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Have You Followed Copenhagen Style This Season? Here Are The 7 Trends For You To Follow

How do you define Danish fashion? For me, it’s like a dopamine rush. With a lot of colors and bold designs, it makes fashion very humane.

Copenhagen style is surely the face of everything excellent this fashion genre has to offer. 

The most exciting part of Copenhagen style clothes is how they exude a laid-back charm. Further, it remains true to its culture and plays with a lot of colors.

So, what does Copenhagen style teach you? Here are the 7 trends you just cannot miss.  

Copenhagen Style Street Fashion: Bring Your A-Game

With Danish fashion brands celebrating Scandi fashion, Copenhagen style becomes the go-to point as we plan to set the wardrobe for the season.

Let’s infuse some joie de vivre in our fashion staples, taking inspiration from the trends. 

The street styles are so compelling that they are shining bright in the Vogue street style suggestions. 

1. Dress And Trouser Combo 

A dress over trousers? Why not if you can keep it authentic and cozy? You know, this is the essence of Copenhagen style, where you can bask in the glory of laid-back dressing. This style is also an ode to “Noughties Fashion.”

Katie Holmes already brought the trend back last year with other biggies like Anne Hathway and Jessica Alba joining the bandwagon. 

To ace this trend, you can team a wide-legged pair of trousers with a dress in a pastel shade. You can further layer the ensemble with a jacket, a bag, and shoes. 

2. Sequins Game For This Season

Shimmer and sequins are not for day dressing. Copenhagen style tells you to get rid of this hackneyed idea.

This season, grab a sequin skirt or dress and complement it with a matching cardigan and socks. Trust me! This look works! 

3. Copenhagen Street Style Sheer Skirt And Jacket Combo

Sheer is never out of style, and the Copenhagen trend gives it an even higher pedestal to create ripples. With a hint of cowgirl fashion and the essence of Scandinavian culture, this ensemble is an absolute favorite of mine.

This season, you can wear a sheer or lace skirt teamed with a sweater top and oversized leather jacket. Also, go for black boots to put your best foot forward. 

4. Trench Coat: Bringing The Holly Golightly Vibe

Danish fashion never shies away from celebrating transitions. So, you can also explore the trans-seasonal ideas inspired by the Copenhagen style.

Here is a wonderful fusion of summer and autumn as you team a strapless top with a trench coat. Also, the trench coat makes the ensemble very much in line with Holly Golightly’s vibe

So, what are the essentials you need for this look? Team your denim jeans with a strapless or corset top, then layer the ensemble with a trench coat. Pick the trench coat in a complementary shade so that it can shine through your overall appearance. 

For example, if you wear blue denim jeans and a black top, go for a trench coat in beige or orange. 

Here is another small tip for you. Try to match your purse with your shoes to make a fashion statement. 

5. Jackets With Wide-Legged Trousers

Fashion has become boisterous, with the jacket and trousers combo emerging as a Copenhagen style trend. 

Jackets look great with perfect tailoring, and a structured jacket can more than makeup for an otherwise lousy ensemble.

So, this season, you are going to need a boxy or oversized jacket to amp up your fashion quotient. Team it with wide-legged trousers, pump shoes, and voguish glares to look stylish. 

You can match the color of the jacket with the trousers, or you can go for contrasting shades. As you like it!

6. Sweatshirts And Jumpsuits

Layering at another level! This Copenhagen style trend defines street style fashion at its best. Team a denim jumpsuit with a cardigan to feel cozy on days when the mercury is a little down.

Go for contrasting shades in the jumpsuit and knit. Now, team it with a pair of Crocs, glares, and a neatly tied-up hairstyle.

If you are not a great fan of jumpsuits, you can try the trick with a stylish skirt. While donning the knit and skirt combo, wear black boots to put your best foot forward. 

You can also go for casual sneakers if you want the overall look to be sporty. 

7. Classic Top, Trousers And Jacket Combo

Some classic combos are never out of fashion. This top, trouser, and jacket combination is the staple for working women who want to fuse comfort with fashion. 

The trend is so easy to follow that you can copy it with the staples lying in your wardrobe. However, keep the ensemble color coordinated.

For example, if you are wearing a white top with black stripes, go for white wide-legged trousers and a black leather jacket.

In footwear, pick black boots or shoes to keep the overall look in sync.

You can try the same ensemble in different shades and experiment with the color combinations.

In addition, wear a neat hairstyle with a simple middle parting or a regular ponytail and glares. 

Final Words 

Copenhagen style opens up a new avenue of fashion in front of you. The idea here is to keep your ensemble comfortable and stylish with creative ideas.

Once you start exploring the Copenhagen fashion ideas, you will understand how Danish fashion brands are working on these trends. 

The brands are keeping their collections casual, vibrant, and easy to style. So, from the leather jacket to the basic top and trouser set, you now need to decide which one you want to emulate.

In terms of footwear, here, you will find the presence of comfortable shoes with a stylish appearance. 

Along with the ideas I have shared, you can also try the shorts, top, and cardigan combination. Another combination to try to master this trend is an oversized shirt with a flared skirt. It’s very vintage!

What is your favorite fashion trend inspired by Copenhagen style? Don’t forget to share!

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