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What Are The Best Cottagecore Fashion Trends For Women This Season? (10+ Styles)

The cottagecore fashion trend takes us back to the early 2010s. However, everyone took notice of this fashion aesthetic in the 2020s, with TikTok being filled with the same hashtag. 

Taylor Swift’s Cardigan in 2020 further fuelled the craze for this style of dressing. Today, stars like Emily Ratajkowski and Kylie Jenner are flaunting this fashion aesthetic to celebrate their sexy avatars.

The cottagecore outfits like knitwear and puff sleeve dresses reflect the philosophy or belief behind this aesthetic. It provides you with comfort and the quaint charm of dressing.

Do you want to know more about cottagecore and how you can ace the fashion trends this season? Let’s explore!

What Is Cottagecore Fashion? 

The rise of cottagecore fashion is attributed to social media hashtags. The funda behind this aesthetic is to choose a simpler way of living and choose a lifestyle that is close to nature.

It’s a romanticized way of adapting to a life centered around homemaking in the countryside. 

Cottagecore is not limited to the way you dress only. It also includes your home decor or activities like gardening.

However, if you particularly talk about fashion, you will see a lot of use of embroideries, frills, lacework, and knitwear. 

Are you ready to adapt this aesthetic? You can easily ace this fashion trend with the right elements and the art of mix and match.

It’s time to give your wardrobe some fun twists with some cottagecore outfits. Cottagecore fashion is simplistic and makes you look effortlessly stylish. Here, I have curated some of the easiest and most effective dressing ideas for you.

1. White Maxi Dress With Cuff Sleeves And Eyelet Detailing

A pristine white maxi dress can be the ultimate touch of sophistication to your cottagecore wardrobe. Choose a dress with cuff sleeves for the best form-fitting effect that flatters your bust area. 

Eyelet detailing or some lacework will be just perfect to elevate the aesthetic appeal of this outfit. Team it with leather boots before you step out for casual outings.

2. Dress And Pants

Why not make the cottagecore way of dressing a little quirky this season? Wear your midi dress with denim jeans to make a distinct style statement.

This combination looks even better when you accessorize it with scarves and sunglasses. This can be an urban interpretation of the cottagecore style.

3. Prairie Blouses With A Vest

Very few outfits embody the ethos of cottagecore fashion, like prairie blouses. The distinct tailoring, especially the sleeve style, makes them ideal for women of all body types and age groups.

You can layer your prairie blouse with a simple vest. Team the entire combination with simple denim jeans to complete your look. 

4. Toile Set

If you want your casual fashion to be the most stylish and comfortable, you can choose a toile set with floral prints. The tailoring of these sets is relaxed and matches the vibe of the fashion aesthetic.

Wear your toile set with a hat and pumps to get complimented for your fashion choice. 

5. Outfits With Puff Sleeves

Bridgerton has one of the most prominent recent influences on making puff sleeves so huge in the fashion scenario. We all had those puff-sleeved dresses and tops while growing up. Didn’t we?

Puff sleeves are comfortable, and they have become synonymous with the ideal image of a pastoral life. Be it a Jane Austen novel or an OTT drama, puff sleeves are just omnipresent!

Nevertheless, you can pick a puff sleeve top and team it with denim jeans to make the style work for you. To keep it more relaxed, choose a puff sleeve dress and team it with a straw hat and boots.

6. Knit Top

Handmade clothes, including knitwear, are associated with the cottagecore style of dressing. Choose a knit top for you for those beautiful autumn days or the warmer days of the winter. Along with the dense-knit woolen tops, you can also pick the crochet ones to wear in summer.

These tops look good with denim shorts and jeans.

7. Cardigans

Cardigans are the winter essentials that define cottagecore fashion. Versatile and relaxed, they work as the perfect outer layer for any top or dress. 

The distinct tailoring of cardigans makes them suitable for the cottagecore aesthetic. 

8. Floral Printed Dresses

The vivacity of a floral dress is very much in line with cottagecore fashion. It indeed takes you back to nature. 

Wear a floral dress with puff sleeves and accessorize it with a wide-brimmed hat and pumps.

9. Dresses With A Corset Bodice

Cottagecore promotes a quaint dressing. So, a midi or maxi dress with a corset bodice will be an excellent pick for you. The corset bodice of the outfit will flatter your bust area and will give your neckline a plunge.

Wear your corset dress with espadrilles or pumps to put your best foot forward. 

10. Lace Tops

You cannot define or imagine cottagecore style without lace tops. Bridgerton and other current pop references for this aesthetic vouch for the presence of lacework. 

You will find variety in your choice of lace tops. Choose one with balloon sleeves or puff sleeves to keep the vibe intact. Wear the top with a skirt or denim jeans to complete your cottagecore look.

11. Wide Leg Pants

Cottagecore fashion is not about the dresses and tops. It also allows you to be creative with your choice of bottomwear.

This season, you can choose wide-legged pants to adapt to the cottagecore style of dressing with a contemporary twist.

Wear these wide-legged pants with a lace crop top or a combination of a button-down shirt and waistcoat, according to the occasion.

Final Words 

Comfortable, soothing, and aesthetic! These are the words that define cottagecore fashion for me. Floral prints, eyelet detailing, lacework, and hand-knit clothes are some of the most popular elements in this style of dressing. The idea is to create a soft and natural look that speaks of a quaint lifestyle.

Are you interested in infusing this style into your daily dose of fashion? You can check out the variations I have discussed here. Do you have any other fashion ideas about the cottagecore way of dressing? Don’t forget to share!

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