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Coastal Grandma Fashion Hairstyles That You Can Try This Season

Coastal grandma fashion continues to spill magic with its relaxed yet elegant appeal. Matching the luxury of old money and the poise of minimalist fashion, this aesthetic has made its way through the choice of outfits, home decor, makeup, and the way we wear our hair.

Coastal grandmother outfits are simple, and they have a muted color palette. So, your hairstyle needs to have a classy touch, complementing the clothes you wear.

Further, the hairstyle you choose will depend on your hair type, length, and the shape of your face. 

Do you want to adopt a coastal grandmother look by wearing your hair right? Here are the hairstyles that you can try this season.

What Is So Special About A Coastal Grandma Fashion Hairstyle?

Backed by TikTok, the coastal grandma fashion is back with a bang this season. Matching the core vibe of the aesthetic, a coastal style hairdo is simple and adds a touch of softness to your appearance.

Further, effortlessness should remain at the heart of a coastal grandmother hairstyle, exuding your free spirit. 

A coastal grandmother hairstyle from TikTok must look fresh and tidy without many accessories. Further, it should not be haughty in style and have just the right amount of movement.

If you want to color your hair, you must go for subtle color highlights instead of bold or eye-catching shades. 

Keep your hair mid-length to have the perfect balance of neatness and movement in your coastal grandma hairstyle. Further, if you have fine hair, this length is the best to add some volume and dimension to your hair. 

Similarly, if you have thick hair, a well-shaped mid-length cut can add definition to the style. It can reduce the visual bulk. 

Diane Keaton is the textbook you need to go through if you have a basic idea about what a coastal grandma hairstyle looks like. However, Reese Witherspoon, Martha Stewart, and Meryl Streep are other names with their hair game on point.

What Are The Best Coastal Grandma Fashion Hairstyles You Can Try? 

The beauty of a coastal grandma fashion hairstyle lies in effortlessness. You never need to put much effort into nailing these styles, including the half-up and half-down ones.

If you have neatly combed hair, in most cases, the hairstyle will take 5-10 minutes to get done.

1. Bubble Braids On Both Sides

Do you have long hair? Do you want to create a neat and graceful hairstyle? Be the cutest coastal grandma by wearing bubble braids on both sides of your head. You can wear this hairstyle with a white boho dress and a straw bucket hat to complete your look.

Many people are loving the coastal hairstyle because of its neatness and how protective it is. You can take a walk down the sandy beaches or even take a bath in the sea with this hairstyle. Your hair will remain protected.

Nevertheless, if you find the bubble braids on both sides to be very girly, you can always try a single bubble braid, adorned with fresh flowers. 

2. Half Up, Half Down

It’s time to take note of Meryl Streep’s hairstyle in Mamma Mia! The actress nailed the half-up and half-down hairstyle in that movie. Also, the actress embraces similar hairstyles for many of her off-screen appearances. 

This hairstyle is very graceful and makes fine hair look voluminous. To make this coastal grandma fashion hairstyle visually more interesting, you can choose a darker shade for coloring the roots of your hair.

This style is effortless, yet thanks to the upper hair strands being secured with a claw clip, it also has a defined look. 

3. Fishtail Braids: Perfect For Coastal Grandma Fashion

Initially, the fishtail braids may seem a little harder to make. However, once you know the trick, it will be easier for you to master. 

Thanks to its distinct charm and versatility, this hairstyle will look good with a wide range of outfits. Also, these are suitable for all occasions. 

4. Simple Braided Hairstyle

You can keep it basic by going for a simple braided hairstyle. Sweep your hair back and take all your hair strands to make a thick and aesthetic braid. 

5. Low Ponytail With Scarf

This hairstyle is as simple as it can get. Just comb your hair neatly and gather the strands at the back to tie a low ponytail. Wrap a scarf around the ponytail or you can also use the scarf to secure it. 

6. Braided Bun

Let’s take some inspiration from the Jane Austen novels. If you are getting ready for a party, you can try a braided bun. This hairstyle is simple to master and you just need to make a tight braid and secure it as a bun with clips.

However, if you want the hairstyle to be more elaborate, you can always create braids with some hair strands and leave the rest loose. Now, you can combine both to make an aesthetic low chignon at the back. 

7. Middle Parted Side Braids

This is the simplest hairstyle that you can try to flaunt the coastal grandma vibe to the fullest. You just need to do a middle parting and tie the hair strands on both sides into braids.

However, make sure that the braids are not very tight, as you do not want to give away the relaxed vibe. 

8. Pompadour Updo

If you have thinner hair, you can always try the pompadour updo hairstyle. This hairstyle is elegant, and with your hair gathered near the crown, it instantly adds visual volume to your hair. 

You can use a hair-setting spray or gel to make your hair appear thicker. Do you want some inspiration to perfect this hairstyle? Look how Helen Mirren does it perfectly! She was the epitome of elegance at the 2010 Oscars Awards.

9. Elegant Topknot

You can draw all the attention to your beautiful facial features by trying an elegant topknot. For this hairstyle, you just need to pull your hair back and create a loose chignon. Let the rest of your hair strands fall behind your shoulders gracefully.

Now, you can use a hair-setting spray or a gel to make the hair at the front look neat and more appealing. 

10. Low Bun With A Deep Side Parting

Do you love how Michelle Obama wears her hair? Occasionally, she is seen wearing a low bun with a deep side parting.

The side parting makes the hairstyle look refreshing and chic. The low bun keeps the grace element intact in your overall hairstyle. 

The overall hairstyle is neat and fuss-free, remaining in shape for many hours. 

11. Effortless Updo

Here is another power lady teaching us the right art of coastal grandma hairstyle. You cannot miss how Susan Sarandon wears her hair in an effortless updo. She goes for a side sweeping and then leaves the hair strands to form an aesthetic updo. 

This hairstyle is just perfect when you need to ace a glammed-up or sensuous look without compromising the core vibe of a coastal grandma hairstyle.

You can even try her hairstyle for the 68th Academy Awards. She bagged the Oscars as the best actress in a leading role for “Dead Man Walking.”

12. Lush Curls

Lush curls are the perfect hairstyle for you, irrespective of the length of your hair. You can give your hair a youthful and more defined makeover with just a curling iron. This hairstyle is nothing but a combination of loose and tight curls. 

You can use a ¾-inches curl iron to transform your small hair strands at the front into tighter curls. Further, you can use a 1-inch curl iron to make loose curls at the bottom of your hair. Thus, this hairstyle will be a perfect combination of movement and definition. 

Coastal Grandma Haircuts That Don’t Need Extra Styling 

If you don’t want to put any effort into wearing your hair right as you step out in style, you can choose your haircut carefully.

There are some short and sexy haircuts that only need proper combing and the application of a setting spray. 

Here, I have curated a few hairstyles that you can try to nail the coastal grandma look.

1. Short Bob

The short bob hairstyle has been in vogue for quite some time now. It has a classy touch with provisions for adding some contemporary elements to your hairstyle. Today, you can be more creative with the shape, dimension, and color of your short bob hairstyle. 

Further, the short bob is versatile, and you can try anything from a tousled short bob to a jaw-length textured bob. 

Do you want to try some of the best short bob hairstyles for your hair? You can go for any of the following styles.

  • Tousled Blonde Bob
  • Jaw-Length Textured Bob
  • Rounded Bob
  • Wispy Bob
  • Inverted Razor Bob
  • Balayage Bob Haircut

2. Asymmetrical Bob

Like the short bob, the asymmetrical bob is also an umbrella term with variations to match different hair types and lengths.

My personal favorite is the blunt bob. This hairstyle suits fine to medium-density hair. Further, it has a polished look that goes well with the coastal grandma aesthetic. 

Further, if you want a glossy finish to your hair, you can use a hair serum. 

3. Voluminous Pixie

If you want to emulate the grace of Jane Fonda, you can try the voluminous pixie cut. This haircut comes with different textures. Further, diverse layering is achieved in this short haircut to bring out a more finished look. 

If you want, you can add a few streaks of burgundy or brown to your hair. 

4. Beachy Bob

If you want to flaunt the perfect windswept look, emulating a breezy afternoon by the seashore, you can try this beachy bob hairstyle.

This hairstyle is nothing but a skillful combination of different layers. Further, it is most suitable for someone with wavy hair.

This hairstyle will add volume and character to your hairstyle instantly. If you want to further dramatize the hairstyle, you can opt for streaks of burgundy or cinnamon red. You can even try balayage for a glammed-up appearance. 

5. A Long Bob

A medium-length hair is ideal for coastal grandma fashion. A long bob or lob hairstyle is most suitable for this length. It has the grace without the hassle of elaborate styling or a care regime. 

To make this haircut look more appealing and voluminous, you can add a hair-setting mousse. Further, to add more definition to your hairstyle, you can use a curling iron and curl the lower half of your long bob hair

6. Blunt Bangs

If you want to pick blunt bangs as your coastal grandma hairstyle, you can take some inspiration from Tina Turner. She made the hairstyle look the most glamorous in an effortless way. 

Further, the bangs falling over your forehead will draw all the attention to your eyebrows and eyes. The bangs will also add a touch of youthfulness to your appearance instantly.

This hairstyle does not need much maintenance or styling. So you will be able to get ready in minutes. 

7. Lob With Long Bangs

How can we forget Diane Keaton, the poster girl of the coastal grandma aesthetic, while exploring the best hairstyles? Her long bob with long bangs is iconic and the most elegant.

Keep the hair at your back layered with the longest strands touching your shoulder. Further, transform the shorter hair at the front into fringes touching your cheeks and jawline. This is a classic cut, and you just need occasional touch-ups to keep the youthfulness intact.  

Final Words 

A coastal grandma fashion hairstyle is neat, yet it has the flicker or the movements to keep the look lively. You will not find the use of opulent colors or whimsical fringes and layers in this hairstyle. 

Further, to ace the coastal grandma style, you must go for simpler haircuts. A simple hairstyle with a medium length always helps you to wear your hair right in minutes. 

So, are you ready to choose a coastal grandma hairstyle this season? You can check out the hairstyling ideas I have discussed here. Also, if you have other coastal grandma hairstyles in your mind, do not forget to share them with us.

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