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5 Clothing Staples for an Edgy Look

Fashion trends are constantly evolving making it difficult for fashion lovers to keep up with the latest styles. A trend that seems to be taking over the high fashion runways and filling up local shopping malls is the edgy style.

In general, the edgy trend is all about combining different clothing apparel with signature Gothic accessories to put together unconventional and attractive looks.

However, many fashionistas often decide to break away from the traditional edgy styles and choose a piece of garment or accessory instead to add a dash of edginess to their conservative ensembles. Some popular ways they do this include wearing black leather leggings, adding darker makeup, or simply wearing combat boots.

So, if you want to change up your current fashion style or you are looking for ways to add a touch of uniqueness to your looks, it is time to reinvent your wardrobe and fill it up with these edgy clothing staples.

Graphic tops

The top you are wearing is often regarded as the focal point of your outfit. Therefore, if you are looking for a garment piece to achieve a high-end edgy look, then graphic t-shirts should be your first choice.

These tops usually include logos of popular rock bands and designs with Gothic elements which can add an unusual twist to an otherwise simple look. If you want to go for something more playful, try on the plant shirt to show that you are more into gardening than people. Combine it with a pair of black leggings and be the center of attention no matter where you are headed.

Shredded denim jeans

Shredded denim jeans

When it comes to edgy bottom wear styles, you have plenty of options to choose from. Besides the black leather leggings, shredded denim jeans are another clothing staple you can use to create an edgy look.

For example, high-waisted shredded jeans and a black tank top is an excellent edgy combination. Because this is a rather laid-back outfit, the jeans would look perfect if you pair them with canvas sneakers that feature interesting designs.

If you are looking for shoe brands that have a cool and edgy vibe to them, then Converse and Vans are your top choices.

Leather jacket

Leather jacket

An edgy outerwear staple that will never go out of style is the leather jacket. This garment piece comes in many styles, colors, and designs giving you endless options to choose the jacket that will best suit your taste. You can wear it over almost anything and create a flawless edgy look for every occasion.

For example, many fashionistas decide to pair the traditional leather jacket with a flowy dress to give the ensemble a touch of edginess. Complete the look with fishnet stockings and a pair of combat boots and be stylish and unique everywhere you go.

A little black dress

A little black dress

If there is a clothing staple that needs to be part of every fashionistas’ edgy wardrobe, then that is the little black dress. This type of dress takes many forms, all of which can be styled in different ways and be worn to almost every casual or formal event.

For example, if you want to create a laid-back look with your little black dress, then you should pair it with a leather moto jacket and sneakers. If you want to spice up the outfit to make it edgier, then go for combat boots instead and add some Gothic-inspired accessories.

Signature accessories

Besides filling your wardrobe with edgy clothing staples, you also need signature accessories to complete your looks and put together stylish ensembles. There are numerous decorative items you can choose from to transform your outfit and make it more unique and attractive.

Some popular accessories edgy lovers go for include a leather belt, a multilayer chain necklace with a lock, choker and keychain, triangle sunglasses, a heart-shaped bag, a set of rings, and corsets. Add these items to your simple, conservative ensembles and create the perfect edgy look.

Final thoughts

Out of all the fashion styles out there, the edgy trend seems to be one of the most appealing among stylish icons. It is free, unexpected, and different from other styles as it involves combining different clothing pieces and accessories to put together in order to get the eccentric look. From the vintage rock-and-roll band t-shirts and leather jackets to the combat boots and chokers, there are numerous pieces you can choose from to nail the edgy look every time.

And if you need help along the way, keep our post nearby to find out which staples you need for your edgy wardrobe.

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