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Top 20 Corset Top For Modern Women In 2023

Have you watched The Other Boleyn Girl or Blood, Sex & Royalty? You must know then what a corset top is.

This bodice garment takes us back to the late 14th century. It has been the most coveted staple in a woman’s wardrobe to accentuate her curves and cleavage.

Centuries passed with a lot of evolution in the garment. But it remained an inner-wear until Vivienne Westwood, the stalwart of English fashion designing, transformed it into an outfit to flaunt.

Cut to 2023, and you will see a surging popularity of corset tops. These garments are fusing comfort, fashion, and wearability to perfection.

Layer a corset-style top with a blazer or jacket, or don it over a shirt for a cinched look with discomfort. In for creating some cottage core vibes? Wear it over a flowy dress and make heads turn.

Why Will You Choose a Corset Top?

Why Will You Choose a Corset Top?

You will choose a corset top because it will not limit your functionality or movement as traditional corsets. A lot of experimentation is going on in the fabric and designs of these outfits, aiming to make them perfectly suitable for the modern day.

Further, corset top dresses will offer a more sculpted and lifted look to your body without compromising comfort. So, you will feel more confident and secure about your body every time you step up in this particular type of top.

Also, thanks to the structured design and silhouette, many tops will give your midriff area a slimmer appearance. I love them because they celebrate femininity and show a great deal of evolution with the right melange of history with modern fashion.

Willing to add a corset-styled top to your wardrobe? Let’s find some top variations to pick and choose from.

The Best Corset Top for Women Today

Be it a basic black top or something inspired by “The Bridgerton,” you will find a lot of styles to fit your choice. Also, these tops are now available for different body types. So, you can even pick a plus size top to ace your fashion game.

So, here are some cool ideas for your inspiration.

1. Tube Corset Top

Tube Corset Top

A tube corset top is the most sensual outfit I can think of today if you want to create the perfect “Femme Fatale” look. You will get a styled tube top in many colors. Usually, sheer or semi-transparent fabrics are used in this style for an extra dose of sensuality to your appearance.

You can even get an embellished one to jazz up your party look.

2. Biker Corset Top

Edgy and beautiful! A biker corset is something you can wear to fuse fashion and functionality. Leather is a common material in this style of this outfit.

Go for the ones with full zips at the front for that grunge factor. Wear it for themed parties or while wearing it for a long bike ride.

3. Metallic Corset Top

Be your own knight in shining armor by picking a metallic corset top for you. Besides the added bling, a metallic corset outfit will give you the perfect silhouette.

A curved hem at the front and zip closure at the back compliment this outfit. Wear it for any fun party with your friends.

4. Denim Corset Top

It’s the most casual corset-styled top you can find for you. You can go for an off-shoulder variation or one with noodle straps.

The midriff area of these tops can also offer a variety of designs. You can get one with a curved or straight hem. I like the ones that have slightly loose fitting around the midrib for that easy-breezy vibe.

5. Laced Corset Top

Laced Corset Top

Have you checked an Urban Outfitters top lately? Most of their corset tops exude a vintage vibe with detailed lacework in different patterns.

You can wear a laced corset-styled top with straight-cut trousers. You can even team them up with dresses as a layering element.

6. Long Sleeve Corset Top:

long sleeve top is something that can give you a slimmer appearance without much effort. You can be creative with the kind of neckline or sleeves you want for this outfit.

To keep it chic and formal, go for simple full sleeves. To experiment, try ones with trumpet or balloon sleeves.

7. Get a Corset Top Inspired by Coyote Ugly

Get a Corset Top Inspired by Coyote Ugly

Coyote Ugly has been a great inspiration in this style of corset top. With a little playful twist, this style creates a popular type of styled top in modern fashion.

It’s bold with a drawstring at the front and revealing your midriff and cleavage. You can pick these tops in an off-shoulder style. But if you have a heavier bosom, go for ones with noodle straps for added support.

8. Minimalistic Corsets to Create an Imogene Look

A few years back, Miaou, a French fashion brand, made corsets viral across social media. My favorite is the “Imogene” label from this brand.

This style of top is minimalistic and not “too revealing.” The midriff area will remain covered in this top, and you will have a much higher neckline. The zip closure at the back will further ensure a perfect fit.

You can pick it for a formal occasion with a short skirt or a pair of trousers.

9. Corset Top with a Bardot Neckline

Flaunt your beautifully toned shoulders in a corset top with a bardot neckline. Keep the look of the top minimal to accentuate more on your features.

Corset-style tops with a bardot neckline go well with leather pants or skirts.

10. Feathered Corset Tops

This style is a more detailed take on the tops with a bardot neckline. Sleek or opulent feather detailing is added around the neckline for a jazzed-up effect.

Feather or fringe detailing can also be done around the midriff to make the design more elaborate.

11. Heart-Shaped Corset Top

You can take some severe inspiration from Julia Fox to ace the style. She stunned the world when she stepped out in a leather corset outfit shaped like a heart.

You get a similar one designed with some drawstrings at the front. It will look great with a leather micro mini and smoky eye makeup.

12. Sequinned Corset Top

You can keep it dainty and a little jazzy by wearing a top embellished with sequins. Sequinned corset-style tops are available in various shades and with different necklines and sleeves.

Based on the style and color, they complement various bottom wear and are suitable for different occasions.

13. Vegan Leather Corset Top

Corset tops in vegan leather are a rage today as they promote sustainable fashion available at a reasonable rate.

There are a lot of variations to explore in this type. I love those with pintucks at the front and a scoop neck.

14. Corset Top with a Garter Hem

A corset top with a garter-like hem is all you need to spice up your look. This style is perfect for a fun party or a casual hang-out with friends.

Team it with a pair of shorts or leather tights to make heads turn.

15. Corset T-Shirt Top

Fusing a T-Shirt with a style lets you be a little laid-back in your fashion. The T-Shirt can have a little gathering at the front yoke to create the effect.

The best thing is that these variations are available in cotton, promising maximum comfort.

16. Peplum Corset Top

A peplum top is very feminine and versatile. You can get an off-shoulder style or pick ones with noodle straps.

The biggest highlight, of course, is the peplum hem.

17. Lace Up Corset

A sleeveless top with lace-up detailing at the front! You have the right outfit for a sultry summer day.

The lace-up detailing will ooze the oomph factor. So, it’s best to keep the neckline simple and neat.

18. Stretchable Seamless Corset Top

This is a marriage of two popular fashion trends, crop tops, and corsets. These come in a stretchy fabric for a fitted silhouette.

Long sleeves, a curved hem, and a scoop neckline are ideal for this style.

19. Corset Top with Tie Straps

Tie straps add a topical vibe to the classical charm of a corset top. These straps also impart feminine grace to the outfit.

A fitted bodice and a neatly designed square neckline look the best with the tie straps of a corset top.

20. Unisex Corset Tank Top

Corset tank tops represent gender fluidity as these are ideal for men and women. These resemble the look of a “cuirass” but, of course, in a much laid-back form.

Team it with leather tights or denim jeans to step out in style.

Style Icons Who Shine In Corsets 

Corsets for women are no longer the inner garments that shape your silhouette. They are the outfits to flaunt with all your confidence and style. Everyone from Kim Kardashian and Gigi Hadid to Dua Lipa and Camila Cabello is nailing it in style. 

Also, the corset tops and dresses have been in the fashion ecosystem for quite some time now. Here, I will decode some of my favorite celebrity looks in corset tops.

Camila Cabello’s Corset Look

Camila Cabello nailed it in a corset bodysuit for her appearance at BBC Radio 1 in London. Her sheer mesh corset bodysuit grabbed all the attention for the right reasons. She complimented the bodysuit with high-waisted satin pants, and a floral-printed oversized blazer completed her look.

Gigi Hadid’s Corset Look 

Do you remember Gigi Hadid’s look at the launch party of her clothing brand, Guest in Residence? She added some dreamy and romantic charm into her way of dressing. 

She chose a strapless ivory corset and wore the same over a pink button-down shirt. Her baggy white pants and pink pumps were the best match with her corset. 

Dua Lipa’s Corset Look 

Dua Lipa keeps shining with her corset outfits on many occasions. However, I truly liked one of her looks that became quite popular in 2022. She wore a full-sleeved black corset top with oversized trousers and chunky heels for the occasion. 

Kim Kardashian’s Corset Look

Kim Kardashian is one celeb whom we all love for her unique style statements. So, it’s no wonder that she is a style icon to rock the corset looks. She wears a black corset with a tee and leggings to keep it simple.

Wrapping Up!

A top is an outfit you must procure if you want to stay at the top of your fashion game. You will get to experiment with style and layering and will be able to explore a lot of ideas for layering and pairing.

However, keep three things in your mind while picking corset tops. The 3Fs you need to remember to choose the best one for you: fit, fastening, and fabric.

The fit is determined by the cut and the fastening the top has. If you want the most structured look, go for one with a zipped closure. For a more relaxed fitting, a lace-up fastening will be ideal.

Further, choose the fabric that complements the local climate. Fabrics like cotton or linen are always the safest choices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Why are Corset Tops So Popular?

Ans: Corset tops are very popular because they are appealing and ideal for all body types. Further, these days, these outfits are more comfortable thanks to the use of breathable fabrics and a lot of experimentation in the style and fastening.

These outfits also celebrate quintessential feminine grace by giving a female figure an hourglass silhouette. However, with time, these tops have emerged as outfits for both men and women.  

2. What Bra to Wear with Corset Tops?

Ans: The type of bra to wear with corset tops depends on what type of look you want. If you are wearing an underbust top with a plunging neckline, go for a push-up bra for extra support to your bosom.

However, if you wear a simplistic underbust corset top with a higher neckline, a T-Shirt bra will be an excellent choice to flaunt a seamless look.

An overbust corset outfit will look good with wired and padded bras.

3. Are Corsets Coming Back into Fashion?

Ans: Yes, corsets are coming back into fashion and big time! With a vividness in fabrics, patterns, and styles, they have become every woman’s favorite.

These outfits accentuate the bust line and give the midriff region a slimmer look for an hourglass effect. Also, the corset style is now recreated in tops, tunics, and dresses so that women can embrace this huge fashion trend in the year 2023.

4. How do I Look Good in a Corset Top?

Ans: There are no set rules for looking good in a corset top. You just need to choose the right bottom wear and the layering element based on the style of the top you are wearing.

For example, if you are wearing a simple black top with long sleeves, pair it with a pair of formal pants or a pencil skirt to create the perfect ensemble. Similarly, if you pick a leather top in a corset type for any occasion, a funky mini skirt or a pair of leather tights will do the trick.

5. Can You Wear a Corset with Jeans?

Ans: Yes, you can wear a corset top with jeans. Especially, the variations like the seamless tops or lace-up ones will look great with jeans. However, based on the top you have picked and the occasion, choose the wash and style of the jeans carefully.

Even with the most simplistic design, a corset top is already adding much appeal to your figure and appeal. So, jeans with a darker wash will be better choices than heavy-washed ones or those with ripped detailing. Along with denim jeans, you can also team shorts with your corset-style top to make a fashion statement.

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