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Classic Eyelash Extensions: Try Adequate Eyelash Extension Kits

Have you ever tried an eyelash extension kit? ….unlike hybrid lashes, classic eyelash extensions are very similar to hair extensions in that they are semi-permanent and stick to your natural lashes, just like hair extensions stick to your natural hair. 

For selecting the classic eyelash extensions lash kit, you have to match up some of the qualities. Hence this is a matter of the eyes. And you only have two pairs of them, unlike your teeth.

Now preparing your daily cosmetics is so much easier, even if the expense is not also very high. If you choose to apply them, you will no longer have to curl your classic eyelash extensions or apply mascara every day. Think about how much time and money you will save.

Besides, having classic natural eyelash extensions is important for every woman. These are women on special events, and you must have these kits in your wardrobe. You can uplift your appearance by applying for a classic eyelash extension and making yourself the center of attraction at all events!

What Are The Classic Eyelash Extensions?

Classic extensions are a huge trend. The classic extension trends started with some of the typical classic extensions. The classic lash extensions are applied as the 1:1 ratios. 

That means these classic volume eyelash extensions are attached to your natural lash. And the one extensions are dipped into the adhesive glue and applied to the skin of the eyelids.

The classic lash extension looks more natural, as the classic lash extensions do not come with long strips. They come in small portions. And you can dip the lash extensions under the adhesive glue and then stick them onto your lash line.

These classic extensions are known as individual lashes or 1-to-1 lash extensions. The popularity of classic extensions is quite impressive as after the applications, these.s classic extensions look more natural. 

Note: You will get different styles and thicknesses for the classic extensions. Unlike the other long extensions theses, extensions are lightweight and ensure you a very natural look for the eyes.

What Are The Materials For Classic Eyelash Extensions?

Classic Eyelash Extensions material

Classic eyelash extension materials are available in different forms. One is the natural form, The other is the man-made synthetic form. The classic eyelash extensions, which are made with animal fur, look more natural. And these eyelashes are a little bit pricey. 

What do classic eyelash extensions look like? The more you use natural fur, your eyes are going to look more vibrant and natural.

Let’s see what types of lash extensions fur are used in the natural lash extensions.

  • Mink Lash – This fur is taken from the tail of the Syberian and Chinese minks
  • Sable Lash – Sable fur is lightweight and natural-looking fur.
  • Fox Fur Lash – Fox fur lashes look much more elegant and fluffy.

Now see the artificial lash extensions which are made with.

  • Silk Lash – Silk lashes are made with artificial silks. And it looks very natural on the eyes. But unlike real eyelashes, these classic eyelash extensions colors are glossier.
  • Faux Lash –  This is a great alternative to mink lash. The Faux mink lashes look more natural.

What Are The Length Of Classic Lash Extensions?

The classic eyelash extension lengths are available in different shapes and sizes. Here are the lengths of classic lash extensions:

lash extensions
  • The short lash extension’s length comes from – 5mm to 8mm; it starts from the inner corners of the eyes.
  • Medium – 9mm to 12mm most commonly used lashes.
  • Long Lashes  – The maximum length of the long lashes are 13mm to 14mm. This is for achieving a more dramatic look.

An Adequate Eyelash Extension Kit:

The classic eyelash extensions come in a kit that is applied individually to the base of the eyelash with surgical glue. These extensions enhance your appearance and make your eye look very beautiful and elegant. After applying a classic set of eyelash extensions, be prepared to receive more compliments from your friends and family members. 

The Reasons To Use Eyelash Extension Kit To Get Classic Eyelash Extensions

You need to apply extension kits carefully because there are many side effects of the same that you must be aware of beforehand. Now, there are several reasons for trying an eyelash extension kit, and these are discussed below in detail. 

1. Maintaining The Appearance:

Eyelash Extension Kit

To maintain the appearance, you should dye your lashes every two to three weeks to replace sagging eyelashes with a classic eyelash extensions kit. There are times when this can be, but those who have worn extension cords for so long have indeed been allergic to the glue used. This happens to the owner of an eyelash salon, who is a professional eyelash extension and care provider.

2. Eyelash Extension Process:

Eyelash Extension Process

The process consists of gluing eyelashes, synthetic or human hair, to your hair with special glue. Depending on the type of application, the lashes remain for the life of your natural lashes. Like scalp hair, eyelashes grow and fall in different stages. Typically, a human eyelash falls off about every two months. Because of this, some classic eyelash extensions fall out faster than others, so repeat appointments are needed to replace the sagging lashes.

On the other hand, because eyelash extensions are a kind of new treatment, there will be salons everywhere, and no one will be able to apply them. There will also be places like this that advertise someone’s services with their credentials, and they can be found on the internet after doing a relevant search.

3. Trimming:


The transplanted hair follicles grow like normal hair on the eyelids. This means that the eyelashes need to be trimmed and trimmed regularly, in addition to curling. The entire procedure takes about a couple of hours, and about 30 new lashes are grafted into each eye. 

The whole operation is very expensive, but this is a one-time event, which is why many people prefer it to a constant struggle with classic eyelash extensions or temporary eyelash extensions.

4. Reputation:

Almost all celebrities wear classic eyelash extensions these days. One of the most important things to consider when choosing an eyelash extension is reputation. It truly matters a lot for any individual, particularly when she is a public figure. If you don’t do them at home, be sure to pay someone who knows exactly what they are doing. 

For picking professional eyelash extension supplies, you should not just believe in the brands. You must also research the consumer’s reviews. Because only a person who has this extension can say more about their experiences.

5. Easy To Apply:

Easy To Apply

If you have a steady hand, you can even apply them from home. Most Lash extensions kit last around 15 days, while a professional kit lasts between 6 and 8 weeks. A complete set of classic eyelash extensions: 40-50 eyelashes per eye. Depending on the speed of the technician or his friend, if you work from home, the application can take between 90 minutes and 2 hours. Visit Paris Eyelash Academy for tips on how to store your lash extension accessories.


How Long Do Your Classic Lash Extensions Last?

The classic eyelash extension is glued with your natural lash. People manage to lose the lash by around 20%. Classic lashes can last for six to eight weeks. But after this time, the eyelashes require filling. But if you like to keep the lash for the whole year. Then your extensions require fillings every four weeks. But if you do not want it for the whole year, you will require a repeat and full treatment.

How Long Does Your Classic Lash Extensions Treatments Last?

The average price of classic eyelash extensions comes between $85 and $250.The prices depend on different factors. There are some choices for the extensions. But the price is also dependent on the materials of the extensions.

How Long Does Your Classic Lash Extensions Treatments Last?

These treatments last nearly one and a half hours to 2 hours. First, the classic eyelash extension technicians are preparing your eyes for the treatments. Then apply for the classic extensions by using adhesive glue. Th

The Final Thoughts:

Like false eyelashes, full-set classic eyelash extensions can be customized to achieve any look.

You can choose a casual look for a casual look, a sexy pump for a big event or party in town, or choose a combination that makes you look like the sexy girl next door.

Now, if you have any doubts about the same, you can mention them in the comment section below.

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