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9 Contemporary Ways to Wear Leather

Leather jackets have long been a quintessential wardrobe staple. Not only are they virtually effortless to wear, but they also suit every season: a casual evening cover-up for warmer months, or a stunning way to layer up during colder weather. Leather jackets are ideal for dressing up jeans and casual wear or dressing down more formal day or evening wear.

So many of us treasure the leather jacket in our wardrobe, a much-loved friend and companion that’s traveled far with us for many years.

However, it’s all too easy to leave our relationship with leather there. That would be regrettable. Contemporary, beautiful, and wearable leather pieces extend beyond jackets, and many more pieces deserve a place in any modern wardrobe.

Soft, delicate leathers are handcrafted into luxurious shirts and dresses; sleeker, more structured skirts and trousers are equally appealing, and the range of colorways means that it is easy to find a leather piece that would make a beautiful addition to your wardrobe.

Here are some suggestions for key pieces to look out for in 2021:

1. Contemporary leather jackets

leather jackets

Whether or not the classic black biker jacket is for you, you’re bound to love one of these contemporary leather coats or jackets.

Softly-styled Nappa

Nappa leather is soft and smooth to the touch, with a very luxurious look. Nappa pieces are cool to wear- this leather is breathable- and comfortable. It’s a lightweight material too, making it even more versatile.

Look out for Nappa leather jackets in pale, contemporary colors, ideally those that make the most of the material’s softness. For example, jackets with drawstrings or buttons, or a relaxed, loose fit. Combined with the iconic cropped style and self-adjustable high collar, soft Nappa leather jackets are a stunning update on a classic look.

Trench coat

A softer leather is also a beautiful way of updating another classic: the trench coat. It tempers and mellows the silhouette of what is usually a bolder, more structured style. Soft leather-like calf or pony skin gathers beautifully at the waist and drapes softly across the shoulders for a contemporary twist on this classic military style.

Fringe suede

Fringe suede is a bold, confident style. Once reserved for cowboys and cowgirls, it is now equally at home on the streets of the world’s fashion capitals. Suede is a heavyweight material, adding both warmth and making a huge style statement at once. Fringe suede jackets look amazing layered with wool sweaters, denim, or even elegant office wear. Opt for sleeveless for the perfect finishing touch to many outfits.

2. The leather jumpsuit

leather jumpsuit

Soft-to-the-touch Nappa leather is the ideal material for the utilitarian jumpsuit. A leather jumpsuit is made elegant by subtle detailing, so look for asymmetric zips or buttons, or a stylish collar or detail around the neck that can be dressed in a beautiful scarf or necklace.

3. A soft shirt-dress

A perfect relaxed but luxurious look, a leather shirt-dress may become one of the most treasured pieces in your wardrobe. This a look that is virtually effortless to wear. Seek out the softest leather so that it drapes beautifully across the shoulders. A belted shirt-dress is an incredibly flattering style that is forever stylish. This would be a purchase impossible to regret.

4. A white leather shirt

The white shirt is a style classic that has a home in every wardrobe. For a contemporary version, look for a soft, white leather shirt. A slim fit in the softest leather is incredibly elegant and could be worn for dressed down dining or as office wear.

Leather is a material that shows off stylish stitching perfectly. Look for exceptional workmanship on the collar, cuffs, and pockets that illustrate the care that has gone into making this garment.

5. The oversized top

oversized top

Leather is brought right up-to-date with an oversized top. Oversized doesn’t mean shapeless or boring- far from it. Firstly, you need to find a beautiful soft leather, like Nappa, that ruches perfectly for a flattering fit, perhaps with a drawstring waist. After that, it’s all in the details. There are lots of options out there. Designers are experimenting with color blocking, different necklines, and beautiful detailing like meshwork and decorative stitching. This is a really fun look to wear.

6. A leather corset

This is an incredible look, especially when paired with a long-line skirt in a contrasting fabric, such as chiffon. Leather corset makes a bold statement and is a perfect alternative to an evening dress. A leather corset should contour your body shape, meaning that it should be lined for comfort, preferably in silk, and boned to keep its shape.

7. The pencil skirt

pencil skirt

A pencil skirt created using leather presents a very neat, highly elegant silhouette. For a minimalist look, seek out a leather skirt in white leather which can be teamed with an elegant blouse or more structured jacket. Again, look for evidence of the highest standard of workmanship in the stitching, pocket details and buttons, because in a sleek, simple piece like this, these details really stand out.

8. Pleated trousers

For leather trousers, you need to look behind the skinny jeans or biker look for a more contemporary trend. Pleated leather trousers in soft Nappa leather provide a more sophisticated, elegant look better suited for formal occasions. Leather pleated trousers look incredible paired with delicate fabrics, like chiffon or cashmere. For all-day comfort, make sure you choose a pair that are lined in a fabric pleasant to the touch, like silk.

9. Suede lounge pants

Suede takes loungewear to a different level. With leather or suede, lounge pants are refined enough to wear to almost any occasion. Comfort remains an important element of slouchy loungewear so expect elasticated drawstring waists and hem cuffs. However, to take the loungewear up a notch look for detailed stitching, even patterned hand cutting to add interest.

The nine options for wearing leather are eclectic. There are smarter looks, sophisticated evening wear, and dressed-down luxe: something for all style lovers. Hopefully, you’ll find room for one or two of these pieces in your contemporary wardrobe, alongside your classic leather jacket.

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