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How To Choose The Best Travel Bags Online

One of the essential aspects of traveling is to choose a perfect travel bag. In today’s online market, there are a plethora of sizes, price ranges, materials, and brands available for your preference and tastes. With so many ideal choices, it’s next to normal to feel overwhelmed and confused about which travel bag to go for.

What you need is a brief guide on what aspects and considerations to prioritize when selecting the best luggage bag to purchase. Whether traveling by air, sea, or land, having a travel backpack or portable luggage makes the journey less stressful and tiring. Therefore, choose the right bag that fits all your travel needs and requirements.

Here are some tips on how to choose the best travel bags online:

1. Personalized Travel Bag

Personalized Travel Bag

Creating one-of-a-kind looks that make everyone unique has become the norm for today’s luxury consumer world. A bag made of leather can be engraved to make it designed and crafted especially for you.

If you want a unique bag, something that no one else can find, you should go for a personalized travel bag. These allow you to customize your initials, an image, or a custom message onto the side of your bag, which means it’s 100% unique to you.

Weekender bag

“Weekender bag from Von Baer”

A customized travel bag allows clients to express themselves while traveling indeed. Every experienced traveler dreads airport baggage carousels. This is because so many luggage and travel bags look too similar, with popular designs and well-known brands. Despite attaching a luggage tag, you can’t help but feel stressed determining which bag is yours to claim.

A customized luggage bag can leave you stress-free since you can engrave your initials and name into your bag. With ease and less time wasted, you can claim your travel bag from the carousel. This also helps save face if you hold or claim the wrong bag.

If you work in a high-powered position, you’ll likely travel frequently, so buying customized luggage is a great option. Whether you love colors or go for neutral ones, customizing them is a fresh way to make your bag easy to spot and for others to avoid. A suitcase that fits your personality and matches your taste can make packing for business trips more exciting too.

2. Determine The Right Size

One crucial tip in choosing a travel bag is to find the right size. Since there may be times when no one can help you lift and maneuver, the bag shouldn’t be more giant than you can handle. If you’re constantly on the move, it’s imperative to get the right size of your luggage bag.

Check with each airline how much luggage they allow. Make sure you’re prepared for the size requirements of different airlines. Try to estimate the accurate weight of the luggage bag alone to calculate how much stuff you can bring or how much shopping you can afford to bring back home. Testing your luggage before you travel is a good idea.

For a long-distance trip, make sure the handle is long enough for your height, the fabric feels right to you, and the bag will be durable and robust to withstand the journey. You may want to consider the smaller bag if you travel primarily by carry-on both internationally and on your local trips.

3. Prioritize Durability

Prioritize Durability

Both the exteriors of your bag and the items inside your luggage can suffer damage caused by rough baggage handling and bumpy travel on rough roads. This is why you should always prioritize quality and durability when choosing the best travel bag. It’s essential to think about the materials used to make the bag, so check all the components like zippers, handles, stitches, and cases.

The quality of these parts can be hard to assess online, but reading product reviews provide some insight. Hence, read real customer testimonials and see actual images of such bags.

Also, read the product description and feel free to ask more questions about some details to the online seller or sales representatives. There are many reasons why people choose leather travel bags and luggage, so consider this material if you want to go for durability.

4. Check The Storage Capacity

A travel bag needs to have enough storage capacity for all your paraphernalia and belongings. All suitcases have internal pockets. Depending on the design, there are hidden pockets or laptop compartments and other storage solutions to make your travel stuff more organized and fixed inside. Consider these details when selecting a travel bag. Soft-sided suitcases usually have external pockets for easy-access items.

5. Choose Its Exteriors

The exteriors of your travel bag play an essential role in terms of placements, transfers, and hauling. Soft exterior fabrics might be susceptible to wear and tear quite easily. However, the hard shell might be too heavy for your liking. Learn more of their details below:

  • Hard Shell

Hardshell suitcases are considered the most durable luggage type and have a rigid exterior with materials like aluminum, plastics, or polypropylene. They protect delicate items better because of their hard cases.

Usually, these shells are water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about your belongings when you travel on a rainy day. Checked luggage suffers harsh handling, and hard shell suitcases can withstand this better.

However, considering the sturdiness of its exteriors, the downside is the heavyweight that comes with it. Therefore, consider this factor when getting a hardshell exterior travel bag.

  • Soft Materials

Soft-sided suitcases are usually constructed of leather, polyester, or nylon. Most have waterproof PVC linings to be carried in light rain but are less water-resistant than hard shell suitcases. Because of their soft fabric features, they can come with more storage solutions both internally and externally.

If you’re traveling for the weekend and have so many trinkets and tiny stuff to carry, you can simply keep them in those pockets. Soft exterior travel bags are also portable and easy to carry.

6. Consider Its Expandability

Another feature to consider when finding the best travel bag is its expandability. When traveling for business and pleasure, chances are you’ll be able to find something to bring back home, either for yourself as a souvenir or for your family and friends. Having extra space in your travel bag can help you save the stress of buying a spare or additional suitcase.

Just make sure that expanding your bag still allows it to fit into the overhead bin of a flight. Some sizes can be overextended, so you need to have them checked in already.

Many suitcases have expandable panels that can be unzipped to allow additional packing space. These options are well worth considering if you’re the type who typically brings some stuff back home after a trip.


Choosing a travel bag doesn’t have to be a stressful and overwhelming journey when you know what important points to look out for. Fortunately, hundreds of reputable online stores today offer real reviews and actual photos, so your online shopping can be done seamlessly. Consider the aspects mentioned above, and you’ll be able to find the best travel bag for you.

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