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Top 10 Christmas Dresses For Women In 2022

“Dashing through the snow

In a one-horse open sleigh

O’er the fields we go

Laughing all the way

Bells on bob-tail ring

Making spirits bright

What fun it is to ride and sing

A sleighing song tonight! Oh…”

Christmas carol

Lol! Just couldn’t stop myself from singing that evergreen Christmas carol. This very article got me in the holiday mood. Too bad I’ll have to now stop feeling Christmasy on a humid August evening and get on with my business.

My business being, to list down the top 10 christmas dresses for women.

Hello Ladies, Presenting The Top 10 Christmas Dresses For You.

Tell me something! You will have to be very honest, but. 

Have any of you ever been able to, walk out of that section of the store labeled ‘Christmas dresses for women’ before an hour? 

I can bet on my life that none of you will nod in affirmation. As it is, choosing the perfect fit has always been quite the challenge. It takes extreme turns when choosing your holiday season fit. 

Like, is it even Christmas if you do not gift yourself the most glamorous holiday season dress? The holiday season is all about ditching the cool girl look and bringing that camouflaged sexy woman to light.

This year would be extra special because the last two years were terrible, and a big congratulations if you are reading this article. You’ve successfully made it through. As a reward, you deserve to get the best from the wide variety of Christmas party dresses for women.

When choosing Christmas dresses for women, velvet, sequins, satin & OTT color combinations dominate the fashion genre. However, there are a few other options that you will regret not considering.

1. Disco Dancing

In case you’re wondering whether this dress dances or not. No! This dress does not dance, but it can certainly make you dance. *wink*

Disco Dancing

This disco sequin mini dress is everything that you will be needing to channel madness into that christmas eve party. The baggy shimmery texture of the dress is perfect to hold warmth during the chilly party season. 

In case, you’re wondering about the silver palettes sparkling a bit too much. Chill out, girl! 

2. Turtlenecks To The Rescue

Is it even winter, if you do not include turtlenecks on your list of party dresses?

Turtlenecks To The Rescue

Combatting a turtleneck midi thigh-high slit or bodycon dress, with some boots is not a bad idea for that christmas party. Do you know what will add that extra glamor to this simple outfit? Layering! An oversized blazer and some statement neck pieces are enough to do the job. 

This dress can easily qualify as one of the cheap christmas dresses for women.

3. Slippery Satin

All the fashionistas out there already know which of the christmas dresses for women, I am going to address now. That’s right. I am talking about the classic satin slip dress. A slip dress is an extremely versatile number, ideal for all body sizes.

Slippery Satin

You can style it in any possible way. Throw in a nude overcoat with your slippery satin or add in some accessories, for instance a belt, a watch, or maybe some statement neckpieces and ear studs.

P.s Always go for darker hues because dark colors make a phenomenal team, both with satin and winter.

4. Bowing And Rowing

Since it’s Christmas, all the rivers and lakes have turned into temporary skating grounds. This might prevent you from rowing. Unless, go hit the christmas dresses for women, section and pick up that off-shoulder mini dress with a ‘huge bow’ either on the front or on the back.

Bowing And Rowing

I personally prefer it on the back. A cute off-shoulder wine-hued, mini dress with a huge fluffy bow on the back – is everything to give me that christmasy vibe.

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5. Cozy Sweaters

Remember, those sweaters that our mothers and grannies used to knit for us? Supremely warm and cuddly. There will come no winter that will rip these sweaters off their superpowers. However, wearing these to a christmas party might just ruin your look for the evening.

Cozy Sweaters

But how else can you escape that freezing temperature? Because let’s be real, christmas is very, very cold. But, what if I tell you that, you can escape the cold in style?

That’s right, dear ladies, here’s presenting ‘the sweater dress’. The ultimate go-to christmas dresses for women, – who feel the chills a bit more than others.

6. A Velvet Lantern

Not talking about a lantern dressed up in a velvet dress. How hilarious would that be! Anyway, moving on.

A Velvet Lantern

A velvet dress is something that every woman owns, despite the diverse colors and patterns. However, if you’re planning on to ditch that same ‘ol red velvet, this christmas. Go for this bottle green velvet dress with classy lantern sleeves.

You’re welcome!

7. Can’t Miss Out On Our Plus Sized Damsels

‘If you’ve got it, flaunt it.’

More often than not, several coutures and people have made the lives of our plus-sized damsels a bit more tedious. In respect to picking the perfect fit, especially during the festive season. Unnecessary fashion tips keep pouring from every corner.

Plus Sized Damsels

You might argue that there is a plus size christmas dresses for women, section at the mall. What more do you want? Yes, there is a section indeed, but have you ever gone through the options?

So bland that it makes me wanna puke. 

Luckily, this section has gone through a healthy transition and is currently overflowing with options. From sequins, to velvets, to satins, to midis, minis, off shoulders, turtlenecks, shimmers, Slip dresses, and whatnot.

For you look gorgeous in everything, Goddess!

8. Metallics 

The perfect party dress that you will ever own.


These sparkly and shiny numbers serve their purpose well, as party dresses. Ideal for some Christmas eve clubbing. Also, I am obligated to warn you about something. People might just place you on top of their Christmas tree, for your close resemblance with the star. *ROFL*

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9. ‘I See Red!’

What is Christmas without a hint of red?

Starting from Santa’s outfit to Christmas present’s socks, to red christmas dresses for women. etc. You can literally wear any outfit in this color, and it will be an instant hit.

I See Red

Although, if you are to ask me, then I’d suggest going for either a satin slip dress or an off-shoulder thigh-high slit gown dress in the material velvet. Might fetch you some free drinks or maybe a brunch date the day after.

10. A Vintage Holiday

Vintage christmas dresses for women are nothing but dresses having the colors red and green. Being the signature colors of the holiday season, they share this fashion hegemony, equally.

Vintage Holiday
Expert tip: A halter neck pleated dress with a touch of red and green is a great catch. You accessorize your neck with a pearl neckpiece to take that vintage look up to another level.

The Christmas Dinner Is Over

My job is done here!

I seem to have given you every possible styling tip concerning christmas dresses for women. Now, your job is to implement them and look pretty. 

If you have got any further questions or maybe want to thank me for these amazing fashion tips. Get in touch with us in the comments section below. Till then, toodles!

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