years that millennials bask in the combined spirit of summer and spring.

To enjoy summer and spring simultaneously, you need a killer wardrobe and some sunscreen for your skin! After all, clothing is important, but skincare is essential. The best part of welcoming any new season is finding out the style trends. For instance, 2022 is predicted to be the year of crochet dresses, knit tops, and flower dresses.

The World Of Crochet: What’s Trending In 2022?

World Of Crochet

We decided to list the top crochet trends of 2022 – you can check out what works for you and then prepare your wardrobe accordingly for the same. Sounds great, right? Then let’s not waste any more time and dive into the world of crochet!

1. Crochet, Lace, And Some Vintage Spice

Crochet, Lace, And Some Vintage Spice

With Brighton Season 3 hitting Netflix screens by the end of March, fans are going to go crazy over vintage gowns made from lace and crochet – a perfect combination made in style heaven. We simply can’t get enough of crochet and lace dresses.


  • Made from lace and crochet.
  • Vintage style statement.
  • Authenticate, delicate designs.


  • Major style statement.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Original designs.


  • Not meant to be worn for the harsh climate.
  • Needs to be handled very carefully.

2. The OG Crochet Dress Style

The OG Crochet Dress Style

Crochet dresses for women have been trending in the market for quite some time. But there’s nothing better than owning an OG short white Crochet dress this summer!


  • Short in length.
  • Made from crochet.
  • Looks elegant.


  • Comfortable for summer.
  • Can be worn for both formal and informal gatherings.
  • Looks cute on everyone.


  • Too simple for certain occasions.
  • Not body-inclusive.

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3. Fit And Flare With Crochet

Fit And Flare With Crochet

There’s something so beautiful about fit and flare dresses. What if we told you that you could combine your love for fit and flare dresses with trending crochet clothes? Well, you can do that, and we think you will look super hot!


  • Perfect for formal gatherings.
  • Made from crochet.
  • Neither too short nor too long.


  • Body inclusive.
  • Comfy.
  • Cost-effective.


  • Can’t be worn for all occasions.
  • Needs careful handling.

4. Crochet Meets Bodycon

Crochet Meets Bodycon

Crochet dresses are popular in the market right now, and so are bodycon dresses. So we couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if we brought both styles together? And voila, the crochet bodycon dress is here.


  • Made from crochet and ribbed cotton.
  • Bodycon crochet dress style.
  • Stunning neckline with design on the hem.


  • Fits all body types well.
  • Can be paired with anything due to its versatility.
  • Convenient to wear in a hurry.


  • Too short for formal occasions.
  • Too tight for people who like breezy clothing.

5. Just a Dash Of Crochet

Just a Dash Of Crochet

You might love crochet dresses, but you might not feel ready to wear them. In that case, you can always opt for comfy summer dresses and add a dash of crochet – that way, you can be a part of the trend without really wearing it.


  • Made from any summer fabric and crochet.
  • Fits all body types.
  • Open to customizations.


  • Comfortable and breezy for summer.
  • Can be customized.
  • Versatile.


  • Not very trendy compared to other crochet dresses for ladies.
  • Not a very happening style statement.

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6. Summer Tunic Meets Crochet

Summer Tunic Meets Crochet

Tunics have always been a favorite for us, especially during summer. If you want to embrace the crochet trend, why don’t you spice up your style with hand crochet dresses made in the tunic style?


  • Made from crochet and any summer fabric.
  • Crochet dress style meets the tunic trend.
  • Fits all body types.


  • Body-inclusive.
  • Perfect for sticky humid weather.
  • Roomy, breezy, and comfy.


  • Too simple to be a style statement.
  • Not versatile and can’t be styled accordingly.

7. Go Back In Time With An Empire Waist Crochet Dresses

Go Back In Time With An Empire Waist Crochet Dresses

The 1960s were a fashionable time, and popular culture makes us want to go back to the era. Sometimes, it’s the fashion that calls us more than anything else. Those crochet dresses with an empire-style waist are so gorgeous – dream dresses for a dreamy summer!


  • Made from crochet.
  • Empire-waisted.
  • Showcases patterns from the 1960s.


  • Available in extra-large sizes.
  • Vintage style statement.
  • Perfect for office parties and formal events.


  • Not versatile.
  • Not breezy and comfy.

8. Mix It Up With Some Bohemian Vibes

Mix It Up With Some Bohemian Vibes

Are you a free-spirited Bohemian at heart? Then spice up your Bohemian fashion with some Crochet styles sprinkled all over it. Nothing gets better than wearing a breezy Boho-crochet dress on a hot summer day!


  • Made with crochet and eludes a Bohemian vibe.
  • Perfect for hot, summer days.
  • Short and sexy.


  • Price is low.
  • Comfortable for summer.
  • Suits all body types.


  • Too short for anything but casual events.
  • Not sustainable for long time use since can be worn for specific events and seasons.

9. Colorfeast With Crochet

Colorfeast With Crochet

We love the new designer crochet dresses with colors splashed all over them. So experiment with some colors and become a bright rainbow under the sun with these fun crochet dresses. After all, who doesn’t love a few colors?


  • Made with crochet in a multitude of vibrant colors.
  • Body-inclusive.
  • Versatile and can be styled with several alternatives.


  • body-positive style trend.
  • Can be made sustainably.
  • Convenient for low-energy days.


  • Pricey when sustainably made.
  • Chances of looking faded after a few washes.

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10. Enjoy The magic Of Stripes

Enjoy The magic Of Stripes

Stripes never completely disappeared from fashion – every year, stripes make an appearance amongst the trends. This year is no different as well. However, this time things just got better – crochet dresses with stripes on them. They not only look good but feels good too!


  • Made with crochet.
  • Fits all body types comfortably.
  • Perfect for beach parties, summer brunches, and casual spring flings.


  • Easy to wear.
  • Comfy and breezy.
  • Trending style statement.


  • Can’t be worn for formal events.
  • Not always cost-effective.

11. The Kaftan-Crochet Trend

The Kaftan-Crochet Trend

We love Kaftan dresses and tops, especially during humid, sticky summers. Now since humidity is just waiting around the corner, it’s officially time to shift to kaftans – easy, breezy with plenty of room. How about combining this with the crochet trend?


  • Made from crochet and lace (Or some other summer fabric).
  • Meant for all body types.
  • Perfect for beach parties, poolside events, and the like.


  • Body positive and inclusive.
  • Easy to wear and comfortable to carry.
  • Instant hotness for effort-free days.


  • Too casual to be worn anywhere but a beach or poolside party.
  • See-through which might make a few people uncomfortable.

12. Off-Shoulder Crochet Magic

Off-Shoulder Crochet Magic

Trends will come, and trends will go, but the off-shoulder is one such alternative that will continue to stay. So we took this classy trend and imbibed the crochet magic into it! Voila, you got those beautiful off-white crochet dresses – go dazzled now!


  • Made from Crochet and vintage lace.
  • Off-shoulder with an A-line cut.
  • Perfect for formal events, date nights, and brunches.


  • Too beautiful to have any con.
  • Perfect for all fancy occasions.
  • A style statement that’s vintage and lasts forever.


  • Does not fit all body types.
  • Needs careful handling and washing.

13. Crochet And Tutu Dresses

Crochet And Tutu Dresses

Crochet tutu tops are so in right now. If you were wondering how to make tutu dresses with a crochet top, you don’t have to because you can simply wear a tutu dress and pair it with a crochet top – perfect for a night out with friends.


  • Made from tutu dress materials and crochet.
  • Perfect for fancy events.
  • Suits all body types.


  • Body positive.
  • Versatile styling options.
  • Comfortable, breezy summer wear.


  • Needs careful maintenance.
  • Very rarely available in the market.

14. Crochet And Tube Dresses

Crochet And Tube Dresses

If you are wondering where to buy crochet tube tops for tutu dresses, you don’t have to because some simple styling can help you solve the issue. Why don’t you wear a basic tube dress and simply pair it with a cute crochet top for sealing the deal?


  • Made from tube dress material and crochet.
  • Meant for all body types.
  • Versatile and customizable.


  • Body inclusive and versatile.
  • Open to customizations.
  • Perfect for fancy, casual events.


  • Not too comfortable for humid summer days.
  • Needs careful handling.

15. Crochet Meets Handcrafted Dresses

Crochet Meets Handcrafted Dresses

Crochet dresses have attained the ultimate popularity in the last few years. But where did it all originate from? Handcrafted crochet dresses were the first of their kind, and boy were they gorgeous. Everything in fashion comes full circle, just like this trend – enjoy it while it lasts!


  • Handcrafted and handstitched with crochet.
  • Ultimate style statement.
  • Perfect for all occasions.


  • Body inclusive and positive.
  • Trendy and comfy for summer and spring.
  • Ethically made.


  • Not cost-effective since handmade.
  • Rarely available.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What Crochet Items Are Trending?

The top five trending crochet items are as follows,

  • Crochet dresses.
  • Vintage Crochet tops.
  • 70’s hats.
  • Fishnet totes.
  • Puffed sleeves.

2. Is Crochet Clothing Trendy?

Yes, 2022 has seen the crochet raging since the beginning of the year. With summer around the corner, people have been experimenting with this vintage trend more and more.

3. Are Crochet Tops Trending?

Yes, both crochet tops and crochet dresses are trending at the moment. So jump in on the trend without wasting any more time!


All the crochet dresses and the versatile styling options that we mentioned above are undoubtedly gorgeous. We are sure you are not the only one in love with the crochet trend. After all, summer is almost here, and women everywhere have been racking their brains to find a look that’s comfortable yet stylish.

So the next time your friend asks you for some suggestions on crochet, share this page and help your friend explore the beauty of crochet with us!

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