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How to Choose the Right Lapel Pin for Your Suit

If you feel snazzy when you wear a suit, you’re in luck- the fashion isn’t going anywhere. In order to wear your suit to its finest potential, you’ll need to invest in the perfect lapel pin

In both professional and formal-casual settings, suits and blazers are classics that never go out of style. According to recent consensus, the average man should have about 5 suits in his wardrobe.

Don’t Wear More Than One Lapel Pin

Men’s lapel pins are meant to be subtle. This means wearing them cleanly and ensuring that you look elegant. Wearing more than one pin at a time makes your outfit look cluttered and unprofessional.

It also detracts attention from you and what you have to say, which is especially unfortunate in professional settings. When people are too busy counting your many lapel pins and trying to figure out what they’re off, you won’t make as great an impact on colleagues and clients as you otherwise would.

Consider the Occasion

When choosing a lapel pin, it’s important that you consider the occasion that you’ll be wearing it to. While a wedding is a perfect venue to wear a floral lapel pin or boutineer, these are completely inappropriate for a business meeting with your boss. A simple button or engraved metal shape will be perfect for work settings.

If you’re going somewhere niche, a specific shape of a lapel pin may be a good idea. For example, a custom pin shaped like your workplace logo may be a good choice for select conferences and conventions. If you work at a school, something that looks similar to the mascot may be appropriate.

Match Other Accessories

There’s nothing more unprofessional than a man wearing clashing colors. You need to make sure that your lapel pin matches other items that are on your person.

This means wearing a pin that is made from the same metal as your watch, cufflinks, belt buckle, and other plated accessories. It also means that if your pin incorporates color, it should be the same hue as your pocket square/handkerchief and necktie. If any of your cloth accessories are patterned, a pin featuring similar patterns will also give your outfit an extra (though non-obligatory) kick.

Choose Something You Like

No matter the occasion, color, and shape of your lapel pin, it’s important to choose something you like. After all, this is one of the best ways to express yourself while in a professional outfit. You need to make the most of it!

Get Started

While there are many ways that you can spice up a professional outfit, lapel pins are one of the best. They’re subtle, customizable, and let you add a little extra flair to your suit when other accessories wouldn’t be appropriate.

Now that you know how to choose a lapel pin that looks amazing on any suit, it’s time to learn more about current men’s style trends. Check out the ‘fashion’ tab on our home page for more outfit ideas that are sure to make you look handsome.

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