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Top 10 Color Block Fashion Ideas In 2023

Are you looking for the perfect summertime outfit? Then all means, go for the color block fashion. Don’t know what color blocking is, then you are at the right place. 

Here I am going to give you fashion 101 about color block fashion and also how you should style different color block clothes. So if you are into the whole idea of color block fashion, then keep on going and find out what colors are trending this summer season. 

What Do We Mean By Color Block Fashion? 

Before getting more into color block fashion, it is important that we take one step back and learn what is color blocking and what are colour block clothes. So the trend of wearing color block styles came in the early 1960s, and it became an instant hit as soon as it debuted. 

The styling trend actually indicates that you wear two or three different colors, or you can wear colors that are contradictory to each other. That way, if you pick the right colors, then they are gonna be really eye-catchy and perfect for the summer months as well. 

How To Do Color Block Fashion?

How To Do Color Block Fashion?

So first, let’s start with how exactly you are going to style color block clothes that are gonna look good and well put together. There are a few steps that you need to follow to create the perfect color block outfits. 

1. Start With Something Small

Whenever you are starting a new fashion trend, it is important that you start with something small and then go towards bigger things. So taking smaller steps, wear a preppy colored top or bottom, or you can even choose accessories with solid block colors. 

Now if you want, you can also wear a bright colored jacket or even carry a solid colored handbag with your outfit to make it stand out. 

And remember that when you are stepping into the color block fashion zone, you cannot wear bold or bright makeup, or else your outfit won’t stand out. 

2. Pick A Theme

When you are wearing color combinations of more than two or three, then you need to plan ahead of time so that your looks are perfectly aligned with the colors that you choose. 

So when you are choosing a skirt, pants, or top of a particular color, you need to keep that in mind while choosing the accessories that you might carry with the outfit. With your outfit, make sure that your jewelry and bag match, not with the color but with the whole vibe. 

3. Monochrome Mania

With color blocking clothes, you can easily mix the aesthetic of the monochrome colors and shades. Taking into account the monochrome shades, you can wear color shades that are either lighter or darker than the actual color. 

To create a color block fashion moment, you need to keep wearing colors that are contrasting or even if they are of different shades of the same color. 

4. Wear Colors From The Same Color Group

When you are picking two different colors for your outfits, then you need to keep both colors in the same color group or family. It means you can either pick the colors to be muted, pastel, bright, or dull shades. 

Picking one color to be pastel and the other bright shade won’t look great together. This way of picking colors so that at the end of the day, the outfit looks cohesive together. 

5. Go For Dramatic Contrast 

When you are already going forward with color block fashion, it doesn’t make sense to make the whole look boring. If you are quite comfortable with the color block style, then you can easily go with something a bit more dramatic and loud. 

Step out of your comfort zone totally and wear colors that are totally contrasting to each other such as red & yellow or green & blue. Or you can even experiment with pastel shades as well. 

Top 10 Color Block Fashion 

Now that you are aware of what actually color block fashion is, you can now experiment with the colors and styles of your liking. So scroll down to look at some of the color shades that you can try out. 

1. Yellow Blazer With Colorful Pants

If you are just stepping into wearing color block outfits, then you might wanna play it safe at first. You might try out by wearing a color block jacket, like a yellow jacket, and with that multicolored or even tye-dyed pants. 

Then if you want you can match your shoes or bag with the yellow color blocked jacket. That you are wearing. But don’t forget to keep your makeup to a minimum. 

2. Blue Top With Orange Palazzo

When I say to wear contrasting colors, you can also mix and match warm and cool colors all the time. For example, if you are wearing a blue top of any shade, then you might think of wearing black or even white pants with it. 

But I would say try wearing an orange palazzo, and you will see how the look completely changes, and you will also feel great stepping out of that comfort zone. 

The colors blue and orange are a great combo if worn together, as the colors complement each other perfectly. 

3. Black Tops And Yellow Pants

If you are going with black as your color block style, then you can never look anything other than absolutely gorgeous. Suppose you are choosing the color black as your top, then you can pair absolutely any colored pants, but I prefer the color yellow. 

That way, with the color black, yellow suits pretty well and also get a chance actually to stand out. You can even match your accessories by wearing statement yellow earrings with the whole outfit. 

4. Powder Blue Suit With Red Statement Earrings

Powder Blue Suit With Red Statement Earrings

You might be thinking that you can only wear color blocked outfits only with clothes, then you are totally wrong. You can always wear clothes of a single color and wear contrasting accessories. 

Like if you are wearing a powder blue suit, then you can easily wear gorgeous statement earrings in colors like red or similar shades. That way, both the outfit and earrings are gonna be highlighted. 

5. Mint Green Top With Yellow Skirt

Mint Green Top With Yellow Skirt

If you see the constant theme of the outfit choices, then you will see that wearing warmer shades with cool tones is constant. Here as well, you can see the mixing of colors like mint green and yellow is a stroke of genius. 

The colors are perfectly contrasting each other, and if you wear a mint green top with a yellow skirt and they will perfectly complement each other. Since both the colors are light shades, they are both gonna stand out and won’t outshine one another. 

6. Blue Crop Top And Yellow Skirt

Earlier, I told you about pairing orange pants with blue tops, but now let’s pair a yellow skirt with a cute blue crop top. The crop top that you wear can be of any shade of blue that you want; it will perfectly complement the yellow skirt. 

The color block fashion of wearing colors of different is very popular. Now coming to the outfit, you can also add a yellow shoulder bag matching the skirt that you are wearing. By adding all these, your outfit will become complete. 

7. Denim Blue Outfit With Bright Red Shoes

Denim Blue Outfit With Bright Red Shoes

The colors blue and red are perfect contrasts of each other since they are opposite in the color scale. Due to that, both these colors go perfectly with each other. 

And suppose you are wearing a gorgeous blue denim outfit, and if you pair bright red shoes with that, then the whole outfit is gonna look damn hot. 

8. Orange Pants With A Pink Sweater

Maybe I am having a little bit of Barbie fever, but the colors pink and orange really go great together. So if you want to follow the Barbiecore fashion trend, then you should definitely pair these two colors together for a color block fashion moment. 

What you can do is wear a midi pink skirt and pair an orange knitted sweater with that on top, and you are all set. And to feel more like Barbie, you can also wear pink shoes and carry a pink purse with your outfit. 

9. Pastel Blue Top With Pastel Pink Skirt

Pastel Blue Top With Pastel Pink Skirt

Suppose you are someone who loves to wear beautiful pastel shades; then also you can be a part of the color block fashion trend. Just like any other color shade, the whole range of pastel shades is gorgeous when put together in an outfit. 

So if you wanna create a pastel color block outfit, then you can pair a pastel pink skirt with a similar pastel blue top, and your whole outfit is complete. 

At the same time, make sure that you don’t wear shoes that are too bright; that way, the focus will go to your shoes and not your whole outfit. 

10. Black Top And White Pants

The age-old combination of black and white is something that will stay forever. There are a lot of amazing outfit combinations when it comes to black and white. Wearing white tops with black bottoms is a forever classic, but I like it in reverse. 

With white pants and black tops, the whole look is hard to resist. And if you pair black heels and a black clutch with it, then you are good to go anywhere you want. 

Wrapping Up!

Well, there you go; these were a few evergreen and latest color block fashion ideas that you should try out in 2023. Most of these colors are quite common, so you won’t have a problem creating a full outfit. 

Now if you think that you can get behind a trend like color blocking, then this article is gonna help you a lot. And if you find this article informative and helpful, then give it a well deserved like, and also don’t forget to comment down below.

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