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What Are Coconut Girl Outfits? Make The Perfect Summer Wardrobe This Season

How about fusing some serious Y2K charm with beach-inspired fashion this season? If this finds you well, Coconut Girl outfits are going to be your wardrobe heroes.

TikTok has made this aesthetic huge, and there is no dearth of pop culture references either. The most prominent one I can think of now is, of course, Rihanna in If It’s Lovin’ That You Want, a music video. 

Like every aesthetic, Coconut Girl also has a staple color palette and affinity toward some particular patterns.

In this guide, we will discuss how this aesthetic celebrates the shades of pastel, crochet, and floral prints. So, let’s begin!

Coconut Girl Outfits: Understanding The Aesthetic

Do you want to get transported to serene beaches this summer? Coconut Girl outfits will take you there. Further, thanks to the presence of the Y2K element and Surfer Girl fashion, Coconut Girl outfits are also ideal for your daily dose of fashion in summer

In the Coconut Girl aesthetic, you will find a lot of presence of green, blue, white, pink, and purple. In patterns, floral and abstract prints rule supreme in these outfits.

Further, there are crochet tops and dresses, bikini sets, wrap skirts, and floral dresses, making you dream about summer vacations by the ocean. 

Accessorizing is very important in Coconut Girl aesthetics. You can wear jewelry pieces made of pearls, seashells, or beads. Also, don’t forget your oversized sunglasses and bucket hats to ace the perfect Coconut Girl look. 

Coconut Girl Outfits: Clothes With An Eclectic Influence

Have you watched Blue Crush? This 2000 hit is a big pop culture influence when we talk about Coconut Girl outfits. This aesthetic promotes bright colors and an abundance of sea-inspired designs. 

With a heavy influence of Y2K fashion and Surfer Girl elements, this fashion aesthetic invokes nostalgia. It helps us to connect to happier days.

Also, in this aesthetics, there is a renewed importance on comfort, and hence, you will be able to easily connect to its relaxed vibe. 

Also, the carefree designs and bright colors in Coconut Girl clothes emanate happiness, which we are all looking for in these days full of complications. 

However, these outfits are not just about the happier past you want to connect to. It is also about aspirations for a happy and worry-free life.

You will also find the presence of opposites in the way it accommodates a laid-back charm with some essential posh vibes

Best Coconut Girl Outfits You Can Have This Summer 

Are you ready to take a trip to the Hawaiian beaches, Florida, or Southern California this season? Here, I have curated the coolest Coconut Girl outfits that you can try.

1. White And Blue Striped Top

You can get inspired by nautical fashion and choose a white top with bold blue stripes. It is versatile enough to complement any bottom wear of your choice. 

2. Floral Handkerchief Top

Handkerchief tops are sexy, and they will take you to the 2000s with their distinct fashion charm. A floral pattern on these handkerchief tops looks pretty and has a tropical flavor. 

Wear your favorite handkerchief top with denim shorts or a midi skirt to make a distinct style statement. 

3. Abstract Printed Wrap Skirt

Nothing defines beach-inspired fashion like wrap skirts. So, this summer, as a connoisseur of the Coconut Girl aesthetic, you must choose a wrap skirt with abstract prints. 

Wear the wrap skirt with a bralette, tank top, or bikini top to enjoy the perfect fusion of style and comfort. 

4. Tie And Dye Outfit

Tie and dye outfits have a happy and boho vibe that goes well with the spirit of summer. Further, like the best Coconut Girl outfits, tie and dye clothes have a relaxed and happy feel.

You can choose a tie and dye top and wear it with denim jeans. Further, you can get a tie and dye dress for yourself to wear to a beach party with friends. 

5. Floral Printed Wrap Dress

The quintessential beachy vibe of a floral printed wrap dress is hard to ignore. Choose brighter shades for this wrap dress to celebrate the vivaciousness of summer. You can complement the outfit with a matching headband and retro-style sunglasses. 

6. Crochet Crop Top

If you are confused about the perfect outfit to boost your Coconut Girl look, you can choose a crochet crop top for you.

The texture of crochet exudes a nostalgic charm, and it’s closer to fashion in the 2000s. Explore different options to complement your crochet top perfectly. For me, it looks the best with denim shorts. 

7. Halter Neck Crochet Dress

A halter neck crochet dress will be the sexiest outfit to be the poster girl of Coconut Girl fashion. Wear this halter neck crochet dress with high heels and a top knot. 

Based on your choice, you can experiment with the length of your crochet dress. A crochet outfit with a maxi dress will give you the much-acclaimed mermaid vibes. 

8. Baby T-Shirt With Floral Embroidery

How about fusing some vintage charm with some contemporary twists into your daily dose of fashion? To enjoy optimum comfort and look stylish, you can wear a baby T-shirt for casual outings and date nights.

A touch of floral embroidery will make the baby T-shirt unique, and you can team it with denim jeans or shorts. 

9. Purple Off-Shoulder Maxi Dress

Are you heading to a cocktail party? Do you have a friend’s meeting to attend? Why don’t you get decked up in a purple off-shoulder maxi dress?

This outfit with a flowy silhouette will be a celebration of the true spirit of the Coconut Girl aesthetic. You can wear it with a pearl jewelry set and a sling clutch to complete your party look.  

10. Floral Hawaiian Shirt

Hawaiian shirts are known for their relaxed vibe and the sheer comfort they offer. This season, you can choose a Hawaiian shirt with floral or nature-inspired prints.

Wear this shirt with cool denim shorts and sneakers while setting off for a trip to the beach. 

11. Ruffled Mini Dress With Dot Prints

You can celebrate the retro charm of the Coconut Girl aesthetic by choosing a ruffled mini dress with dot prints. The ruffle pattern will elevate the design, while the dot prints will take you to the 1980s. 

To add more character to the design of this outfit, you can choose puff sleeves. This ruffled dress will look excellent with a string of pearls. 

12. Tank Top

A tank top is the most essential or basic element you can have in your Coconut Girl wardrobe. It can be your standalone topwear, looking cool with shorts, skirts, and full-length trousers.

You can also pick it to wear beneath your Hawaiian shirt or crochet over top for some textured fun. 

13. Spaghetti Strap Dress

Spaghetti straps are widely preferred in Coconut Girl outfits. A spaghetti strap dress with a square neck will allow you to flaunt your beautiful cleavage.

Further, on breezy summer afternoons, this dress will be a perfect choice for optimum breathability.

You can wear braids and ponytails with this spaghetti-strap dress to be the perfect Coconut Girl this season. 

14. Floral Pleated Midi Skirt

A floral pleated midi skirt will be an excellent choice for a Coconut Girl who wants to look pretty on an afternoon stroll.

The floral pattern keeps the outfit true to the Coconut Girl vibe, while the pleats in the skirt ensure movement and add texture to the overall design.

Are you looking for a perfect match for this floral pleated skirt? You can wear it with a crochet top or a tank top to look graceful. It will even look great with a baby T-shirt. 

15. Floral Backless Dress

Raise the mercury this summer by making an appearance in a floral backless dress. This dress is versatile and, hence, ideal for casual outings and pool parties. 

Elevate your sex appeal in this outfit by wearing a topknot and seashell necklace with it. 

16. Floral Linen Pants

The beauty of the Coconut Girl aesthetic lies in how it allows you to indulge in sheer comfort. Linen pants are breathable, and they offer a soft touch against your skin.

So, if you have plans of spending hours by the sea, or have outdoor chores to do for long hours, these pants will be your BFFs.

The floral pattern on the pants further matches the happy spirit of the Coconut Girl aesthetic. You can wear these linen pants with a crop top or a baby T-shirt to complete your look. 

17. Lace Mini Dress With Puff Sleeves

If you want to infuse some feminine charm into your Coconut Girl outfits, why don’t you choose a white lace mini-dress? Go for one with puff sleeves to keep the nostalgic vibe intact in this outfit.

Wear the lace mini dress with a braided bun and a white beaded necklace to look pristine. 

18. Tiered Party Dress

Summer parties are fun with chilled booze and tropical breezes. Get party-ready in minutes by picking a tiered party dress in white or any pastel shade. 

This tiered dress has a distinct texture. Complement the dress with seashell necklaces and a straw hat. 

19. Crochet Coordinate Sets

It’s hard to imagine a Coconut Girl wardrobe without crochet essentials. The crochet knit is perfect for summer thanks to optimized breathability and it’s sexy! 

So, if you are planning to hit the beach or just have a pool party to attend this summer, you must wear a crochet coordinate set.

Choose neutral shades like beige, cream or white for this crochet coordinate set. 

20. White Straight-Cut Trousers

As I mentioned earlier, you cannot overlook the quintessential posh vibes of the Coconut Girl aesthetic. So, there is no wonder in white straight-cut trousers being your wardrobe hero this season. 

You can style these trousers based on the occasion you need to attend. These trousers will look great with a tube top or a regular baby T-shirt.

Do you want to create some layering? You can choose a crochet shrug or jacket to finish your layered look. 

21. Ripped Denim Jeans With A Fringed Hemline

Coconut Girl outfits are much beyond those flared dresses and skirts. To add the right touch of ruggedness, you can try wearing a pair of ripped jeans with a fringed hemline. 

Your ripped denim jeans will find its perfect complement in a cami top or crochet top. 

22. White Floral Mini Skirt

Keep it flirty and feminine by getting dolled up in a white floral mini-skirt. Choose combinations like red and white or white and blue to remain true to the Coconut Girl vibe. 

You don’t need to put much thought into styling your white floral mini skirt. A bralette, a tank top, and a high-SPF sunscreen are all you need to rock your look in your favorite skirt. 

23. Striped Bodycon Dress

A striped bodycon dress can be your ultimate Coconut Girl outfit with a contemporary twist. It will also flaunt your curves. 

These striped bodycon outfits are easy to style, and you can wear them with any footwear of your choice to put your best foot forward.

Don’t forget your bucket hat and those funky glares to add a touch of glam to your appearance. 

24. Leopard-Print Keyhole Neck Dress 

Coconut Girl outfits exude a retro charm. So, why not bring the signature leopard prints of the 1980s back into your daily dose of fashion? 

Choose a leopard print outfit with a keyhole neck to get ready for a casual outing or coffee date. Tie your hair into a low chignon with the tresses at the front caressing your face. 

Final Words 

Coconut girl outfits have a touch of nostalgia, and thanks to the signature bright colors, they also connect to the quintessential summer vibe. Further, these clothes are relaxed, making your daily dose of fashion convenient and comfortable. 

Also, because of the free-flowing nature of this aesthetic, you can always mix and match with the outfit staples and accessories. 

So, are you ready to show your love for beaches and add a fresh touch to your summer fashion? You can check out the outfit ideas I have discussed here.

Also, do you have other insights about the Coconut Girl aesthetic and the outfits inspired by it? Don’t forget to share them with us! 

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