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Coastal Grandma Style: Knowing The Aesthetic And Perfecting It In 2024

Do you remember Meryl Streep in It’s Complicated? If you observe carefully, she has a distinct way of dressing. Her linen pants and sweaters in neutral shades were quite similar to minimalist fashion.

However, this airy and elegant way of dressing has developed a distinct identity for itself as the coastal grandma style.

The coastal grandma aesthetic is not just about the clothes you wear. It’s a way of living that reflects through how you dress up and do your home. There is something unmistakably polished in this so-called informal aesthetic

Here is a sneak peek into this aesthetic that has been there for quite some time but is having a major pop-culture revival this season.

What Is Coastal Grandma Style?

Like many fashion aesthetics and subcultures ruling this season, it is an escape aesthetic. It helps us connect to easier times.

Further, it is as comforting as the Sunrays coming through a large white window and caressing the pristine white voile bedsheet of your room. 

In addition, as the name suggests, this aesthetic transports you to the seashores, which come with different magics in various seasons. Understanding the color palettes, textures, patterns, fabrics, and elements of the coastal grandma style will help us understand the aesthetic better.

The Relaxed And Elegant Mood Of Coastal Grandma Aesthetic

Coastal grandma style is quite similar to old money or quiet luxury. However, there is a laid-back charm in the way of dressing. The style is graceful and warm, with pleasant colors and clean designs.

In a way, the mood is something between old money and the free spirit of boho chic.  

Signature Color Palettes And Patterns In Coastal Grandma

Similar to minimalist fashion, you will find the presence of neutral shades in the coastal grandma clothes and decor. So, the chosen colors are beige, cream, ivory, and white. You will also find the use of nature-inspired shades like pale blue, taupe, tan, sky blue, and greige. 

With these shades as the core of your clothes, you can be as creative as you want with the patterns. However, coastal grandma clothes do not have many embellishments to remain true to the natural vibe. 

Dominating Textures And Materials In Coastal Grandma Fashion

You will find versatility in the use of fabrics in coastal grandma outfits. From linen and pure cotton to twills and sheer fabric, there are many weaves and textures, bringing a distinct finish to these clothes. 

Further, in coastal grandma style, you will see the abundance of various types of knitwear. These knitted outfits exude ultimate sophistication, which aligns with this particular aesthetic.

The Touch Of Individuality In Coastal Grandma Fashion

With a neutral color palette and a seamless charm, the coastal grandma style always allows you to celebrate your individuality. So, you can always glam up your coastal grandma outfits with strokes or accents of bold colors.

You don’t need to go for a complete wardrobe overhaul to adopt this style into your daily dose of fashion.

You can always mix and match and be creative with the basic elements like straight-cut trousers and simple button-down shirts lying in your closet.

Overall, the coastal grandma outfits you wear can be your interpretation of the aesthetic and the lifestyle beliefs you want to emanate.

Coastal Grandma Aesthetic: The Reflection Of Lifestyle In Fashion

The coastal grandma style shows your beliefs and the way you want to live your life. There is nostalgia oozing out through the color palettes, textures, and patterns you choose.

At the same time, there is a sprinkle of freshness in the right amount. Does it sound too poetic? That’s the beauty of the coastal grandma decor and clothes.

You hold on to your good old times, and yet you take a step forward and relish your present very much. The presence of vintage clothes in coastal grandma wardrobes will vouch for this fact.

The clothes, much like the coastal grandma’s way of living, want to create a connection, promote relaxation, and encourage an effortless or clean lifestyle. 

It’s the white, beige or greige talking in your wardrobe, right?

Is Coastal Grandma In Style In 2024?

Yes, coastal grandma is still in style in 2024. You will find names like Selena Gomez and Anne Hathway sporting this aesthetic on many occasions.

Further, to make a note, you must know that these stars have been sporting this style even before TikTok made it a sensation. 

Being minimalistic and classy, this is one of the aesthetics that will continue to make its present felt amidst changing fashion trends. 

But have you ever wondered what the exact reasons behind the popularity of this aesthetic this season might be? Along with the nostalgia factor, which is pretty much present in almost all the major fashion trends this season, there are many other reasons behind this trend emerging as a current favorite.

This Style Is Timeless

The vintage charm and quiet elegance of coastal grandma fashion make it timeless. So, if you pick your elements right, your wardrobe is never going to be out of fashion. 

It is not boastful, and it’s about poise that has been the most appreciable thing about fashion, irrespective of the era we belong to. 

A Sustainable Fashion Choice

The use of natural fabrics makes coastal grandma clothes eco-friendly. At the same time, this lifestyle or fashion aesthetic focuses on the importance of upcycling your existing or vintage clothes

As a result, you don’t feel the need to buy new clothes every now and then. Instead, you can always come up with something new with the same clothes and different methods of layering and texturing. 

Comfort Rules In Coastal Grandma Style

You will find natural fabrics in the coastal grandma clothes. These fabrics are ideal for various seasons, and even the elements like knit cardigans and coats offer the warm embrace you need during winter. 

The comfort factor in these outfits also lies in the simple cuts and designs. Further, the element of nostalgia makes your outfits and the way of dressing more “meaningful” or “thoughtful.”

Personalize The Way You Want

As I have already mentioned, this way of dressing allows you to flaunt your individuality. Further, in this style, you can easily wear the vintage clothes that you have got as a gift from your mother or granny. So, your dress can depict a very personal story about your fashion choices and traditions. 

Also, you don’t need to blindly follow the latest fashion trends to ace the coastal grandma’s way of dressing. 

Coastal Grandmother And Coastal Granddaughter: Being Classy Vs. Being Trendy?

With the coastal grandma style being on the rise, the coastal granddaughter style has also made its presence felt in the fashion ecosystem.

Now, as the names suggest, comfort and a relaxed vibe are the two most important factors in both ways of dressing. However, there are differences in the choice of clothes, colors, and cuts. 

To put it in simple words, a coastal granddaughter is a way trendier take on the classic coastal grandma fashion. Unlike the coastal grandma fashion, the coastal granddaughter style promotes wearing denim shorts, oversized shirts, and sweatshirts. Closer to the boho vibe, it allows the easiest hairstyles, including those regular messy buns. 

Having said that, you may notice some similarities in the ways of accessorizing the outfits in both fashion aesthetics.

You can find the same blue or white scarf suitable to complement both types of outfits and the same linen pants as your saviors when you cannot go out in those denim shorts.

Observing from a distance, the difference between coastal grandmother and coastal granddaughter fashion is like the difference in opinions any regular granny and her granddaughter would have.

The same sassiness and attitude are there, but with their own interpretations of clothing and accessories. 

How To Rock The Coastal Grandma Style 2024?

The beachy and casual charm of coastal grandma fashion is impressive. However, it never fails to score high on elegance.

This aesthetic is most suitable for summer, thanks to the seaside vibe. However, it also has fun elements to make fashion fun in other seasons.

1. White Button-Down Shirt

Comfort and elegance could not have a better meeting ground than a white button-down shirt. Wear it as a standalone top or a layering element for your tee. 

Denim jeans and formal trousers look great with these shirts.

2. White Regular T-Shirt

A regular white t-shirt will be the perfect essential that will give you the perfect chance to be creative with layering and textures.

3. Blue And White Striped Shirt

Be the perfect coastal grandmother diva with an element of working-women style by choosing a white and blue striped shirt for you.

Wear it with any trousers of your choice.

4. Linen Beige Pants

You will not need to lose your sleep over the right choice of bottom wear when you have a well-tailored pair of beige linen pants in your closet.

Consider pairing it with a simple button-down shirt to look elegant.

5. Cardigans

You will find the perfect autumn or winter outfit in a well-knit cardigan. Cardigans are versatile, and you can wear them over dresses, tops, and shirts with equal grace.

6. Turtleneck T-Shirt

When there is a nip in the air, a turtleneck t-shirt in white or black can be your perfect coastal grandma outfit.

You just need a pair of denim jeans to complement your T-shirt.

7. White Midi Dress

Comfort and elegance go hand in hand in a well-tailored white midi dress. To ace coastal grandma style this season, you can choose a similar outfit for you with minimal detailing and simple cuts.

You can accessorize it with a simple straw hat and sleek earrings.

8. Greige Shirt Dress

Do you want to keep your fashion statement simple yet sexy? It’s time you choose a shirt dress in a neutral shade like greige. 

To add definition to your overall appearance, you can accessorize the dress with a leather waistbelt.

9. Well-Structured Blazer

Are you heading up to a business meeting, or do you need to dress up for formal occasions? Channel your love for coastal grandma fashion properly by wearing a well-tailored blazer in white or beige.

It will find its best complement in a white formal shirt and straight-cut trousers.

10. Black And White Striped Tops

Black and white stripes are classics that never go out of vogue. Further, these contrasting stripes are reminiscent of fashion in various retro eras. You can see the stripes in clothes of the 80s, 90s, and 2000s with different twists.

Nevertheless, you can wear a black and white striped top with white pants and pumps to complete your look.

11. Floral Dress With Puff Sleeves

You can keep it feminine with the boho vibe intact by wearing a floral dress with puff sleeves. This dress exudes the perfect holiday spirit and is the most comfortable one you can think of.

However, make sure that the sleeves are not extra puffy.

12. Crochet Knit Top

Do you want to enjoy the airy vibe of coastal grandma style to the fullest? It’s time to wear a white crochet knit top and head to a coffee date in style.

This crochet top, based on its length, will be a perfect match for a wide range of bottomwear. You can wear it with denim jeans, trousers or skirts of your choice.

13. Taupe Coat

For a formal look or a smart casual appearance, a taupe coat will be the ideal outer layer for your outfit. However, make sure that the tailoring is on point.

Team this taupe coat up with a basic shirt and a pair of straight linen pants to make a distinct style statement.

14. Flared Trousers

Infusing some serious retro charm into your fashion, you can opt for a pair of flared pants to make your coastal grandma fashion on point. 

These flared trousers will look good with basic tops, tees, or shirts based on the occasion you are getting ready for.

15. Square Neck Sleeveless Dress

Are you heading to a fun party or a coffee date with your partner? You can try a square neck sleeveless white dress to look sassy without compromising the comfort quotient.

Consider teaming it with Mary Jane shoes or ballerinas to put your best foot forward.

Final Words

The coastal grandma style is comforting yet elegant. It comes from your love for leading a healthy and relaxed lifestyle.

The color palette in this aesthetic is neutral, and the clean designs of the outfit always remind you of minimalist fashion.

The use of natural fabrics in coastal grandma clothes also makes it an eco-friendly or ethical choice. Having said that, these outfits with some prominent vintage charm are ideal as contemporary fashion choices, as Katie Holmes, Anne Hathway, Selena Gomez, and many others have embraced this style with open arms.

So, if you feel inspired and want to adopt the coastal grandma style into your daily dose of fashion, you can check out the ideas I have discussed here.

Also, if you have other insights to share about this aesthetic, do not forget to share them with us!

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